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Lana and me

Hey Angels!

Okay so yesterday I kinda maybe said this big thing and ran and I want you to know that before I dropped it I had a long talk with Lana and she was okay with it because at the end of the day she’s like we owe the Angels an explanation. 

Plus its like a super duper great story lol. 

Anyways in order to understand what happened it’s important to state that I haven’t had like any real sex in a long time because remember I was trying to do the whole single and happy to be single thing before the holidays?

Anyways so when IT Guy and I were texting I knew that I need to have a serious conversation with WineBar because he moved back to SF. And IT Guy obviously then has to go break up with his girlfriend and he’s like hey you want to hang out because it’s pretty empty in the city. And I’m like oh hell no if I hang out with him there’s a chance I’m going to have sex. 


So I bring Lana. 

And Lana is like coming back from seeing her mom in Indiana and she’s like happy to go out. So we literally get slutted up hardcore lol. Like Lana is like is this top too small asking me and I’m like yeah and she’s like good. 

And so we get all dressed up and IT Guy knocks and he’s like hey wanna do some shots before we go out and we’re like yeah. 

And so we’re sitting there doing shots while Lana uses the shot to make herself a drink and within like 15 minutes we’re talking about sex and I think I bring up the Friends episode where its okay to sleep with your ex after you break up and IT Guy is like no way I would need a neutral party to make sure everything is above board.

So then Lana is like tipsy and she’s like I’ll do that and I’m like whoah and I’m like that’s pretty hot and IT Guy is obviously turned on lol. 

And then I dunno what happens but I like look at him and I’m like hey is it breaking the rules if we both do you? And he’s like grinning. And so is Lana. 

And that’s where I’m gonna stop for now lol.


5 thoughts on “Lana and me

  1. Mmmmm. Loving this!

  2. NOT FAIR!!!

  3. I just love that you are such a tease…LOL. Hey ya gotta keep us guessing right? Can’t wait to hear more.

  4. Gah!! Tease!!!

  5. Very 🔥 Hot! Need more please.

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