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Lana Angel, seeking soulmate(s)?!

Hey Angels,

Alexis is letting me touch the blog again. LOL! I promise no outbreaks of hysteria because I’m about to turn 30.

30 is not old.

I mean, Alexis is over 30 and she’s the most fabulous woman I’ve ever met. 

Anyhow, haha, I’m back at the blog because I realized something.

Forget threesomes with dumb Rando guys. Forget wanting to find the “One” and then being disappointed.

When I fell in love with writing, I loved dark romances first. And yeah I’m not one to not say, yes, I want a darker edge to the sex I enjoy! But that’s not what I ended up with.

Like, look at the first two books I wrote with Alexis.

There was our first “Abby” book – Woman of the House.

And there was our first “Dark” book – The Virgin Market.

What did both of these have in common?

Well, haha, first off, if you don’t know – Alexis and I met to write together. She belonged to a writer’s group and said she was interested in mentoring a newer author and giving back to the writing community.

I had joined and was friendly with a lot of people, but when Alexis said she was willing to mentor, a lot of people who definitely didn’t have the success that Alexis did turned up their noses.


Because we write romance.

But I admired Alexis so much. She wasn’t just my girl crush. She was my role model. 

I wanted to have amazing fans like the Angels – and now I’m an Angel myself because she and I decided to write together with two shared pen names.

First we wrote MMF as Abby Angel and dark romances – MF and MFM – with Dark Angel.
And then Dark Angel books took a very distinct turn.

See, Alexis wrote Sevensome after a looooong night she and I had talking over too many cosmos and not enough sleep even the night before.

By then, she was already my best friend.

And we had so much fun together.

She wrote her first reverse harem book and then we wrote Harem together.

It was magnificent.

That’s why “Dark Angel” ended up writing so many reverse harem books. I was positively obsessed with reverse harem.

And Angels I won’t lie to you. I loved the sex. It was amazing.

But more than anything, I didn’t want to have to choose. My heroines got to meet these amazing guys, and they got to have them all.

And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that – or the hot sex that comes with it.

And it got me thinking.

Why don’t I relax my one-woman, one-man philosophy?

I mean, I can’t just pick up a harem of guys at a bar. 

We call that something else, many things maybe, and probably none of them would be “safe life choices” no matter how validly hot it sounds LOL.

But what I mean is…

Why am I looking for the one?

I mean, I looked around at the people who work at Naughty Angel Publishing. The ones that were physically with us when we were having movie night. And the ones who live elsewhere but were there with us in spirit. 

And I knew I had something special. Who says your friends can’t be your soul mates in a way? I mean I’m so happy here. 

But I do want a wonderful relationship with a happily ever after. Don’t we all.

So I got to thinking as the only shaking that was happening was earthquake related. I need to relax some and probably have a good time with a good-lookin’ guy… 

And in the last 24 hours we’ve had 3 earthquakes. One of those was after I called Aiden and he came over to pick me up.

We thanked our lucky stars that we were ok and the earthquakes weren’t too bad, and I told him I wanted to have a drink with him tonight.

I told him my theory about how maybe trying to find one guy was impossible. He laughed and said, “Baby, I could be enough man for you.”

Ok so there’s totally possibility there. Truth is that through the hardships we’ve had with lack of water, lack of power, and even lack of coffee or inspiration, he’s shown up. I looked at myself in the mirror before we walked out the door and because of how it was positioned, he was standing behind me. Like it almost looked like a book cover and my brain got all mushy inside.

Lord. I started this blog post in the Uber on the way to the first bar we’re going to tonight (he says we should try out a few and talk about our next book) thinking I was going to be talking about how maybe I shouldn’t pressure one man to be my everything. Like maybe I should date a few.

But the way he’s looking at me right now, well, fuck. 

I wanted to write this whole, different men can be different things to you blog post but mostly I guess what I’m saying is that I need to go out and live a little.

So Aiden and I are talking about our next book, tonight, right?

Yeah. Discussing a potential series we want to write together.

But that’s the thing.

We’ve been writing a lot of stuff together.
He’s been around when I’ve needed him.

Maybe Mr. Charming Bad Boy is worth getting to know better.

Maybe now that he’s relented on teasing me when I’m trying to sleep with him, because he said he wanted to make sure we had a good working relationship, maybe I’m ready for him to tease me again.

But more than anything, he’s the first person I’ve wanted to know more.

And someone who sees me for who I am.

… So, crap. Am I asking?
I’m totally asking.

Can Lana Angel date Aiden Forbes?

8 thoughts on “Lana Angel, seeking soulmate(s)?!

  1. GO FOR IT LANA!!!

    Seriously, Aiden seems like a great guy. Who ADORES you!! And if for some reason it doesn’t work out for you both, at least he’ll be a fun period in your life! You should never shy away from something, or someONE, who can teach you so much. Let your hair down, loosen up and take a chance. Life is short, this could turn out to be one the best, if not the very best, relationships of your life!!!

  2. Lana,

    Follow your heart. What is it really telling you to do? Even though you want our advice, you only can make that choice. Dating someone you work with can be complicated, but both of my sisters met their husbands at work and have been married for many years. Follow your heart and do what will make you happy.

  3. Sure, go for it.

    1. Go for it Lana!!!
      Aiden sounds like his really tamed his bad boy ways and at the moment only has eyes for you babe. Take the chance and let him in xx

  4. Lana Angel can do anything she wants because she’s a strong independent woman! You follow your heart and if you want sex than do it with someone safe! Be the strong ,beautiful woman that you are! And if you want that bad boy go for it! Good luck sweetie.

  5. I say Go For It with Aiden Lana. I think if you don’t, you may wonder what you missed out on with him.

  6. You got this girl! Take a chance see where it goes otherwise you’ll always wonder. You know what they say better to have lived and lost then never to have loved at all. 😉 Relax and enjoy, you maybe pleasantly surprised.

  7. Without a doubt Lana Angel can date Aiden Forbes. I wish both of you the best in whatever is to be.

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