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MEN! And New Year’s Resolutions …

Hey lovely Angels!
I’ve gotten so many emails asking when the blog is coming back. And I feel so sooper guilty because I, myself, and so many of the Angels have written blog posts and tossed them. It’s hard to write about too much when there’s not as much excitement out there.

So I told Lana that and she laughed.

Lana: Ok but have you thought about what’s been going on lately?

Alexis: Oh fuck, you’re right. You and Aiden are webcam married-

Lana: Don’t say it like that-

Alexis: Point to the part where I’m wrong?

Lana: Wellllllll I mean not literally married.

Alexis: True.

Lana: And you’re spending hours on the phone with him again.

Alexis:  TRUE.

Lana: You’re going to tease readers with this, aren’t you?


LOL it wouldn’t be me on the blog if there wasn’t an Alexis cliffhanger, yet?
We’ll talk more about who I spend my non work time with… you can guess (please do) buuuuuttttt first let’s talk new years resolutions.

I’m starting keto again. I’ve been working out a shit ton though it has been hard as hell to get workout equipment. I think my most intimate relationship right now is with my kettle ball (I cannot get dumbbells to save my life right. Someone tried to get me to pay $1,700 for a set of four that were silicone, like if I was getting silicone something and dropping money on it, we all know it would be tatas…. But I’m happy with my tatas and my kettle bell LOL
I kept cheating because I love fast food, but I’m determined to do dirty keto.

Lana says that I have to think about more than carbs and only do healthy fats as much as possible and keep my sodium low. Because I’d like to live longer too I am going to attempt this as well. Beyond burgers from Carl’s Junior are like a major part of my diet now. Their fat is from coconut oil. I also am so Californian that I am living on avocados so there’s that. 

Anyone doing keto, and specifically dirty keto?
Anyone got diet goals?
Let’s hear ‘em! I wanna root for each other babes!

I’m also trying something that Daphne got me into… I’m making legit photo albums of my memories instead of just having stuff on my phone.

And … I already gave up on my other new years resolution, really, I know.

But I just can’t get into meditation. I think it’s too dang hard to try to think about nothing??? And guided meditations get on my nerves lol. I think I just give up on that.

What’s your new year’s resolutions?
And what have you been doing during this year?
Missed you all so much babes!

15 thoughts on “MEN! And New Year’s Resolutions …

  1. So excited for y’all. Heck, during these times, being webcam married is great for Lana and Aiden. So happy they are sticking with each other. As for you, you tease, I hope whomever you are spending more phone time with deserves you as much as you deserve to be happy. Was the person trying to sell a set of four silicone dumbbells for $1700 delusional or higher than a Georgia pine? That’s beyond the realm of sanity. As for new year’s resolutions, I avoid them like the plague. I usually end up blowing the within the first couple of weeks and then feeling guilty fo the next 2-3 months, so no new year’s resolutions for me. Tell everyone hi and y’all continue to be safe and healthy. Love y’all and I’m so glad to have ya back on here 🙂


    1. Hahahahaha OMG Lana literally said “higher than a Georgia pine” when I told her about the dumbbells. She also said she was proud of me for not just buying them, and I’m like, uhhh, it’s not even like a pair of shoes. LOL
      Lana’s also glaring at me and telling everyone that her and Aiden are not officially married, I was just saying they spend a ton of time on their webcams talking. and … lol yeah u know

      1. Yay glad to have u all back on the blog. Glad to hear Lana and Aiden r still going. Can’t wait to hear more from you guys. Resolutions, be loud and do what I like wen I like 😘

        1. Dating has been really interesting this year LOL

    2. We didn’t legitimately get married, not literally, heehhee. But we have been talking very frequently. I’m working on a blog post 🙂

  2. Good to have you ladies back in my life!!!

    1. Aww, thanks babe! Hope you’re doing well!

  3. So glad to hear ya’ll again. I miss the daily updates, exciting or boring is better than nothing.
    So happy for Lana and Aiden!!
    My guess would be Winebar is back 😉
    No resolution as its always workout and lose weight. But I gym it all the time anyway so not really a resolution lol

    1. More commitment than just a resolution?
      Although for me, working out at home is such a weird change LOL
      And hmm WineBar huh?
      I won’t tell… YET! lololol

    2. and lana and aiden need to calm down and finish a book together lol horny lil birds

      1. I was about to get mad but Alexis is like, point to the part where I’m lying (this is her new catchphrase haha) and I…. can’t.

  4. I’d like to start journaling this year, but I’ve never quite got the hang of even the idea. Any time I’ve tried it in the past I end up forgetting after a month or two and then just giving up. I’ve also felt really stupid when I find the journal in the future and read it. My friends are going on and on about journaling helping them with their clarity and goals. I just don’t get it.

    1. That’s a great resolution. I have some advice that could maybe help. Or rather somewhere to point at advice… There’s a youtuber called MuchelleB and she has some really good videos and tips on journaling! Here’s one of those and I remember seeing a tip on her IG that I just can’t find now

    2. I always laugh when I find my old journals. That might be the best part. It’s fun to see my growth.

  5. Soooo great to have you back – working from home is so tough no joke!
    Things are rough here in the UK with lockdown then semi freedom then another lockdown …. and repeat….(‘cos stupid people keep messing it all up for the rest of us!!)
    Cheeky sod asking so much for silicon dumbbells – but I’m sure there is some sucker out there!!! Been on a fairly strict diet – have lost about 32lbs since June and feeling much better about myself now. (Put a bit on over the holidays but seems to have come right off now that I have been back at it.)
    Great to hear about Lana and Aiden – keep it going strong guys; still waiting to hear what happened with Natalie and Jock Snr…….

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