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IT Guy And WineBar just stared at each other…

So IT Guy just stood there, his cock hanging out, since you know, he was naked. And WineBar stares at him.
“Were you and him…” WineBar started to ask and then stopped.
“Alexis, whose this?” IT Guy asked me. “Are you coming back to bed?”
“Whoa,” WineBar said. “I can’t believe it.”
“WineBar, why don’t we talk about this later?” I finally got in. He just looked at me and said he’d text me.

So Angels after I posted yesterday I went back to bed and told IT Guy everything about WineBar. Then I talked to Lana and Paige and Daphne and Natalie and Liz. Then I posted and in the evening once IT Guy had gone back to his place I put on my strapbless black Vera Wang, some sexy as hell black lingerie that made my ass look perfect and then got an Uber to go to the Hyatt Regency to meet WineBar for a drink at the bar.

“So listen,” he began when I sat down since he was waiting for me. “I get you were seeing other people. But I’m back.”
See Angels…back in the day I would have been like omg you’re back and gotten a room right there and sucked his cock till his brain stopped working.

But I had been reading your comments.

“You couldn’t text once the whole time?” I asked him.
“No,” he said. “I was too busy.”
“Even for someone you love?” I shot back.
“Alexis what’s gotten into you?” he asked me.
But I didn’t answer.
“Was that really your cousin?” I asked him. “Or just some skank you were shacking up with? Did she leave and now you came to me after you got bored with her?”
“Where are these questions coming from?” WineBar asked. “What’s wrong with you?”
“Listen,” I said. “I get that family things happen. But like the entire time you can’t even drop me one text? And you can’t tell me that’s your cousin when I see her on the phone? And what kind of cousin is putting on earrings and adjusting her shirt like she’s putting it on?”
WineBar was silent.
“That wasn’t your cousin, was it?” I asked.
He just shook his head.
“My angels were right.” Is all I said. “You’re not worth my time.”
“Your angels?” he asked. “Are you still asking those women on your newsletter for advice? Alexis you gotta stop doing that!”
“Why?” I asked now I was pissed. “Because they’ve given me the best advice and support over the years? They go with me wherever I go.”
“They’re wrong.”
“They weren’t wrong that you could have sent a text at any point saying you were busy. Or that wasn’t your cousin.”
“What do they say about me?” he asked.
“Most of them think I should leave you.”
“I love you though, babe,” he said.
I closed my eyes. All the things in the past went through me. Believe it or not I visualized all the comments.
“My angels used to love you, babe,” I told him. “But you treated me like shit.”
“I didn’t have time to send a text,” he said.
“Were you like fighting in a war or on a top secret assignment that they took your phone?” I asked.
He shook his head.
“My angels reminded me that I’m Alexis fucking Angel. And I’m done with your bullshit. Now.”
WineBar just sat there before he was like “Those women you go to for advice are wrong, babe. I’m here.”
“Well….babe,” I said as the drinks got sat down on the table. “I’m not.”

And I got up and walked out. I didn’t even take a sip of my drink! I really wanted to but I didn’t. I guess I also left him with the check. But whatever.

Then I got home and fucked IT Guy and worked with Daphne and we finalized our books. We have two releases today! Check them out!Alexis Angel erotic romance novels


Author Daphne Dawn's Reverse Harem Romance Max Bid Book 9

75 thoughts on “IT Guy And WineBar just stared at each other…

  1. Wow that took the yay out of yesterday’s conversation. He lied and feels no guilt. Good for you on the rest of your day and good for you for walking out. The not texting sucks but the lying is worse. His anger over taking advice from others it’s ridiculous cuz that’s what people do. When something confuses us or makes a sad sometimes talking about it with others gets a different perspective maybe he should have done that before he lied about his cousin.

  2. Go Alexis. He lied again. He’s not worth it. If he loved you as he says he would have reached out.
    I’m falling for IT Guy. I love that he was on your side and knew it was something when he asked you to come back to bed. Hats off to him for not retreating back to your room!
    They always say when one door closes another opens. Winebar is the past he proved he doesn’t love you by ghosting you.
    I need more about IT Guy, I’m really liking him!

