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Introducing Paige Teller – Our Newest Author!

Hey Angels!

During the company meeting of onboarding Paige I was the one that wanted to introduce our newest author because I think its so amazing that we have a store where we are now getting new authors to join. There’s a lot of legal paperwork and a lot of coordination but when they put their first book out, it’s an amazing experience. It makes me so happy I joined up with Alexis and Lana.

But enough about me. I’d like to introduce you to Paige Teller!

Paige joins us writing steamy contemporary romance and this is literally the first time she’s published anything. She has a lot of manuscripts that are either close to done or done but they’ve been sitting in her desktop gathering digital dust because she didn’t want to publish on her own and she didn’t know how to go about getting her words into print. But she loved to write.

Paige lives in Austin and how we met her was the funniest thing actually.

So Paige has a day job that she’s looking to quit. In her day job she’s a customer service manager for technical issues that happen for a web hosting company. And she just so happened to get a call from Alexis when the site went down back in November.

After dealing with Alexis, Paige started to ask about the site seeing that there were romance books being sold. Alexis started to talk about it, and somehow got Paige to talk to her outside of the normal working call. They started talking more and more and within hours Paige wanted to be a Naughty Angel.

Then the process started of Alexis introducing us to her. Paige had a lot of books written but they needed some polishing so for the last two weeks I’ve been working with her on that. She’s an amazingly sweet girl and we’re going to write some really dirty stuff together because Paige writes some really dirty stuff in general. I’m so excited!

So like I said, Paige lives in Austin. She’s got an on again and off again boyfriend who works in oil and gas. She’s looking to move. I’m trying to get her to move to where I am but she’s got other ideas. I’ve given her a login and account on the site and she’s going to be posting soon on the blog and in DLA!

Other than that, I thought the rollout of Paige would happen over the weekend. So here’s what I propose!

Drop your questions for Paige here in the comments! Tomorrow, I have the author interview that Alexis does with each authoer (God, do you remember mine?) and it’s funny too and we can post it. And then on Sunday Paige will answer all your questions about what kind of contemporary romance she writes and the kinds of novels she likes to read and everything you can think of. No question will be unanswered!

And then we have a few more surprises coming!

Please join me in welcoming Paige Teller!

Oh…you can find Paige’s newest release here! Just click the cover!

19 thoughts on “Introducing Paige Teller – Our Newest Author!

  1. Hi Paige, welcome to the most fun you’ll have online. These angels (authors and fans) are the best bunch of ladies and, are so supportive of everyone.

    How long have you been writing? Any particular type of hot romance you prefer to write?

    Wishing you much success!

    1. Thank you so much <3

  2. Welcome Paige to SLA.

  3. That should be DLA, Fat fingers.

    1. It happens, thanks so much for the welcome! I mean for some reason I typed welcum in response so….yeah. lol

  4. Hey hey hey,
    Paige, welcome to the dirty club lol. What got u into writing the dirty?! When did u lose ur vcard? Have u tried the dirty with this boyfriend of urs? If u could pick a dirty nickname for urself what would it be? What kind of kink do u like the most? Bondage, mfm, mmmf, ffm, ect…
    Good luck in ur writing and welcome to our world! Lol muah

  5. Hi, Paige

    Welcome to the DLA family!!! You will love all of your new naughty angel friends and family here.

  6. Welcome Paige, we can’t wait to get to know you better! This group of Angel’s is the best group ever!!

  7. Daphne, can you try to private message me on here? I’ve tried messaging before and I don’t think it works. I have something I want to discuss but prefer to keep it private please.

    1. Hey babe feel free to also email me at

      1. Hey, Daphne. I sent you an email through DLA but can’t find it so don’t know if it worked or not. 🙁

  8. Welcome Paige, DLA is so fun you’ll love it. So when(how old) did you decide you wanted to be a writer? How old are you and what’s your favorite food?

  9. Welcome Paige. It’s inspiring to hear about someone who writes and is now getting an opportunity to be published.

    Have you used any real life “experience” or “bucket list items” for your sex scenes?

  10. Hi Paige, It is terrific to have another author join us and give us a chance to get to know you and you get to know us. I live north of you and enjoy going to Austin but hate all the crazy traffic. I look forward to purchasing your books right along with books from our existing authors. Welcome!!

  11. Welcome to DLA and Naughty Angels Paige. I got your freebie, thank you, and your new release today. Looking forward to seeing you one here and hope you enjoy being here as much as I do 🙂

  12. Welcome, Paige!

  13. Congratulations on being published! Welcome to a new beginning.

  14. Welcome, Paige!. Glad to have another Naughty Angel on board.

  15. Thanks everyone for your warm welcomes! I answered your questions in my post today (I think) but I can’t wait to talk with you more. I’m working on a new book already!!!

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