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It’s Friday

Angels – summer is coming on the horizon. Can you feel it? Can you feel the weather get warmer. I mean is there any angel reading this who lives somewhere where its still snowing or cold? Because in California the weather is starting to warm up  – like 80s. We’re all starting to think of bikinis and that means we’re all like omg we need to go to the gym because no way anyone can see us like this lol.

The best part about summer is Fridays. I mean Fridays are great no matter what time of year but during the summer Fridays are just even more insanely great. Starting to drink beer at 12 pm or fruity, sweet, ice cold cocktails at lunch. Hanging out and taking half days! Going to work and then taking an early day to hang out with friends.

But you know what happens whenever I’m like ok lets go drink at lunch? Like by 5 pm I’m like so sleepy that I go to sleep. It totally ruins like Friday night for me. Because while everyone else is out having fun I’m like in bed sleeping because sunlight and booze got me all sleeeepy.

So IT Guy was like ok we’re going out this Friday and he’s like no going out for liquid lunches or hanging out with Lana and having wine. And I’m like ok how about one glass and he’s like ok and I’m like hahaha you don’t know how big that glass is gonna be. But no, Lana is like more responsible. If I take her out for wine at lunch she’ll just end up probably writing a book or something while I drink. But I wouldn’t do that to IT Guy.

And I mean Fridays are so amazing. It Guy and I go out for breakfast every morning to Starbucks. And today it’s like there are so many flowers and bees and sun that I was like hmm what panties will I wear as I got out of the shower. And then I’m like hmm, I will not wear any panties.

So then IT Guy pulls up and he’s like let me see your panties as I get into the car and I lift up my long black skirt and he’s like omg. And I’m like “hahaha it’s spring! and summer is coming!”

So I guess it just puts you in a different mindset. Tell me below how spring makes you different, babes.

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Love you lots!

10 thoughts on “It’s Friday

  1. I’m in New York City and right now it’s raining here! I personally don’t like the summer, as I burn very easily and it’s way too hot & humid.

  2. Happy Friday to everyone.

    Spring makes me smile because I love to see what Mother Nature has in store for us. Here in Florida we are in the high 80s to 90s already but there is so much going on around me to just relax and enjoy.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend

  3. Here in the U.K. it’s a holiday weekend…snow, cold, rain and hail are forecast for most of the country….it’s supposed to be spring!! Hoping I’ll avoid it all as I’m in Scotland for a few days…wonder if i’ll see men in kilts…

  4. Moving from the Gulf Coast to way up in the Rockies has me convinced that people up here have antifreeze in their veins. Will they go from half dressed now to total nudity when summer arrives?

    In south Texas, 65 degrees is NOT warm. 🤤 Its sunny, but I’ll wait another month before breaking out shorts and tank tops.

  5. I’m with you…California girl here…not far from you! San Jose here…allergies are driving me crazy! Yeah weather is great..but possible rain Sun or Mon..not to much. I want to go to Santa Cruz!!

  6. I love summer!!! I’m a para educator for a school district here in PA and we get the summers off. But, I can’t be out in the sun for very long. I’ve been battling melanoma since 2005. I’m in remission now, but I worry it will return and I came to close to dying, to chance it!!!!

  7. Kansas City, Mo. It’s still in the 50s Having lots of thunder & hail storms.

  8. Here in TN is already been spiking into the 90s for a couple of weeks & the amount of pollen is INSANE!!! I’m trying to stay indoors, in the cool as much as possible already!! 🥵🥵 icky hot & humid & not in a good way (when is humidity EVER good?!)!!

  9. Spring means summer vacation is just around the corner for all us teachers 😎

  10. I live in Australia and we’re heading into Winter next month. Definitely missing the sun and warmer weather

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