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IT Guy Postponed…

IT Guy postoned the updates on the site that are, like major.

I mean, last minute, he literally tells me, “no, I’m not upgrading.” He was dead serious, Angels.

He had this mysterious glint in his eye.

And then he said, “Lana, I need you to come back to my apartment real quick,” and he shushed me so that Alexis wouldn’t hear.

Yeah, I was in full on What The FUCKK??? mode.

He pulls my hand and drags me over to his apartment and then…

Busts. Out. Laughing.

But I’m speechless.

I look around and he tells me, “did I do well?”

See, he’s read Alexis’s books. The man’s been to Per Se a time or two. That’s why this wasn’t a question. It was a statement. He did very well.

The doctor’s results came back in. Alexis is still recovering from pneumonia and she has some anemia along with an eye issue called uveitis which shoulds like she needs sunscreen on her eyes (it’s pronounced yoo vee eye tuss) but it just means her eyes are inflamed and they hurt. So IT Guy’s been keeping her away from the screen, right, and helping her with these eye drops she has to take.

So sidebar, like me, Alexis has sensitive eyes. Like we look like bawling bitches when we’re doing our winged eyes in the morning but that liner gets on, we pass the tissues, we prevail) so her eyes are touchy but she’s TOTALLY letting IT Guy take charge. She’s letting him put the drops him and he’s holding her head up for it, it is all so damned sweet, honestly.

But re the anemia? He’s like, if Alexis Angel is going to have red meat, she’s going to have steak. And she’s going to have it in a steak house.

So he hired a waiter. Got a gorgeous suit and a perfect dress for her. Has a candlelit, one-rose-in-a-vase, white tablecloth adorned table in the middle of his apartment.

I’m about to go help Alexis get ready for her first real evening in a long time. She’s reading the edits we got back on Sophie Moore’s Claiming His Bride, which is coming soon!!!!, and she is feeling restless but she’s been hard at work, now that she feels even an ounce better and now that she has a better idea what’s going on with her.

She’s going to be okay. And I knowwwww she wants to feel like her old self.

I gotta say, IT Guy did a fabulous job. He promises to behave (though has he met Alexis, who knows if she even knows how to behave, she said something about anemia and iron meaning she needs to swallow as much of IT Guy’s cum as she can) but that he wants to keep her over at his place for the night if she wants.

So yeah.

Max Bet 2 is up in Angel Access.

New and wonderful things ARE coming to the store.

But first I’m happy to report Alexis Angel is preparing for her best come back yet.

It all starts with really small panties.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend Angels. Blog posts are going to come from me for a while things get reorganized and back on track with the store. So happy to have all you Angels. You mean everything to us, babes, and we do all we can for you.

16 thoughts on “IT Guy Postponed…

  1. I am so happy that Alexis has answers to her medical problems. I know medical problems can hit you out of nowhere. I have a friend who has had to have iron infusions because of anemina. The infusions are painful.

  2. I’m so glad to hear that Alexis is starting to feel better! My husband suffers fro iritis which is somewhat similar to what Alexis is dealing with. Lots of eye drops, allergy meds and anti inflammatory meds. It flares up every so often, but is really hard on him as he spends his days staring at a computer screen too!! Feel better Alexis, and thank you to all the Angel’s and IT guy for taking such good care of her! She’ll be good as new in no time!

  3. Ah, so sweet! Alexis, feel better. Pneumonia – nothing to sneeze at. Keeps you down and out. Had it three times. Know not to push yourself. I was a workout freak. 6-7 days a week. Taking care of a baby. Doctor hospitalized me so I would stop pushing myself. Well, IV antibiotics, too. Take care of you! You are numero uno!

  4. Glad that Alexis is on the mend! I have an inherited form of anemia (thalessemia) and it sucks but iron pills make it manageable. Just have to find some that don’t bother her system.

  5. Thank goodness they know what’s wrong – and double thank goodness for her great friends – and a triple thank goodness for IT Guy – he is so, so, so a keeper!

    Thanks for all you do, Lana, we appreciate all of the Naughty Angel crew!

  6. Lana,
    Please let Alexis know that, not only do many of us live vicariously through her, some of us suffer vicariously too. She’s got lots of prayers and sincere wishes for good health coming her way.

    And, trite as it sounds, she’ll see that there really can be silver linings in life’s storm clouds. Such as how friends like you and the other angels close ranks around her and take care of business matters while she’s down. And how IT Guy steps up to provide the TLC she needs without being asked. And, of course, all you Angel authors will get lots of mothering and nagging from the DLAs to slow down, ease up, and look out for your health.

    1. <3 Cat this is so very sweet. I have just read your message to Alexis and she's in tears, too. There is absolutely a silver lining here and we're closer than ever to have each other to take care of and watch out for each other. Thank you so so so so much <3 Our lives are so enriched and so much better with the wonderful Angels like you looking out for us.

  7. So pleased Alexis has a diagnosis and the rest of you girls are taking care of her…..
    And of course IT Guy….wow, not only is he a keeper, I think he’s the sweetest man in the world. He certainly seems to understand Alexis, and what she needs…..❤️❤️❤️ Xx

    1. YES! Not knowing what was wrong was making Alexis go absolutely crazy. She likes to see a problem and solve it and just feeling like she was in a lull, she felt like she would be sick forever. Natalie and I brought her breakfast in bed today and we’re talking about work, about fun, and there’s new color in her cheeks (pink of course hahaha) at the prospect of life returning to normal again. And IT Guy? I’m totally wowed.

  8. So glad to hear that Alexis is getting better now, it’s such a long drawn out process waiting for answers to test results and investigations. Stay strong Alexis everyone is doing a great job taking care of you and maximum points to IT guy planning a special night.

    1. Yeah, Alexis has ZERO patience. Which, yeah, I can understand, especially when it is about her health. And IT Guy, whooooo what a fabulous plan he put together. I’m so happy.

  9. Lots of yummy spinach, Alexis.

    1. I have a huge stack of packed spinach in the freezer and I’ve got several bags of fresh. Practically pelting poor Alexis with healthy food now haha. <3 thanks Angel for looking out for Alexis 🙂

  10. Lana, that is such wonderful news, I am so glad she has such great support in all of you.

    He-he, tell her IT Guy only supplies protein and not iron 🙂

    Wow, I don’t know how y’all can make it much better but I know it’s gonna be great.

    By the way, I love that y’all are sending a copy of the orders now. It really helps me with my record keeping.

    Hope you are, and continue to have a great weekend.

  11. That’s good news I will be praying for her Alexis too fast recovery and complete healing..

  12. I’m catching up reading the blogs and when I first read the header of this post, I thought it read IT PROPOSED. And I thought OMG!!!!!! Then had a laugh when I opened up the post and realized my error. But for those brief seconds I was overjoyed.

    Hope you’re feeling better Alexis. 🙂

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