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My Face Was So Red!

Anyways, so I was sitting next to this really cute dude who was working on my website and Professor had just talked about licking my feet.
And IT Guy looks over.
Finally he notices me!

I am so embarrassed so I quickly get up and go to the other room where I’m like hey no big deal. Professor is like hey maybe we can hang out again sometime. This time we don’t have to do anything you’re not comfortable with. I’m like ya ya that’s cool because I have another guy in the other room! WTF.

And then I go back outside, quickly dispatching with the phone call with Professor to talk to cute IT Guy who is now eyeing me up and down. Now he notices me! All I needed was a phone call?

Anyways I feel like such a player, having two guys and all. It’s fantastic. The power is going to my head.

“Sorry about that,” I tell him.
“Hey, that’s fine by me,” he says, not passing any judgment. He’s actually quite smooth when he wants to be.
“So are we good with the website?”
He gives me a list of things I need to do. Like I need to compress some images and stuff that’s what I have to do when I’m not writing because I’m putting together a doozie of a story for you it’ll be releasing soon called Girls Best Friend(s)

Anyways, so the guy is like “So are you dating again?”

And then it strikes me!

Of course he’s been staying away with his eyes!

This guy thinks I’m taken by WineBar. I mean he lives down the hall. He’s heard me at least talk about him to friends. Has he seen him? I can’t recall at this point because my mind is going a million miles a minute.

He was trying to be respectful and not make a move on a taken woman. Awww. I love that in a man. Sort of.

So he must have had a bad idea about me. Thinking I was throwing myself at him when I was another man’s property you know?

Anyways so I’m like oh yeah I’m single again and that was a interesting date I was on on Friday.

So he’s like “Well if you’re single, then we should go out to dinner sometime”

And I’m like YES!

Although I was more like, “Yeah that would be fun.”

And guess when he’s picking me up?

Like in 4 hours or so.

Seriously it took me 5 days to tell the story I think but it was worth it. And a few other things happened this week I’ll have to recap over. I don’t know when I’ll do it but I’ll figure out a time. I’m not gonna send an email blast today since there’s also no new freebie or featured deal since the series is still live at discounted price on the featured deal site. The Sons Best Friend series is doing great and it’s a fantastic story. You will love it.

Ok gotta get ready for my date. Nothing major. I’m just gonna wear like jeans and stuff. Keep it casual. Or maybe I’ll dress up. I have no idea. But I’ll have fun. Because the first time I was all gung ho and this time I’m like ok I’m just gonna roll with it.

I’ll keep you updated!

6 thoughts on “My Face Was So Red!

  1. Yay! I miss respectful guys, they don’t seem to exist anymore.
    IT guy & the professor, you may as well keep you options open since Winebar doesn’t seem to have a problem doing it.
    Super excited for you, I really hope this goes better than the Professor date, lol.
    Your time to shine, go get em’.

    1. Winebar who?

  2. Alexis,

    Have you ever considered that maybe IT Guy has read some of your books or read your website and is just playing it cool so he doesn’t appear to know anything else about you? This one could get really interesting.

    1. OMG! Are you in my head?

  3. Most excellent! Well if nothing else the professor did you a favor w the call it opened IT guys ears- oh I mean eyes?Have fun!

  4. You go girl. If he’s as cute as you say and he’s respectful enough not to try poaching on another guy’s lady then you might have found a really good guy 🙂 Have a blast on your date.

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