  3. Good for you, he never saw it coming and so well deserved to him. You are worth way more than that bull

    1. Alright!!! You go girl

  4. I’m so proud of you.
    It’d be one thing if he came clean and was fighting for you. But, he wasn’t. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if he might have a wake up call.

    Definitely liking IT Guy. Xoxo

  5. I’m new to your blog but I got to admit. YOU deserve better than Winebar. And good for you to stand up for yourself and your angels. I love your books and I Am Loving your blog. KEEP your head up. IT Guy sounds like a keep

  6. Good for you, Alexis! You deserve better than someone who can’t even be bothered to make time to send a text for weeks!

  7. Wow!! So very proud of you and taking a much needed stand that I absolutely know wasn’t easy! Ugh handle that with total bitch ass class. Good for you. Just remember you are one helluva lady that deserves more than what winebar was offering. If he truly loves you, he will man up, fight for you and give you what you need and deserve. I’m still secretly rooting that winebar will get his head out of his tail. Im keeping my hope alive. Lol. Either way you are strong and will continue to be so while having fun doing it.

  8. Great job

  9. I’m glad I’m alone because I just fist pumped and whooped while at work! Good for you. His empowering did that feel! Gave me goosebumps!

  10. Girl, that was the ultimate shut down! And even better you got to see Winebar’s face and do it in person. I honestly am not sure you’ve heard the last from him. He’s going to stew on this and come at you again. He’ll think he can break you and that you’ll cave. But what he doesn’t know is that we know you better than he does. And between IT Guy and the Gym Bros, you and your roommates have got hot guys who know a good thing when they have it! You go girl!

    1. Totally agree with Tammy on this one. He’s not done. He’s not used to loosing, but when you play the looser card like he did, it’s going to eat him alive. That Karma train is rolling right on down the tracks! Keep IT guy and gym bros, WineBar needs to grow the fuck up!

    2. hell ya

  11. Wow! Way to go ALEXIS ANGEL! Dressed to kill! Bet WB thought you were going to just fall back into his arms and his life again. Would have loved to see his look of shock when you said “I’m not”! Now you can move on with YOUR life and be happy with your new guy/s. We Angels will always support you because we care.

  12. Yay good for you! Kinda glad Winebar saw IT guy like that so he can see what he’s missing out on for being a jerk. He thought he could just lie to you and then just come back after so much time like nothing ever happen and instead of being sorry he wanted you to just ignore that. Jerk deserve better. What does IT guy have to say about all this? I really think he is a good one.

  13. I bet that felt good, to finally stand up to him. To know your worth it and now he can only wish for it. Lol

  14. You go girl – good on you for going to confront him face to face, yet still he looked you in the eye and lied to your face, and you don’t do that to someone you supposedly love. The new Alexis has arrived, and finally acknowledged she deserves better. As much as it hurts you did the right thing and stood proud, with no regrets for being honest. Even better that you went straight back into IT Guys arms & bed 🙂

  15. I’m proud of you, now you have closure and you can move forward to your life with bright beginning of adventure of love that you truly deserve.

  16. Yay. Good for you. I always loved WB but he was a dick not texting. He loves you? Ha. That’s not love.Thats dick talking.I think he cares about you but commitment phobe.He likes the buffet. Well AA is off the menu.
    I’m proud of you.A) You looked gorgeous I’m sure- hot as hell B) You stood up for yourself.
    If he ever wants to get serious he needs to crawl a bit and I’m not sure there’s any coming back from that lie. Now go get tech savvy(lol)and rock that world

  17. You are so FIERCE and I am so proud of you!!! You stood up for yourself and didn’t let the asshole walk all over you!! So happy you actually took everyone’s comments to heart, because unlike what WhinyBar said, we do have your happiness in mind when we comment. You are AWESOME!!! :0)

  18. So proud of you Alexis! You stuck to your guns, got a few answers and the truth and then kicked him square in the ass, he never saw the amazing woman that you are, coming.

  19. Good for you. He just thought he could leave you dangling on a string for whenever he wanted you. Move on put him in the rear view.

