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Madder Than Hell

Hey Angels!

I know everything was about Vivien joining yesterday and truth be told I was all about like doing stuff than writing about it but I figure today is a good day to take out all my frustrations and write about it because I swear to fucking God you are not going to believe this babe. 

Also I know that was all just a big sentence but I really can’t help it and I’m so sorry! 

Anyways, so here goes. 

I knock on the door to IT Guy’s apartment. I’ve just got back to SF and I’m like okay drop my bags off and switch out from my Allbirds to my heels. Yes, yes, I know Angels. Why am I wearing sensible comfortable shoes and not heels. But the truth of the matter is that if no one is looking at me I’m not really looking to go in heels all the time. I’ll wear the sensible and comfortable shoes till its time for the heels.

And boy was this a time for it. 

I’m dressed to kill because no one ignores me. And no one ignores me to become friends. And good on you Angels, you guys were like yeah what if they compare notes. Ew. And no, I doubt they want an Alexis sandwich…although like that might be interesting. 

Anyways I knock on the door and it’s open. 

So I literally kick the door with my heel, but at just the right angle and not too hard because these are Jimmy Choos and come on – no dude is worth a Choo right now to me. 

And there is WineBar. And IT Guy. They’re drinking PBR. And playing Madden. At least I think its Madden – mainly because no one is scoring and they keep doing running plays. 

Ya Angels I stood there for like a full three minutes and the thing is the volume is on loud enough that they didn’t even hear me. 

They’re not comparing notes!

They’re not doing anything at all about creating a I Banged Alexis Club. 

They’re just hanging out doing guy stuff.

“Ahem!” I say, and IT Guy turns around. 

“Hey, you’re back!” he says and smiles at me. 

WineBar looks over. Oh shit this is going to be awkward. 

“Hey Alexis,” he says. “Welcome back! How was Hawaii?

What the actual fucking fuck is this fucking shit? How was Hawaii? 

“You all Aloha and chill?” IT Guy asks me. 

No I am not all chill. No I am not aloha. Aloha left the moment I realized that the two men in my life were teaming up and making notes about me. Like oh what about when her pussy does this? 

Except they’re not. 

“What are you guys doing?!” I asked. That’s all I can do because I’m quivering with rage. 

“Drinking beer and playing Madden,” WineBar says. “We’re going out to this party later at this dude’s place that was friends with my sister. If you and Lana or anyone wants to come.”

I have so many things to say. 

But at that point I just turn around and walked back, too angry to talk. 

Angels, I really really hoped that these guys didn’t just even not talk about me. Could they have just moved on?

Stay tuned for tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “Madder Than Hell

  1. OMG Alexis! I don’t know what I would have done either! I would have been so angry!

  2. I would wish to be a fly on the wall after I left to hear if they would say anything about me. They could have heard you coming over through the walls.

    1. Ditto mmherman. Ditto. This is like an MTV movie. Now I want me some Jimmy Choo’s.

  3. Hey Alexis, that’s a guy for you. It’s weird how ex’s seem to have more in common after you break up with them. Even though you may be angry about this, how do you feel about having them as just friends instead to hang out with?

  4. Not at all what I expected. Beyond weird.

  5. I am so confused! Where’s the jealousy between these two? Is this a guy thing?

    1. I cannot even pretend to understand men at this point!!!!

  6. I would have been so flaming cross I reckon I’d have made some caustic comment and left them to it.

  7. Just NO! What’s the agenda besides making you feel uncomfortable?

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