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Maintenance! and Winebar!

Hey Angels!

Paige Teller here. In addition to the writing I do, you may know that I handle the IT stuff as well. And lol no matter how you felt about IT Guy, he did a good job with a few things on the store.

But even he said I was better.

LOL! No choosing sides here but hey, I decided in light of this fact that I would add Winebar to Angel Access 😉

Also if the store is a little slow this week, we’re doing some maintenance. There shouldn’t be any time when the site is down at all but it is going a little slow because of a few things – one is because we have so many books lol and that’s only gonna get worse hahahaha and two is because we have some rather large images on the store that need resizing.

Three is that we get a lot of traffic.

When it all comes down to it, running a store is expensive, lol, but Alexis loves the store more than anything and all the authors here feel the same way. We’re all pitching in.

Would you mind, lovely Angels, helping out if you can, too?

If you’ve noticed ANYTHING that is broken – book not in Angel Access, weird symbols in the blurbs, pages that go slow, etc, like anything, please let me know.

And if there’s anything that you think makes the store less than amazing – like if there’s a category you wish we had or something, etc, let me know. Please load up the comments here and we’ll be bringing in to the next Angel Authors meeting!

Hope you’re having a great week Angels!

5 thoughts on “Maintenance! and Winebar!

  1. I’m still not able to put anything in the Wishlist.


  2. I would love it if the store told me I’d already downloaded a book. It’s time consuming to go through my book list to see if I’ve previously ordered one. The website looks great! You all have done an awesome job. Thanks for all of your hard work!

  3. Wow, I think y’all do an amazing job. The only thing that I would like to see is a section that I can go to that either shows or lists all of the books available whether AA or regular books. I missed all of the changes being made to the pages while we were taking care of my Mom during her last days and I sometimes get totally lost.

  4. Hi Paige, it’s me again 🙂 I just ordered three books and I received them three time. Didn’t know if this could have been one of the issues you are facing or not.

  5. Great job!! Loving how the site has grown and changed since it started. I’m in the same boat as James. I can’t get the Wishlist to work. I’m also with aubiegirl46, if it could remember what we’ve already ordered. Even if it was just a complete list as a submenu in My Account.

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