So I’m looking at my lab results as they come in and I’m like hmmm.

Apparently I have a low hemoglobin count and higher than expected platelets and a low hematocrit. I mean I was sick before so it makes sense also right? There’s also called a Erythopsomething Sedimentation Rate or a SED test and the normal range is like .5 to 5 mm/hr of sedimenting when they draw your blood and mine is like 150 mm/hr.

Like whoa what is going on.

So I have a follow up in a week to see whats going on. I have no idea and neither do the doctors. The fever and chills is gone but I am so tired. And I get these sinus headaches but they said that its my eyes that are suffering from inflammation. I take an advil and feel a lot better but at night I get tired and achy again, and not like the kind you get when you’ve been working a lot but the sick achy.

What a fun blog post lol. Wonder if anyone is living vicarously through me now haha?

Anyways, I’ll keep you all updated tomorrow on whats going on.

Also the AngelAccess book is Triple Poled!