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Merry Belated Christmas Eve!

Hey Angels!

This post didn’t publish on December 24th. Not sure why!

Its Christmas Eve!

So this year my parents are coming to our apartment for Christmas but first we’re all going to Christmas Eve service at 2 pm! Lana is visiting her mom and Natalie and Daphne and Paige are in town too so they’re spending Christmas dinner and Christmas Eve festivities with us. Aiden is going to surprise Lana in Indiana (he should have done so by now). 

So anyways I know I was talking about how things went to hell for the store but for today I’m just gonna say Merry Christmas and hope you all celebrate really happily with your family and friends. 

Love you angels so much. You are what makes us wake up and put books out. Thank you so much for your continued support for over a year!

Merry Christmas

Alexis Claus

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  1. Hope you and your parents had a wonderful Christmas as well as all of the other Angels <3

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