  20. Winebar was an asshole for lying to you but didn’t a while back you both said you were going to see other people since you loved on different coast’s? He should have manned up and told you he was seeing someone but you should have too. I like IT guy but winebar has been with you through it all and if memory serves you told IT guy you were seeing others as well. Talk to winebar and you guys decide if what you have/had is worth seeing if you will be exclusive or not

  21. Alexis I am so in awe and proud of you! My thoughts on Winebar was that I didn’t like him at first next I thought he was perfect for you. Then That whole girl thing and happened so he wasn’t worth a minute of your time. I had a sliver of hope that he could redeem himself. You were so confident in yourself at that last dinner. He sounded like he would be a pathetic controlling asshole there. I hope all you ladies remember what you are worth. Do not settle for anything less!

  22. I’m happy for you but I’ve been silent long enough. I know others on here are going to not agree with me bit that’s fine. I get Winebar really could have handled EVERYTHING a lot better than what he did. HOWEVER, he does have his side of the story. And you do keep of informed of what he says, but in your words or tone. (Does that make sense?) Only you know him, like really know him. I’m not saying he deserves another chance with you, but I do believe you need to hear his whole side and decide for yourself, when your ready if you really want to say goodbye for good. Eventually, down the road you will need closure for yourself. And I don’t mean talking to us and getting our advise. You have been living your life and I am so proud of you especially after you both agreed to see other people. You by no means need to get all dolled up (no matter how much you enjoy it) to hear his reasoning (or as some would say bullshit). I truly believe he cares for you, he just seems to have MAJOR communication issues. A 5 word text takes less than a minute to type and send. “Been busy, thinking of you.” Is better than nothing. I think he has major issues with communication and he needs to prioritize things in life. If it’s family I get that, but you are also not a doormat. As for the girl you saw on Facetime, chalk that up to pure stupidity and not having a set if balls to admit something l, especially if it was a one time mistake.

    Now the reason I am saying this…you two have had a whirlwind romance, that was obviously book worthy. However, you also had a deep connection to one another. Are you ready to throw it away without (unless you have) heard his whole side of the story? Again, my reasoning??? I have been married to the love of my life. He made mistakes..Winebar worthy mistakes. It was a rough for us. We were a little younger than you two and it was also before all this major technology. The one thing I learned?? I knew he would always be worth the rough times. I just knew;even when we agreed to see other people, I just couldn’t. I also learned he could never tell a lie and keep it. Meaning he always confessed to me. This happened twice for us. Why did I let it happen twice? Because I knew he was meant to be mine. It is your choice to hear him out and your choice to let him go, just ask yourself and him are you really ready to let go? Can you give up what you had? Can you walk away with a clear conscience. Or, will you choose to hear him out, it quite possibly may take more than one conversation and will certainly be a work in progress, will you listen to him, ask him questions, grill him, warn him he deserves to be grilled (literally in some cases) and throughly hear him out? Also, you must tell him exactly what he has put you through, do not sugar coat it! Tell him every feeling and thought you had and still have. Then decide if you two can walk away without regrets.

    You by no means need to tell us anything unless you want to. Just remember the love you felt, maybe still feel, for him. Are you ready to give that up? It seems just from what has been said the last 2 blog posts; Winebar knows he messed up and he seems willing to try something to move forward. I just don’t think he realizes how much he screwed up.

    Again, the reason I am telling you this? I decided to try again. Third times a charm, right? And at then end of this month it will be 21 years later that I am glad I decided to hear him out and try again. It was not easy by no means and it took a looong time for me to trust him. Since then, he has been my rock and my biggest supporter. He proved to me he loved me and was sorry by showing me, not buying me. He did so many heartfelt things, it made me glad I didn’t give up in what we had.

    Some angels will say most men are like this and they don’t deserve another chance and you should say goodbye. But, there are just as many women that do this also to men.

    A thought to remember. Dig deep within in yourself and ask yourself some of these questions. Only go to your closest and dearest friends for support and guidance and do not always take the advice of anyone who can only bad mouth the other person. There has to be some positive with the negative it us life. Once you do that then decide if Winebar is worth it to you. Only you, not any of us. Just you!!

    Love you and wish you nothing but the best. Sorry this was a so long and possibly had typos.

