My name is Alexis Angel. I’m 31 years old. I write steamy contemporary romance. It makes you go lol. And then go oooh. I’m single. And looking for love. Come join me.


My Son’s Best Friend Series

A taboo older woman and younger man story! This story features some of the dirtiest encounters and wildest moments in the history of Naughty Angel Publishing. Guaranteed to leave you melted on the floor by the time you’re done…

Episode One – FREE

It’s time for a change. I need a man. Guess who? My son’s best friend…

Episode Four

I found a man. I turned into his whore. He’s also my secret. And I love him.

Episode Two

I’ve finally found a the one. But he’s the one I can never have…

Episode Five

We have a secret love. But when it’s exposed, will our love survive? Or will it destroy us?

Episode Three

She’s got the face of an angel. The body of a devil. And I’m falling in love with her…

The Men Of The House Series

We’re just keeping it all in the family with this series…

Men of the House: A MMF Romance

I never hold back. Unless I’m about to pull out. We’ll share her separately. Can she handle us both?

Woman of the House: A MMF Romance

My stepbrother makes me sigh. My stepfather makes me scream. Yeah… I’m a lucky woman…

The Reverse Harem Series

Who says too much of a good thing is bad? Too much of a good thing is wonderful! And too many men? There’s no way that’s even such a thing…

Sevensome: A Dirty Snow White Fairy Tale

Like menage? Fantasize about multiple men? You don’t know anything till you’ve had seven…


You don’t have to worry about too big. Or too small. Because baby, you know when day turns to night The three of us will take you… And we’ll fit just right.

Harem: An MFMM Romance

Three guys are so much better than two. Three pairs of hands. Three pairs of lips. Shooting her to paradise. Forever.

Show & Sell: An MFMM Romance

Like menage? Fantasize about multiple men? You don’t know anything till you’ve had seven…

The Dirty Brother Series

A forbidden series that will leave you melted on the floor. From the dark mind of Lana Angel comes the first series of the new era. A taboo story of forbidden love broken into five episodes. Download Episode One for FREE today!

Episode One – FREE

Parker and Paul have fought their whole lives. Now they fight for something greater. Me.

Episode Four

Our love has inspired envy. They seek to tear us apart. Will buried secrets destroy us?

Episode Two

My fake marriage to Paul is over. Parker has saved me. Now I have to save the dirty brother…

Episode Five

I love the dirty brother. But will he love me once he knows my past? Will we recover from our enemies?

Episode Three

I’ve freed myself Paul and his fake marriage. But now he strikes back. Will Parker and I survive?

The Innocence Lost Series

Dark. Twisty. Come explore your darkest desires and let yourself give up control to strong, dominant men who will make your innocence a thing of the past…


I entered the Waterson mansion to steal a painting. Instead I stole a woman.

Buyer’s Market

Emmaline Travers wants to sell herself to me. But there’s a look in her eyes. It says, “Let the Buyer Beware”

The Virgin Market

Dream of me, baby girl. Prepare yourself. For what I’m about to do to you.


My attraction to him is perilous. His attraction to me is something else. Fatal.

Gambling For The Virgin

Her body is for sale. But I want her soul. Till death do us part.

More Inches Man Meat Than Modern Romance Can Handle! Series

The romance novel business is larger than life…and so are the men! You can read these romantic comedies in any order or as standalones…but of course they are better read as a series!

12 Inches

I got a footlong. And it tastes so good. I’ll show her a whole new world I’ll do it with my body. I’ll let you guess which part…

24 Inches

What’s better than one foot of man meat inside of you? Well… How about two?

36 Inches

12 inches might make you sigh. 24 inches may bring you to paradise. But put 36 inches of man meat on the table? Get ready to scream.

The Sharing Is Caring Series

You can read these menage romances in any order as they are standalones. Bet you can’t moan for just one!

Offense & Defense

Take two of the most notorious bad boys of pro football and add one bad girl. The game will never be the same.

Hit & Run

Four hands. Two sets of lips. And two huge…egos.

Red & Blue

Take two of the most notorious men in politics and add one bad girl. Power has never corrupted so absolutely.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We’ll both have her separately. But can this bad girl banker handle both of our…deposits at once?

The Biggest Licker

Move over Thursday Night Football. It’s time to crown The Biggest Licker. Who will win?

