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Light In Darkness

Hey Angels!

So the store had an update yesterday but in the middle of it all, I guess in the last two weeks the world has changed?

At first we were just as scared as everyone else. 

But we got a bunch of emails that kept saying the following. 

This blog and our books provided them the strength to go on. 

That it allowed them the ability to smile for a little bit in the middle of anxiety and worry about the world and their loved ones. 

So we’ve resolved a few things. 

We’re going to make sure the blog keeps going to provide you guys the ability to smile or escape for a little bit. 

We will keep the light on. And try to help with everyone else guide all of us through the darkness. 

Stay safe Angels!


5 thoughts on “Light In Darkness

  1. Am unable to move anything into the cart, either directly or from the Wish List.

    Y’all take care and be safe.


    1. We will take a look and fix this for you!

  2. Great to hear from y’all. Hoping and praying that all of you are staying safe, so much news that sometimes it is overwhelming when we hear of areas being hit especially when we have friends and family in those areas. Yes, your books and blogs do keep me going and give me something to smile about and I really appreciate all y’all do to keep us going.

    Love and hugs to everyone,


  3. Everyone stay safe. Books have been my escape the last few weeks.

  4. Reading and staying socially distant. You all be safe.

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