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MAJOR Updates Coming – And A SALE!!!

Hey, so two things.

One: If you weren’t able to get Filthy and Forever yesterday, the error has been fixed. Paige and IT Guy were doing updates today, and they are going to run through next week… I know, cue the gasp. We’ll try to keep everything together.

Two, I’ve added Lisa Vs. Outlaw into Angel Access babes so check it out!!

Okay and not just two things because in honor of the wonkiness that ensued today and how horribly late my post is (so sorry) Alexis and I agree we should do a SALE!

calliemayday is the coupon to use! If you have at least $2.99 in your cart then you’ll see THIRTY PERCENT OFF your books!!! This is my way of saying oops, I love you, and grab some reads, babes 🙂

Psst, coupon isn’t valid on Angel Access.

Happy reading!!

1 thought on “MAJOR Updates Coming – And A SALE!!!

  1. Thanks, as always, for the fix 🙂

    Y’all always take care of us and I sure hope the updates go smoothly. Can’t wait to see how y’all improve a really great website you’ve already given us.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend,

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