IT Guy postoned the updates on the site that are, like major.

I mean, last minute, he literally tells me, “no, I’m not upgrading.” He was dead serious, Angels.

He had this mysterious glint in his eye.

And then he said, “Lana, I need you to come back to my apartment real quick,” and he shushed me so that Alexis wouldn’t hear.

Yeah, I was in full on What The FUCKK??? mode.

He pulls my hand and drags me over to his apartment and then…

Busts. Out. Laughing.

But I’m speechless.

I look around and he tells me, “did I do well?”

See, he’s read Alexis’s books. The man’s been to Per Se a time or two. That’s why this wasn’t a question. It was a statement. He did very well.

The doctor’s results came back in. Alexis is still recovering from pneumonia and she has some anemia along with an eye issue called uveitis which shoulds like she needs sunscreen on her eyes (it’s pronounced yoo vee eye tuss) but it just means her eyes are inflamed and they hurt. So IT Guy’s been keeping her away from the screen, right, and helping her with these eye drops she has to take.

So sidebar, like me, Alexis has sensitive eyes. Like we look like bawling bitches when we’re doing our winged eyes in the morning but that liner gets on, we pass the tissues, we prevail) so her eyes are touchy but she’s TOTALLY letting IT Guy take charge. She’s letting him put the drops him and he’s holding her head up for it, it is all so damned sweet, honestly.

But re the anemia? He’s like, if Alexis Angel is going to have red meat, she’s going to have steak. And she’s going to have it in a steak house.

So he hired a waiter. Got a gorgeous suit and a perfect dress for her. Has a candlelit, one-rose-in-a-vase, white tablecloth adorned table in the middle of his apartment.

I’m about to go help Alexis get ready for her first real evening in a long time. She’s reading the edits we got back on Sophie Moore’s Claiming His Bride, which is coming soon!!!!, and she is feeling restless but she’s been hard at work, now that she feels even an ounce better and now that she has a better idea what’s going on with her.

She’s going to be okay. And I knowwwww she wants to feel like her old self.

I gotta say, IT Guy did a fabulous job. He promises to behave (though has he met Alexis, who knows if she even knows how to behave, she said something about anemia and iron meaning she needs to swallow as much of IT Guy’s cum as she can) but that he wants to keep her over at his place for the night if she wants.

So yeah.

Max Bet 2 is up in Angel Access.

New and wonderful things ARE coming to the store.

But first I’m happy to report Alexis Angel is preparing for her best come back yet.

It all starts with really small panties.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend Angels. Blog posts are going to come from me for a while things get reorganized and back on track with the store. So happy to have all you Angels. You mean everything to us, babes, and we do all we can for you.