    1. I happen to agree wholeheartedly with Heidy. No one, not one of us faceless people on the computer can tell you what you should do or say. I’m only one of the many, but you have to do what’s best for you. What’s in your heart of hearts? Seriously look at what your life is like, and decide what you want out of life. Now look at the men you’ve been playing around with. Winebar, included. Isn’t he (Winebar) the guy who’s family party you went to with and then got drunk at? Did he come back to you after that fiasco? I don’t know if I’m right on any of it, but from where I sit, I’d get together with him and talk everything out, one way or the other, figure out what you want. Only you can decide for yourself. Who do you want to grow old with? Picture that person, is he/she whom you’d like to have children with? If you want to have children some day at least. Can you figure out when you do want to have a family? Or do you want to party the rest of your life away, always being the life of the party? Or would you like to have what your parents have? I don’t know how old you are, nor do I know if you’ll read these ramblings. But those are my two bits worth. And btw, I’ve been married to my hubby for 37 years now, so what do I know.

  23. Good job, Alexis!!! Way to stand up for yourself & call him on his bull!! You ARE ALEXIS FUCKING ANGEL & he doesn’t deserve to lick the grime off your Jimmy Choos (sp?).!!!!!!👠

    You GO girl!!! We’ve got your back!! Anybody who says, “but I love you babe” is NOT bf material!! I don’t know if it’s how you wrote it or just how I interpreted it, but I would have slapped him across the face when he said that!! I’m glad you threw the ‘babe’ back at him!!! 🖕🏼off WhineyBar!!!

  24. It’s about time Winebar got a taste of his own medicine! He’s probably still trying to figure out what happened, lol!

  25. So proud of you for the way you handled Winebar…but I do think Heidy raises some good need to think long and hard, and perhaps see Winebar again and hear him out. You both felt a strong connection to each other….have his behaviour, his lies, his appalling communication skills killed all the feelings you had for him? Only you can answer that. Whatever you decide you have options and us angels behind you. Sending love and hugs xx

  26. Good job for sticking up for yourself and not caving into him..Apparently he would have been there when it was convenient for him..Would have liked to seen the expression on his face when you got up and walked out.

  27. I am so proud of you!!! I swear he thinks he can say anything and you will believe him. I really can’t understand how he thinks dropping the “I love you” and “ I am here”. So you what drop everything again for his sorry @$$ and he just leaves whenever, doesn’t Give a $hit about you when you aren’t around. He is a real piece of work. I just can’t stop smiling at how you stood up for yourself and didn’t let him talk his way out of this, you are the bomb, my lady. You have so much going for you in your life,there is no need to settle for someone who constantly lies to you. You are so much better than that!!!!!

    💋💋💋. Xoxo

  28. Great job for standing up for yourself. It was good for Winebar to see IT Guy. Heidy did make some good points. The thing I can’t get over is looking you in the face and lying. Hopefully he will think about what you said and then maybe the two of you can sit down and talk things out. I’m not saying get back together with him. I really think he has communication and commitment issues that he needs to address and take corrective action on. You deserve happiness and not be treated like a doormat. I’m glad you finally got to say those things to Winebar. I also can’t believe he was downing us angels!?!?! In the end, Alexis, you have to do what it right for you. Good luck to you!!!

    1. Good point. I didn’t mention the lying to her face thing. That was a jerk move!! I agree with you. She needed to get a few things off her chest!

  29. You gave WB more honesty, openness, and TRUE caring than he ever have you. You already have the best closure. You don’t need to hear anymore of WB’s bs. Because that was all he gave you (ok orgasms too, but you’re getting them from far better and honest men now) . He treated you as his beck n call girl and nothing more! He doesn’t deserve another second of your time since you already know the truth, WB is a liar, a user and a cheater, nothing more period. Stay in the honest relationships you have now. IT guy sounds yummy, he saw WB for the lower he is and didn’t back down at all. IT guy know who you are and accepts you. He sounds worth your time and effort. No matter what follow your own heart and path. Blessings to you.

  30. Darn Kindle keyboard keeps changing letters and words, even after being corrected.

  31. Well done Alexis

  32. You go girl! Great way to handle WB and let him know you are no longer willing yyo oout up withvvthe crap. If he really believe he wants you, he will need to prove it, and i do mean PROVE IT. His actios have spoken, and loudly. Go with your instincts, you have your angels with you either way.

  33. I didnt get a chance to say anything to yesterdays blog post but….
    Fuck yeah! You go Angel. I’m so proud of you for holding your self high and walking out on him! You deserve so much better than he was willing to give You!

