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Let’s Welcome Aiden Forbes… and more!

Aiden Forbes has another new release today here on the store – so much for a super chill weekend?? I’m kidding, there’s more fabulous reads on the store. But things won’t be quiet here on the store again! So many cool things are coming.

Including next week where we’re doing a series of interviews with all our authors to catch up with everyone and make sure all the authors on the store are properly introduced.

We’ve been so focused on getting books published that not everyone’s gotten their proper intro to be honest.

So everyone, put your questions in the comments for Aiden, Gage, or any of our authors – everyone will answer questions AND there’s going to be more.

I added Sinful Selections to Angel Access today as well, so you can pick your pleasure this weekend 😉

Happy Weekend Angels!

PS don’t forget to enter yesterday’s giveaway on the blog.

5 thoughts on “Let’s Welcome Aiden Forbes… and more!

  1. My question is for Aiden Forbes and Gage Grayson. What made you both become sexy romance writers? Are you writing from experience? I followed Gage Grayson before when he was on Amazon and had his newsletter, then all of a sudden it was gone. I am so happy he is back.

  2. What are all of yours’ guiltiest pleasures and biggest pet peeves?

  3. I think it’s great that y’all have added the guys to our list of authors.

    I guess my question would be; Can we expect to see any of the books that Aiden and Gage have written together or separately prior to coming to NLA. I have seen several ladies who have read them in the past who have had nothing but great things to say and I’m looking forward to getting to know them as authors here.

  4. Gage and Aiden before you became authors do you have other jobs ,like what and what are your inspirations in life?

  5. Aiden and Gage,
    What made you decide to sign up with Alexis and the gang?

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