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Lana cums back lol

Hey Angels!

So we’re doing New Years Day festivities with black eyed peas and stuff but I wanted to drop a line to kinda bring everything together what I was talking about this whole week so I can go into New Years Eve stories lol. 

So anyways, all of us girls knocked on Lana’s moms door and she opened and she was obviously overcome when we were like hey chica what’s the deal why did you disappear?

So she got really scared at first and then told us to come in. Her mom was at work. 

So we all go in and sit down and Lana takes some time and starts to cry. 

She tells me this:

“Alexis, I really really loved the time we spent together when we were together. You’re obviously a very skilled and amazing lover and I had a great time. And I sorta want to do it again with you but I also really like Aiden so I didn’t wanna hurt your feelings or anything and didn’t know what to do.”

So okay maybe I’m embellishing a little when Lana said I’m a very skilled and amazing lover lol. But anyways, I ask, “Wait, so its just physical for you?”

Lana nods her head. “I don’t wanna date you or be your girlfriend or anything but in time I might want that. I might want more from Aiden and I didn’t know how to tell you.”

And I’m like blown away. Because that’s the exact same thing I wanted. Like you know sometimes I may not want like to do anything but cuddle with Lana and we get each other off and have fun but that’s all it is. But I was worried Lana wanted like a real relationship. But I’m not ready to be the dude in that relationship you know? 

So Lana is like worried and I’m like babe, that’s all I want too. And she’s like really? And I’m like yes. And all of a sudden she’s like oh wow this is the best of both worlds then. And I’m like ya it really opens up a whole new world. Like we can go out and find the same guy and share him together! That can be our thing! And Lana is like uhmm ok. And then Daphne is like yeah you guys should go do it right now. 

But Lana is like no I’m hungry. And I was hungry too. So we instead just went to Bob Evans which was pretty good and a big Midwest thing so shoutout to Bob Evans. Also Steak N’ Shake. That’s pretty good too when you want to be super naughty and not care about what you’re eating lol. 

Anyways, we came home to California like two days later after hanging out with Lana’s mom and giving her a makeover and drinking like 10 bottles of wine lol. 

Tomorrow I’m gonna talk about New Years resolutions! Make sure you drop yours in the comments. I wanna make sure all the Angels support each other. 

Happy New Year Angels!

13 thoughts on “Lana cums back lol

  1. I am going to run the SF Marathon, so I have to seriously train between now and July.
    I walk 6 miles a day, but I’m not much of a runner. I’ve done 2 half-marathons, but I need to get faster.

  2. Tomorrow is my one year anniversary of quitting smoking. So I’m good with the resolutions. I want to eat better, but I want that all the time, So I will approach it like I did when I lost half of me, one day at a time…

    1. Oh my gosh Tammy, that is a great milestone to achieve. I wish you great success in continuing with this goal.

  3. First I like to wish all you Angel’s a very Happy New Year! My plan is do better for myself I take care of everyone else now it’s time to take care of me one day at a time CHEERS LADIES 🍾🥂

  4. My 2020 resolution is to read at least half of the 2,000 novels, novelettes, and short stories sitting in kindle, nook, and overdrive so I can feel like less of a douchette bag when I wanna buy more.

  5. I have been doing WW (weight watchers) since May 7th. I have lost 54 pounds so far. I sperated from my husband of 19 years in March and decided since I no longer have to feel bad about myself because he was not berating me constantly, I was going to start taking care of me. I have a ways to go yet. All that to say this year is my year to take care of me and continue to learn to be healthy and happy.

    Love you guys! Happy New Year Angels!

  6. Thank you for finishing the story and Lana, thank you for coming back to NLA!

    My resolution is to lose 50 pounds. Again. I lost it all in 2018 and gained it all back in 2019. Also, I am going to try to be more positive, less depressed, and do more for me to make me happy. I feel like I do and do and do for my hubby and for others and no one ever thinks about me, “friends” and family both.

  7. I’m going to continue doing what I’ve been doing since I lost my husband last year and that’s taking one second, one minute, one breath, one step and one day at a time. I shall overcome!!!!

    1. Hugs to you, Aubiegirl46!

    2. aubiegirl46, my heart goes out to you. Losing a loved one is so hard and spending the first holiday season without them just seems to bring back so many emotions. I felt that way this year after losing my Mom and youngest sister three days apart this last July. Our hearts are heavy but I pray that all of us who have lost someone, family or friend, will have a much better year in 2020.

  8. Yeah, Lana’s back! I’m doing my happy dance. I’m so happy that things have worked out; you angels rock! The family’s back together.

    Happy New Year’s to all you angels out there. If I were to write my resolution, it would be so similar to Kris’ above. Kris, I feel you. I to lost weight in 2018, only to gain it all back & then some in 2019. Positive attitude, that’s been a struggle all year, depressing. I’m single, just me and my dog. My resolution is to make this year about ‘me’. I’m tired of thinking of others but no one thinking of me. Get my butt back into the gym, eat better, try harder to be positive…happy thoughts.

    Kris, thank you. I’m sorry to hear you have similar issues, but glad I’m not alone. We will get through this together! Thank you angels!

    1. Hugs, Lisa!

  9. So happy that our Angels have worked out those details and are all back together again. Happy New Year to all of you <3

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