Ok so I’ve been sick but IT Guy is like amazing! He’s like Florence Nightengale but with a cock.

So yesterday, he’s like you need to drink water! And I’m like blech water is gross right now. But he made sure to give me DayQuil and then make sure I took a nap and didn’t read dumb stuff on my phone and then he got me a teddy bear to cuddle with while I took a nap.

Then IT Guy got lunch ready for me and then gave me an Advil several hours later and made me drink more water. He got my TV set up so I could watch Netflix. And then he grilled some food and brought it over. So I ate like delicious food IT Guy made. And….ladies this is the crazy thing! He doesn’t burn the food he grills. Like the burgers aren’t bricks when he makes them and the chicken is juicy and soft. Although I tell him to take the skin off the chicken but he doesn’t do that yet.

I want to get him something for his grill or tell him something more to grill because while hot dogs, burgers, chicken and tri tip is great and so is corn and vegetables there has to be more stuff he can grill. I just don’t know what it is. But I was thinking about it. If I just eat vegetables and grilled meat then I can avoid carbs like completely and still be full of good food.

Oh speaking of which, I was hungry in between meals yesterday and so IT Guy made me a bowl of Apple Jacks with cut up banana in it but rather than bring me the bowl he put it on a plate.

And I’m like awwww you really do love me! Because it was so sweet.

I dunno Angels. Am I being overly sentimental from recovering from sickness?

Let me know!

The book in AngelAccess today is Double Play!