  34. OMG!!!! I’m so proud of u. He is such a narcissist! And only for a booty call. If I were u I’d block his number from ur phone and let the down stairs guys know to NOT allow whatweverdick is NOT allowed up anymore! One more time!!!!! U go girl U did it u didn’t give into his fake love when he said but I love u babe! He is not that busy to take a shower, want some breakfast, take a shit, have some lunch, have a snack, have dinner. Don’t give me that fake ass bullshit that I love me!!!!! Cuz now that he has done it he will do it again!! And then he will text or call or wanna FaceTime with fake tears saying I’m so sorry babe but (now u know what a but means in all this convo means rite. The but means for get what I said previously before the but . It mean don’t bother with the stuff in front of the but cuz it means nothing and its not true. The stuff I’m gonna say is what I really want instead!!)…..So plz make sure it not a booty call to him cuz that’s all he wants now. But he has time to fuck all these girls but couldn’t pick up the phone to text or call Now it’s time for him to be with u for a booty call! All becuz he’s down here he needs that other booty call
    . Then leave again it’s a never ending cycle. U know that he was seeing someone already when u showed up as a surprise to his place like he did urs. He had to tell the other girl that something came up! I suggest PLZ block his stupid douche bag asshole! Very proud of u feel very proud!

  35. YES! Take that Winebar! I’m so proud of you! You don’t need him and his lies and excuses. Good for you. I know it’s hard to walk away from the good memories you have but if your honest with yourself they don’t out weight the bad or the times he had you so down on yourself. He should be lifting you up. There is a saying you make time for what and who is important to you. Obviously he had plenty of time in two months to send a text, phone call, email or write a flipping letter for goodness sakes. He wasn’t busy 24/7 for two months I’m sorry just a sorry excuse. You deserve sooooo much better. I’m so glad you put him in his place which is your past. Hello IT guy!

  36. This is a famous line i like to use

    Don’t point a finger at someone becuz there are 3 more pointing rite back ya. Meaning check urself be u run in to someone’s else yard.

  37. So happy for you standing up for yourself! Sounds like he wanted his cake & eat it too. That’s not love. Love yourself first. He thought you would just fall for his B.S.

  38. My,my,my! I would like to been a fly on the wall. I’m so proud of you. you left him and went home and took care a of BUSINESS. Yay you!!!! And you are right you always have you Angels standing right with you. And of course you had to look your very best so you left him drooling as you walked away. Well done.

  39. We all think you are an amazing & beautiful woman both on the inside & out! I think you got pulled into what is cycle for Winebar. I think what he came to love was that you would always be there. I think he loves that he can control woman. I also think there was some truth to his feelings but his issues is when he gets to close he runs scared. He’s the type of person that always has to have a woman in his life but won’t comit to one because he has to many of his own insecurities about commitment. He keeps woman hanging by using deceit, his looks, controlling strategies & sex prowess. I truly think he loves the game too. He makes no apologies for his bad behavior or his deceit. He just expected you to resume things like his lies didn’t matter nor did his bad behavior. He gave no apologies & actually questioned why you were questioning him & where these questions were coming from…almost like a “how dare you question me! I’m Winebar!”
    Well you grown & learned & your Alexis F’in Angel & men should take notice not to mess with you! You have an amazing head on your shoulders & a bevy of intelligent women at your beck & call! No man is going to pull the wool over yours or our eyes. Karma is a Bit*h then he met woman & she made him hers’.

  40. Way to be strong Angel! You are so worth more than Winebar’s here today gone tomorrow attitude.

  41. I think you gave WB quite a jolt!! He did not expect you to question him. He expected that you would have been waiting and wanting and that is not who you are right now. I am glad you stood up for yourself and I really think he needed the proverbial smack in the face.
    I’m not going to say that you need to do anything. Keep IT guy (I think you really enjoy your time with him). Keep the Gym Bros and your author friends with wild nights out. Only you can decide if you want to talk to WB and I do mean talk. He should have to grovel and show you what he wants and then EARN it but only if that is what you really want.
    Enjoy yourself, make sure YOU are happy first before anyone else. Smooches!!!

