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Lucky Underwear

So Alexis and I have published books together before and with me coming to the store, we decided that we would do it again. It’s a lot of fun collaborating with Alexis and she has some great ideas.

But yesterday was one for the history books. Here’s a sample of our conversation – I borrowed the format Lana used to stay uniform.

So Alexis and I are on the phone and the conversation went like this:

Daphne: So the book, (Name Redacted), is going to be a menage then. Just two guys?
Alexis: Yeah, hey, I have a question.
Daphne: Yes, of course. What is it dear?
Alexis: You’re pretty good at writing menage and multiple guys.
Daphne: Why, thank you. I try.
Alexis: You think you can give me some tips on how I can get both guys to do me at once?
Daphne: What?
Alexis: Yeah. I met two guys at the gym and I don’t know if either is really boyfriend potential, but they’re both hot. And I wanna be in the middle of a sandwich like that.
Daphne: Uhmm…I don’t know if I’m the best person to ask.
Alexis: Oh, please. I read 3 Men of the House. And 4 Men of the House. You are like me. We are the Queens of Menage.
Daphne: Yeah but those are fantasies, babe.
Alexis: Yeah, but I’ve had it once (sorta by accident) but I want to attract them both.
Daphne: Maybe just hold up a sign?
Alexis: No. I don’t wanna give it up like that easy. I want it to be sexy.
Daphne: So texting them in a group chat and saying “Want to fuck me together” is not an option.
Alexis: Absolutely not. I want them to be like choose between us and then I’m like I don’t wanna choose I want you both.
Daphne: You think guys in real life will be like that?
Alexis: I worry. Because what if they’re like ew no.
Daphne: Maybe you need to make the situation hotter.
Alexis: You mean like seduce them?
Daphne: I bet you’re a pretty good seductress.
Alexis: Lana did move in and she’s got these panties she calls her lucky panties that she swears boosts her seduction skills.
Daphne: I don’t know. Maybe use your own underwear. You could run a La Perla store out of your closet.
Alexis: Yeah, but I wanna be a classy slut, you know? Not a trashy one. But what if none of my underwear is lucky.
Daphne: Maybe you should ask the angels.
Alexis: That’s not a bad idea. Ask the angels for help in deciding what to do.
Daphne: Although they probably want to know what happened to your dog.
Alexis: Oh. With my parents. My parents have a huge backyard and they live in the suburbs. And there’s more space to run around.
Daphne: Oh?
Alexis: I’ll cover it in my press conference.
Daphne: You won’t tell me?
Alexis: Babe. I hear you typing. You’re probably going to put this on the blog.
Daphne: Guilty.
Alexis: I’m gonna ask the angels.
Daphne: And this is going up for all posterity.
Alexis: Contemporary Romance writers. And their struggles.
Daphne: Daphne Dawn and Alexis Angel and Lana Angel.
Alexis: We’re a fun bunch. Natalie is joining soon. And another author.
Daphne: Who?
Alexis: It’s (NAME REDACTED).
Daphne: Awesome.

So Angels. Help Alexis come up with ways to seduce two men? Otherwise she’s never going to finish her book with me and we won’t get a chance to release!

Today’s Featured Deal is actually about 7 men. 7 Deadly Men.

7 Deadly Sinners. Check out Featured Deals. Alexis and Lana did a fabulous job on this book and it’s one of my favorite covers of all time. When it came out on Amazon it literally changed the game in how reverse harem romance books were covered.


Happy reading!

8 thoughts on “Lucky Underwear

  1. I think you should start off by asking them both if the three of you could go out somewhere. Don’t call it a date, just go out to a bar somewhere and as the drinks are flowing and inhibitions are dropped maybe the subject will come up. At the very least you could say,”I like both of you, are you going to make me choose?” While making sexy eyes at them. See what goes from there. Good luck and make sure you keep us posted. Yours’ is the only blog I read every day!

  2. If the three of you go out bring up that you are writing a book about a menage just throw out a comment. it would be great to have practical experience. Have either of you ever had a menage? That’ll start theball rolling.

    1. Laura, your suggestion sounds like a great idea.

      Get them somewhere cozy and ask THEM for ideas for your book, especially since (innocent as you are and having no personal experience) you want to know the male viewpoint on menage. Have they ever? How would they work out logistics (as in, who does what, when)? Who would they want to join in? What would they like? Not like?

      Unless they are both to slow to deal with, they should talk until they convince you to give it a try, with them in charge.

  3. I’m with Laura. Ask them if they want to be your test subjects… You know, research for your book?

  4. Laura’s suggestion sounds like a great idea.

    Get them together, somewhere cozy, and ask for their opinions, because you are researching a new book (and innocent as you are) you have no practical knowledge. Have they ever? Who would they choose? What about logistics (who puts what where, when)? What you they like/ not like?

    Unless they are reeely slow, they should knock themselves out “convincing” you to let them show you the ropes.

  5. All the above ideas sound great.

    Go for it out for drinks and broach the subject about the manage book, while innocently asking if they have any experience with it.

    Can’t wait to hear how it goes ??

  6. Menage lol
    Auto correct at it again…

  7. I agree that all of the above suggestions are good ones. Can’t wait to hear how it goes.

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