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Angels, it would be one thing if I was out drinking last night. I was not, IT Guy and Paige were explaining websites updates to me.

but I woke up with this like thundering headache :/

It’s better now but I’m slow going. But I just finished the chapter I was supposed to write and I am about to go read the chapter Alexis just wrote!

Brittney Vs. Banker has been added to Angel Access!

Which is great because Alexis and I are writing a new Girls Vs. Love book called Ramona Vs. Roomates.

Happy Monday Angels!

Tell me what you’re up to.

After I read the chapter, I’m going to text back Jason. CVS Guy. He sent me a message earlier but my Angels always come first.

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  1. Sorry to hear you had a headache and hope you are feeling better today.

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