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Loving The Hate

Hey Angels!

So one of the things I realized in Vegas was that I think after Alexis I receive the most hate mail.
Seriously, I’ve gotten like 10 nastygrams in the last three months I think. Some of them are like one line and some of them are like paragraphs.
I was having drinks with Paige at the strip club (this is the night that Alexis was like “Oh no I looooove IT Guy and miss him so much”).
We were at the bar and I was drinking an apple martini with Paige because even though we were at the strip club and having fun we wanted to have a little powwow about our series that we’re writing together.
If you haven’t checked it out, it’s the Writing Love series with The Write Stuff as book 1 and Love in Review as book 2.
But at this time, we didn’t have an idea what book 2 was going to be about.
So this is how the conversation went:

Paige: We could do a book about cover models and the authors that write the stories.
Natalie: Yeah, but Alexis has already done that in 24 Inches.
Paige: Right. This is hard. Especially when you’ve been drinking. Also have you seen the boobs on that girl?
Natalie: They’re fake I think. See how they don’t really move. They just are…there.
Paige: Are your boobs real?
Natalie: No, they’re fake too. I actually used to be a stripper during college. It’s how I paid my way through.
Paige: That’s so awesome! We should write about that.
Natalie: Yeah, except the series is about publishing and the bad boys and alpha females that run it.
Paige: We’re alpha females, right?
Natalie: We should be babe, with all the hate mail I’ve gotten.
Paige: Oh no! Did you get something else today?
Natalie: Sigh. No. Yesterday. Someone told me I’m no good and I should just give up trying to write and drop out of the store and that the idea of the NAP store is dumb and I’m a moron for even trying to not publish on Amazon.
Paige: Wow. And you’re sure its not HotDoctor?
Natalie: No it’s not him. I would know. He writes like a doctor. I don’t know if that makes sense.
Paige: Wait!
Alexis: (Running by) I MISS IT GUY!
Paige: Okay that was random (looking at Alexis). Are we sure she’s okay?
Natalie: She just misses her dude. Love is a powerful thing.
Paige: Wait. What about if a hater fell in love with an author?
Natalie: Oh. My. God.
Paige: Right? What if someone wrote mean things about the author but then they fell in love?!
Natalie: That’s genius! But let’s make the hater the heroine and the dude is the author.
Paige: And then they can (starts to whisper)
Natalie: Oh! And we can have (starts to whisper)
Both girls: (whisper whisper whisper)

We’re whispering because I don’t want to give away spoilers. But that’s exactly what we did. We took the haters. And used them. to write a book. Hahahaha. Take that haters!

And that’s book 2 of the Writing Love series!

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9 thoughts on “Loving The Hate

  1. Sounds awesome! Can’t wait to check it out.

    As for hate mail, I think it is jealousy. Envy that THEY can’t make a living writing. I mean, who doesn’t want to be an Angel Writer??

  2. I can’t understand how a grown adult can be so mean and cruel to someone that has not done a thing to them?! Why would some miserable person spew their hate at someone they don’t even know personally?!!! I love how you used the haters to your advantage, that is fantastic! What ever happened to, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all?

    1. I totally agree with you Tammy! Some people have too much time on their hands if they waste their energy in writing hate mail. Keep up the good work Natalie. We love you! 😘

      1. There will always be someone that is jealous. Just ignore them. They need to get a life.

  3. The people who have written hate mail to Alexis and Natalie are jealous of their popularity in the Indie publishing world. I have read their books and love their books.

  4. Hate is so one sided and takes up too much energy. Just ignore the idiots, or tell them “Thanks, and have a nice day”. You’ll be taking the high road and can say it straight faced or with an evil smile. You all are doing great things and I love reading your books.

  5. OMG! I love that you used the haters as inspiration! That is awesome! You ladies are great, don’t worry about the small minded. Most of the time people spewing ungliness is to try to make themselves feel better because they’re unhappy with their own lives or just simply jealous. Let it go on one ear and put the other. Life is too short to dwell on shit like that. You’ll never make everyone happy all the time. So if someone doesn’t like it, screw them. What’s important is if it makes you happy and you love what you do. Keep up the great work!

  6. Well, Mr/Mshasnotaste should be told that opinions like theirs are like a$$holes, everyone has one but nobody wants to hear it.

    You are a great writer so don’t let that dribble bother you. Someone is just jealous of the success you ladies have had with your writing and the store. If they don’t like what you write then they shouldn’t open the page, it’s not as if you aren’t open about the content. It’s Erotica Romance so what the heck do they expect to find in the books.

    Rant over, I got my copy of Love In Review 🙂

  7. Hey Natalie,

    First off, I think you and all the other Angels are magnificent authors! Don’t ever let others make you question your dreams! Maybe they don’t like Erotic Romance as much as they thought they did!
    Second, are the haters people who consider themselves Angels? If so, that is just very disappointing to say the least! One thing I love about being an Angel, is the positivity that comes from each of us. No one tears another down, say hateful things or makes them question why they are here. If these people are Angels, maybe they shouldn’t be any more. Keep on writing, keep on dreaming and for god sake, keep on allowing us to live vicariously through each of you!

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