  42. Yay!!! WB doesn’t deserve you! You so did the right thing. You deserve to be valued. IT guy values you and don’t think for one second that IT guy wasn’t staking his claim by coming out of your room naked- he’s smart and he knew exactly what he was doing- I’m so sure he peeked out the door first😉

  43. Way to go Alexis! I’m so proud of you for standing up to him. I know some on here say to hear his side of the story but I cant get over the lying. To me once a liar always a liar. I’ve been through the lies and the sleeping with someone else. I gave my ex several chances because I thought he needed to grow up and we were so much in love. It was a never ending cycle because he thought I would keep forgiving him. I finally said enough is enough and he begged and begged me to take him back. He swore he would change but he never did. You can do what you want but I’m telling you a story that happened to me. Some may change but a lot of them will keep doing it because they never think you will leave them. In my honest opinion, if he loves you like he says he does then he could have found the time to text you to tell you he was busy and then to show up and tell you that was his cousin knowing good and well he was lying to your face. All he had to do was be honest with you. He figured you would believe his lie and drop everything and take him back. Then he would have you where he wanted you on his own time. Sorry this is so long but I wanted you to hear my story. I don’t think you have heard the last of him. He is going to try again by telling you how sorry he is and it will never happen again. Ask yourself if this is what you want for him to come as he pleases but he will be too busy again to get in touch with you.

  44. Well done Alexis! Well done!

  45. Oh Alexis, my Alexis Wonder Woman Strong Angel.
    I can hear those hamsters in your head turning. Yes, it was good to get it out in the open with WB. But remember you’ve said it before, he listens and then when you give him rope, he &*() up. I feel for you. I read everyone’s comments including the insightful Heidy’s. I remember him showing up when you needed him when things got bad, but this man seems to think that it’s ok to do shit after he make “the Grand Gesture”. But that behaviour is not healthy. It’s not fair to you and now that WB has seen that you’re not sitting on a tuffet waiting for him. You can call him and talk it out. Remind him of all the asinine things he’s done and REMIND him that you don’t deserve to be treated that way. Ask him if a text is beneath him, the shitty behaviour is beneath someone of his age. Grow up and grow a pair. Ask him what he wants of this relationship. If it’s just a booty call thing and IF THIS IS WHAT you want from him, fine. Who are we to judge you. As I’ve said way last year when I told you of my crazy relationship after I walked away. Own your heart. Don’t let ANYONE Trample Your Heart. It’s not worth it. I never did have to deal with the lies, that’s a HARD NO for me. But my Guy had major commitment issues and a destructive ex and ankle biters in the mix. But I’m proud to say that we’ve both grown, and nearly 20 years later, those ankle biters are now MY KIDS, one just made me a Grandma (imagine that at My Age!?!?!?!). My guy makes the effort to text, call even just to send a emoticon, communication is the key. Super Angel, enjoy what life throws at you (IT Guy and maybe WB – maybe). It’s not all hearts and roses, but you deserved to be treated right. You deserves to have someone hold you when the day is over. You’re an accomplished writer, a successful business woman, a hard WMM party animal, a fierce collector La Perla (buy stock in the company), you have wonderful friends and followers who LOVE YOU, no matter what happens. I get the feeling that you’re in turmoil as to what happens next. The next step is up to you.
    Great Big Hug!!! Love you, keep writing, I’m sure this episode is good material for a book. 🙂
    P.S. Do not treat IT Guy badly for what WB is doing to you, remember he also has a heart that needs to be handled carefully. Curious as to what he said when you explained the WB saga.

  46. WHINEbar is unbelievable. What a fukin’ jackass. You so deserve better and honestly, ITGuy gets 1,000 points for standing his ground with his cock hanging free. (Can I just say I hope and pray he is bigger than winebar?!? Not just for you but to put winebar in his place. Hmm, I am thinking that ITGuy MUST be hung to just stand around naked in front of another guy…I mean what confidence, right?). But just know I am soooo proud of you for walking out on WHINEbar. What a shithead! Hugs and wishing you all the best with ITGuy.

