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Indiana Here We Cum LOL

Hey Angels!

So in our story now it’s like December 6 and Lana is nowhere to be found and you know what? All of us are like frantic. 

I mean this is a family. We’re a tribe. When something happens to one of us it affects all of us. We view the readers as the same. 

We’re all part of a family here. 

Anyways, so we decided we’re gonna go visit Lana in Indiana and force the issue. 

This is where it starts to get a bit cray cray because we’re like thinking ok its gonna be Paige and Liz and Natalie and Daphne and me. 

So okay that’s five girls and we book our flight using American Airlines from LAX. 

Now guess how many pieces of luggage we end up with?

We each end up taking two checked bags and a carry on in addition to a purse. We needed like two Uber XL’s to take us to the airport lol because first off we didn’t know how long we’d be gone for. 

Secondly its cold as fuck in Indiana right now and we were like okay we have to look fabulous and so that requires luggage. 

And so we’re all like okay we need to look really fabulous when we see Lana to make her remember her old life. 

Oh also we got our tickets and I used my points on the corporate card for the store (yes the store has its own corporate card because the store is a small business) and we were able to upgrade our seats to first class so we just drank champagne the entire way looking all fabulous. I’m serious I had these fuck me boots that I knew made me look hot and the flight attendants thought we were on a bachelorette party lol. 

So we land at the airport and we have those movie moments where we’re all walking down the concourse next to each other and l’m like wow there are people looking at us because we look hot (or drunk). I guess drunk because Natalie like trips and falls and so the inner music stops in my head as we get her back up on her heels. 

Anyways so we get to Lana’s mom’s house and I knock. 

And that’s when she opens the door. And sees us. 

Ok enough for today!


5 thoughts on “Indiana Here We Cum LOL

  1. Aaarrgghh! Alexis, enough with the cliffhangers- crazy girl! Just tell us what happened with Lana! I’m dying here…

  2. I agree!! These cliffy’s are killing me 😉😂

  3. OMG you did it to us AGAIN!
    I’m feeling sorry for Lana and her mom right now!

  4. I gotta agree. These cliffhangers are gonna kill me. We need the rest of the story.

  5. You definitely have a cruel streak running through your veins girl 🙂 I can just picture Lana opening that door to see all five of you standing there, she probably thought she was in for a major intervention and lots of trouble for not letting anyone know she was leaving and where she was going. Can’t wait for the next blog 🙂

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