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More About Hot Dentist

Hey Angels!

I just got back from the dentist! Alexis drove me and she was waiting in the car and I literally came out squealing and cooing.
So there is something I wanted to mention about Hot Dentist. I think he’s a good guy. Of course I say that and who wouldn’t say that about a guy that they’re interested in. But when I went to the dentist’s office today for my appointment he was definitely acting different.
By the way, I brushed my teeth like 10 times before I went so he wouldn’t think I was gross.
But he said things like, “I’m really glad to see you back,” and when he said that I felt like it was a good thing I was already in the chair because otherwise my knees would give way.
“I’ve really looked forward to these sessions,” he also said to me at one point. When I didn’t respond – mainly because there is this giant tube suctioning stuff out of my mouth he followed up with “I think we’re making great progress on your teeth.”
But here’s why I think he likes me. Normally he has assistants and dental hygienists do things that he handles for me on his own.
Now either he’s a hands on dentist or he’s taken an interest in me. I’m hoping it’s the latter!
Afterwards, when we went to his office for a consultation on what I needed to do, we were talking about my procedures and I was thinking about how to move the subject to more flirty areas.
But we were talking about gum disease, angels! How do you make gum disease sexy?
So I said something stupid, like, “I guess it’s just like taking care of your body, huh?”
And Hot Dentist responds, “It’s absolutely like taking care of your body.”
“So do you work out?” I asked and then in my head started kicking myself.
“I do,” he said. Then he told me the gym he worked at. And then I said I worked out there too.
“What time do you usually go?” I asked him and he told me at around 7 pm every day after work.
“Maybe I’ll see you there,” I said with a smile which I hoped was bright and shiny because I just had dental work done on it.
“If you’re there I’m sure you will,” he said back to me.
I didn’t want to say anything like ‘it’s a date’ or anything else. Because right now I’m just excited to see him at 7.
But first I need to go get a membership to the gym he talked about. Alexis has one so she’s going to get me in her plan.

I know I was going to mention what happened with Gym Dude and what I whispered. And I HATE being a tease. But this post is already so long because I wanted to talk about Hot Dentist that I’m going to take another posting day tomorrow to post what I did with Gym Dude. I promise!

Till then, take a look at Liz’s new book that came out today!

4 thoughts on “More About Hot Dentist

  1. Go for it with the dentist. You deserve to be happy.

  2. Yep, definitely sounds like he’s a “hands-on” dentist. I’m just going to give you an *evil grin*.

  3. Shoot, I hate throwing ice water on this but isn’t it against the law for a doctor/dentist to become involved with a current patient? Maybe he could recommend another dentist in the practice so you and he could make it hot and heavy, that sounds like fun since you already like the guy. Don’t shoot the messenger, I can’t help myself πŸ™ Love ya Lana and I sure hope you and Hot Dentist can get together for some fun πŸ™‚

  4. It sounds hopeful. Try him out for fun. I think you should live your life and be happy and working out is good for you. See….Win ,Win.πŸ‘πŸ’˜πŸ˜Ž

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