  47. Good for you Alexis! I completely agree with Diane’s comments above. Take some time to really think about this, maybe hear him out, if he’s willing to communicate openly. But then take a bit more time to really think about how you feel in your heart and how you want to live your life.
    Love & support you always!😘❤️

  48. Way to go Alexis! Glad you had the iron will to walk out on him. When he questioned you about asking your angels for advice kinda reminded me of someone else’s ex! Watch out there. And what does he mean he’s back? For good or a week?

    Also, I hope IT Guy is at least a “match” to WB so he sees you’re not missing out!😜 He’s obviously confident to walk out there like that.


  49. I’m Soo proud of you! I couldn’t believe the story of him coming over. Today’s blog was like WOW! I know you can’t see me but my mouth is hanging open after I read the blog.I agree with the other Angels IT guy did probably check and then came out anyway and was like what’s up? You better not be causing
    problems. I would have loved to see Winebar’s face. I’m very very proud of you. I was a huge winebar fan. I think that I kind of had a little bit of hope that you guys could maybe work it out. He is such a jerk. I can’t believe he lied to your face. I know you said you guys were going to see other people but that’s Not Okay.I think he definitely has commitment issues just like the other angel said but really it’s up to you I know that you loved him deeply or still do love him and I think that he did love you or still does love you. He definitely has commitment issues Big Time.I am definitely not one to give advice I’ve been divorced for 11 years and dated like twice.I also agree that you will see Winebar bar again I’m sure he will either call or show up again. Stay strong girl and you know us angels are all behind you no matter what you decide whether to be with winebar or just to be free to do whatever you want.I know a lot of the Angels will probably completely disagree with me and have things to say but I just wanted to give you my opinion.xox

  50. Ok first let me say I’m liking IT Guy more and more. He hasn’t pressured you and has been there when you needed him and he didn’t back down with Winebar there. I don’t get why Winebar felt the need to lie again. You had both agreed to see other people so he just should have come clean and like they said fought to get you back. He seems to think you will come drop everything for him. If he loved you so much he had every opportunity to show it. If that girl was living with him, then what were his feelings for you. I’m glad you stood up for yourself. We can tell you our opinions and we do on a regular basis but in the end you do what is best for you. I think you knew without us telling you that he treated you crappy. You aren’t the consolation prize you are the grand prize and any guy who doesn’t think that isn’t right for you.

  51. You go Alexis Angel! He lied to you about a lot of things , important things..he said he loves you but I believe he doesn’t know the meaning. That’s the problem..he doesn’t understand love. Just his kind of love

  52. I’m sending you a high-five because he would have probably needed a dry shirt after I threw my drink in his face but you were classy and I really like that. The Hyatt Regency really isn’t a very good place to make an ugly scene so I’m proud that you just walked away. If there is one thing that will make me walk away from any kind of a relationship faster than poop sliding on a hot tin roof it is for someone to lie to me. As I have said before, I support whatever decision you make but I’m actually glad your eyes were wide open to all of his crap when you last saw him.

  53. Way to go Alexis,,,,, don’t let anyone take away your fire,,,,, you do what’s BEST for you,,,,,!!! And don’t let him tell you you’re Angels are EVER wrong,,,, LOL

  54. Ok. IT Guy deserves not just a “Thank you,” but also a cupcake with sprinkles.

    wb disrespected you by ignoring you for months, by showing up unannounced, by lying to your face, and by assuming that you have no right to question his actions.

    When you first met IT Guy, he showed respect for you AND wb by holding back because he didnt want to poach on what he believed was a serious relationship.

    No, you don’t have to heed any advice from your DLAs, but if you choose to let wb remain in your life, you’ll be accepting a “love” that lacks honesty, respect, or faithful commitment.

    1. Well said.

  55. Way to go girl, nothing like confronting a lying piece of dog crap. Please don’t let what some of your well meaning Angels are saying,( about 3rd chances & wake up calls,) make you doubt yourself, he had had more than enough chances. If that man really cared, he never would have totally disrespected you by purposely making sure you saw his latest screw “right herself” in front of you. He most likely got off on that one. (Like I said yesterday, I use to be a fan of his, never again,) I’M so proud of you for standing up for yourself & realizing your self worth, you deserve so much better. A love of your life should never be one sided, it’s a 2 way street, with give & take on both sides, but always with EQUALITY,ABSOLUTE LOVE & TOTAL RESPECT, never settle for anything less!! We are always on your side. Stay strong, time to ROAR!!

