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IT Guy, The Dude, Gym Rat and Gym Bro

Angels, why does this always happen to me?
I’m like less than a month into actively dating and now I’m like ooh, four guys. This is like some crazy romantic comedy novel or at least a good contemporary romance that just goes on forever lol.

Ok, ok, so let me recap these men and start to keep a spreadsheet lol.

IT Guy – lives down the hall and was a perfect gentleman the first time we went out. The second time after he got back from Thanksgiving he was a bit handsy and yes we did make out for a bit but he came close to second base but kept himself. If it were me I’d have jumped his bones but he’s happy to play it cool I think. Also, he knows what I write and is not intimidated at all. He’s cute, but in a nerdy sort of way – still he’s got broad shoulders and I dunno…I like the intelligent look in his eyes. He’s got a good job and he’s able to take care of himself. Cons. His apartment is an absolute disaster of a place. Worse than mine. Clothes everywhere. He barely cooks, even though I think he knows to. But at least he doesn’t use his oven to store shoes like I do. Speaking of which, I need to clean my apartment today because Lana in moving in tomorrow.

The Dude – basically came over to talk to Lana and me the other day when we were talking about her moving in. He initially started talking to Lana and then I started talking to and he started talking to me and Lana and then just me. He’s cute but he lives with a roommate and he’s younger than me so thats not flattering because I still wish I was 21. Not really. I was really dumb at 21 lol. Anyways, he’s 23 I think and a barista at Starbucks. The biggest drawback here…I dunno if he is really into me or if he was into Lana at first and I just accidentally butted in because I was at the table 🙁

Gym Rat – Was staring at my ass at the gym and helped me do reverse leg lifts. His hands were all over my legs and ass and my panties were super fucking wet by the time I was done with that set. I wondered if they could smell them lol. Anyways, the three of us went to get smoothies at jamba juice afterwards and I got both their numbers and he was the first to text me and said we should hang out for drinks sometime. I like drinks. So maybe he has a shot. Big con here is that I don’t know him as much as the other guys.

Gym Bro – Friend of Gym Rat. Both of them were actually talking and staring at my ass and came up to talk to me. He wasn’t that handsy but his face is cuter even if he didn’t flirt as much. He also texted me but suggested we get some post workout lunch some day or go to a spin class together. I like spin class and/or lunch but it doesn’t sound as appealing as going out for drinks. Big cons here are I don’t know him as much and he’s not really flirty.

Lemme know what you think.

12 thoughts on “IT Guy, The Dude, Gym Rat and Gym Bro

  1. Since you are completely single I say have fun and see where it leads with all of them lol. Sometimes the not so flirty at first can end up being the most fun of all 🙂

    Thank you for including us in your journey and I am super excited that you keep adding authors to the site. I missed you, Lana, Daphne and Natalie when Amazon made their massive mistake and took y’all off their site!!!

  2. Alexis,

    I think I would keep my options open between IT Guy and Gym Bro. They both seem to be more of the gentleman type, which might actually be better.

  3. Is foot fetish guy on the spreadsheet? lol

  4. Younger guy could be fun for like a night- otherwise waste of time. IT sounds pretty great, messes don’t bother me so as long as he’s not grubby… One thing you gotta check for with guys who sit all day I front of a computer is the butt spread- not a good look-Gotta check that 1st? Dude just seems kinda random. Gym Rat-all handsy- player- thinkin’ he’s all that- drinks can’t hurt, but I’d do the lunch date with Gym Bro first bc he seems more reserved than the other gym guy and then if you actually like him you don’t to go for drinks with Gum Rat. Keep all your options open sugar? Have fun!!

  5. I don’t think I could handle 4 guys, lol..
    I kinda like IT Guy,
    He’s respectful and can be corrupted,lol.. I think there is a fire beneath that nerdy exterior and he doesn’t seem sleezy..
    Good luck with it all Alexis, just have fun and keep us posted.

  6. Going anonymous here…Gym Bro + Gym Rat + Alexis = Threesome?

    1. OOOOOOOOOOOOHHH!!!!!!!! I’m gonna use my vibe for that tonight (since I just got back from dinner) but I need to clean the apartment since Lana is moving in tomorrow!

      1. Knew it! Just read today’s blog post. I hope you get it and enjoy it! *big grin*

  7. Genius’s are usually messy especially it men! Still he is respecting u and that is a plus! Unlike most men will stick it and leave it! Maybe come back for seconds since it was so easy the first time! The gym doodes use the gym place as a meat market! Gym Doode may be taken and that’s why he wants lunch or soon class! Gym beat wants in ur pants and wants to see how fast u can do it! I would say make it challenging for him this way of he shows interest at least he worked for it! BUt be careful with all these doodes!

  8. Casting a vote for Gym Bro. Taking his time to set things up suggests he plans for both of you to enjoy firsts, seconds, thirds, and…

    IT Guy runs far back in a low, low second place. Follow your intuition. If something about him makes you uncomfortable, back off.

    The Dude? Maybe you’ll have better luck than I ever did with a guy that young but, been there, done that, and the t-shirt never fit me comfortably.

    Gym Rat — NFW. If his first thought is to get you drunk, it’s probably so you won’t notice how lame he is when he gets down to business. (Or, if HE needs to get drunk, maybe it’s so HE won’t notice how lame he is.)

  9. Ohhh choices choices lol

    Guys are like buses none for ages then 2 (or 4 in this case lol) turn up at once.

    IT guy sounds nice but if things don’t work out,the apartment is super close it could turn awkward.

    The dude could b interest in Lana, you or even both you never know!!!

    As for gym rat and gym bro, go for drinks and the spin class, they may wanna double up with you too.

    Go out have fun and enjoy….

  10. What happened to the foot licker, lol?

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