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Love & Marriage

So, tonight, Sophie Moore published her second book with Naughty Angel Publishing – and she’s agreed to put it into Angel Access as well!!

This is an amazing story. It’s about the power of love and it is a little different than other stories we often write here in one big way.

It’s still a romance. It’s still got excitement and alpha characters. BUT – it’s about a couple that’s already married.

A lot of us Angels know, the real work of love can be maintaining a marriage. The couple in this story are going to give it another go and I personally found this to be an amazing read.

Second chance romance that’s also a spy romance???? Love it.

I’m so proud of Sophie’s hard work on this novella. It’s a solid evening’s read that had me totally engrossed for sure and I hope you love it, too 🙂

The Alexis Update… well I’ll give it to you when I have it!!!

Alexis is spending a second consecutive night over at IT Guy’s.

I’m sure she’s in good hands. He’s more than proven that!

Nat and I working on a super dirty book that is making our cover designer crazy LOL trying to get it right. Let’s just say… I’m certain Natalie deserves a taste of a good, filthy harem!!!

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend Angels! Tell me your plans.

4 thoughts on “Love & Marriage

  1. Lana,
    What is the name of Sophie’s new book? There are only 3 listed in her author page & if it’s ‘Claiming His Bride’ every time I click on it, it takes me to “free books” & “sign up for Angel Access” not the book’s page or price or anything. Help???


    1. Hey Jenny! So the new book is called Filthy & Forever after Game of Thrones last night we didn’t get up because our cover designer was like, sorry, I didn’t finish it yet. Where are you clicking Claiming His Bride? It should have the option to buy but if you’re in Angel Access it is a free read. Not sure what’s going on there?

  2. Sounds like things are getting back on track 🙂 Continuing to keep Alexis and the rest of you in my thoughts and prayers.

    1. Thanks love!! We’re tryinggggg!

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