  56. First, let me say that I’m proud of the way you handled yourself. You are the definition of a strong women. What really bothers me is the fact that Wine Bar continued with his bull shit story and was completely shocked that you would question him. He even threw in the “LOVE” word twice as a way to manipulate you. He honestly was shocked when you exposed your back bone by questioning him. I’m all for second and third chances when the person has made a mistake or bad judgement call. What Wine Bar has done is finally exposed his true nature. He is a bold face liar. He thinks your not worth the seconds it would take to send you a text. He made choices against you and stuck with them for months. For months, you were not even thought of as a priority. He made his bed, you called him on it, he needs to learn to live with it. Dishonesty and disrespect are not what a good relationship should be built on. Chalk this up to a life lesson.

  57. When you first got with Winebar i was routing for y’all. Even when things got rocky when he was in Miami, I still had hope. But when he left you to wonder if he would have time for you and never texted or called…that’s just a shitty way to treat someone you say you love. I applaud you for not falling for his shit and calling him out on all his lies and ghosting you. You just don’t NOT find time to at least send a text or quick call to say hi or I’m thinking of you and I love you. High five and fist pump to you and IT Guy. YOU GO GIRL!!

  58. I gave the WineBar blog some serious thought. I have had 1 real relationship in my life. He cheated on me with a co-worker who was 8 years younger than us., We were the same age. I can understand where you are coming from. I still believe in true love, just not for me. I am 58 years old, never married woman. Just because I never married doesn’t mean I do not believe in love. My parents used to tell me to just listen to your heart. I believe your heart will tell you if WineBar is your true love. In the meantime, have all the fun you want, you deserve it. My parents also used to tell me, if you are not happy with your life, you will never be happy. I just want Alexis and all Angels to be happy with their lives.

  59. Gimme five Alexis !! You rock girl !! He doesn’t deserve you, no one needs a liar manipulative man ! As I said you are FUN !! Enjoy your life ! =))

  60. I know it’s hard because feelings always are but you should not give him another chance. He lied straight to your face and tried to deflect every time you asked him if that was really his cousin. HE wanted to be able to see other people but he didn’t want you to. He thinks he can just come and get it on when the mood strikes and that is not what a relationship is. You can’t trust him if he can lie to you sitting right there. Everything happens for a reason. Have fun with IT guy. He is totally laid back and he cares about you.

    Just my 2 cents.. Kisses

  61. Yes you are Alexis Angel and dont deserve to be treated like a toy. You deserve to find a man not a boy playing pretend. I have nothing but love for you and Lana and all the girls. I hope all of you find what you want in life and keep writing awesome books.

  62. Hi Alexis, I just wanted to make sure that you are ok after the episode with WB? lots of ladies have been giving you advice, I don’t need to add my own to it, just wanted to make sure that your doing OK, since meeting up and then what followed was a huge thing for you to go through. Your in my thoughts and prayers sweetie xx

    1. So proud of you! But rest assured you have not heard the last from WB. The gauntlet has been thrown down. Once he gets over the shock of the new you….he will be back with a vengeance!!

  63. OMG!!!! Good on you for standing up to Winebar he’s a liar he wants what he wants and doesn’t respect you enough to telling you lies so he can have you back on his terms. I’m so glad IT guy was standing their but baked when Winebar saw him and asked you to come back to bed with him there. IT guy is so much better for you out with old in with the new you don’t deserve to be tragedy badly by Winebar he’s an ass.

  64. Good for you!! So proud of you. I used to root for him, but he can’t treat you like that & expect that you’ll just take whatever little bit he gives. That’s not love. Go you!!

  65. Hey Alexis can you get IT Guy to put “like buttons” on here. There are several I would love to click like on.

  66. Good for you! He doesn’t deserve any of your thoughts. And he’s never going to change.

  67. Alexis, I used to root for WineBar but he is just a bastard! “I love you and I’m back” Horseshit! Who can’t text once in all that time. So proud of you! You can do so much better. He’s probably be playing you all this time and if he really loved you, you would have heard from him every day and he wouldn’t have been interested in any one else.

  68. I’m proud of you for standing up to Winebar. I’m glad you realized you are too good of a woman to put up with his disrespect.

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