Yes, You Can Do Him! Series

These taboo romances are standalones and can be read in any order. Over and over again, bad girl.

Falling For My Dirty Uncle

So sweet. So good. And so off limits. But I’m about to push those limits. And I won’t stop ’til she cries uncle.

Wicked Lil’ Brat

The best way to enjoy my lil’ brat is to make her beg…


I’m Definitely a Daddy You’d Love To Fuck… You won’t forget it. Because the only thing better than a DILF? Is a DILF that gets as hard as me.


She’s my stepfather’s forced bride, fifteen years older than me…and the mother of my child.

Dirty Daddy

It’s Time To Fuck Your Dirty Daddy… Touch me. Tempt me. Tease me. Then please me.

Single TV Dad

When I come on your tv… It’s mature audiences only…

The Quickie Series

Need a quickie? Yes you do. These short story collections are for you! Read the stories in the collections in order, but read whichever collection you like first.

Stories From The 6 Train

In New York City, HEA is just a subway ride away… In a city that never sleeps, this collection will keep you awake. Stand clear of the closing doors. This train is about to make you come…

The Not Your Average Romance Series

What if your billionaire is the virgin? Or he’s the one who wants a baby? Take a ride on the Angel train to a romance destination turned on its head.

Baby Batter

She wants a bun in her oven. Well, she’s in luck. Because I’ve got the batter.

100 Days

Think you’re a true player? Take the challenge and try not to fall in love for 100 Days…

Lust Muscle

12 Inches. Thick and throbbing. Grab on if you dare.

Head Hunter

Open wide, baby. You’ve just met the Head Hunter. Just one question remains… Spit? Or Swallow?

Sleep Your Way Up To The Top Series

Read these romances in any order—do the president, do Prince Charming, a priest, even Darcy. Your fantasy awaits.


What if Cinderella had a lace thong instead of a glass slipper? Prince Charming has a helluva job! Bend over strippers! It’s time to start sniffing!

Dirty Darcy

They say I got a lot of pride. Well, baby…they’re right. I also have a giant…dick.

Mr. President

They call me President Player. I got my finger on your button. You wanna be the chief of my Staff? 12 thick inches that can make you explode. Give you what I like to call an Executive O.


Bless me Father, for her very name is Sin… Her body is temptation. Her knowledge is forbidden. She blesses my heart with love. And from my loins come virtue.

The Signature Alexis Angel Series

Romance didn’t know what was cumming to them. Experience the thrill of classic, no-one-else-like-it Alexis Angel romance in these standalone novels.

Man Chaser

She says she’s a Man Chaser. Well…they call me a Woman Tamer. Time to play. Let’s see who wins, shall we?

Client 5

There isn’t a woman alive that I can’t buy…and I’m rich enough to pay.

Princely Passions

There isn’t a woman alive who can tame the world’s most notorious billionaire prince. Many have tried. All have failed.


I got a 12 inch python and I’m gonna hide it in your bush…

Cunning Linguist

His body makes me shiver… But it’s his tongue that keeps me satisfied. But when the credits roll on our show. Will I be his leading lady?

The Girls Vs. Love Series

Alexis Angel puts together a group of friends. Single. Flirty. Sexy. Or make it smexy. These ladies know whats up. They’re out to get the world and find love. One hero at a time…

Alicia Vs. Billionaire

Like the one time I’m even slightly naughty, it comes back to bite me. Literally…

Christine Vs. Professor

What’s that couch in Professor Trask’s office for? Two words. Extra credit.

Carla Vs. Cowboy

I’m being totally serious when I say I’m gonna ride my cowboy into the sunset…

Gisele Vs. Guitar Hero

He plays the guitar very well. Those fingers are very flexible. I know something else they could play with…

Daphne Vs. Daddy

Hey Mom. I’m going on a date. With Dad. OMG! How am I even going to have a convo like that with my mom? I mean I don’t even think they have rules for dating your ex-stepdad. Like what do we even celebrate first? Our anniversary? Or Father’s Day?

Ashley Vs. Boss

Mr. Billionaire Boss thinks that he’s going to own me? Well, you wanna know what I say? Let the buyer beware…

Kim Vs. Stepbrother

Does it seem like every girl in romance is doing their stepbrother? I mean, if they look anything like my stepbrother I can’t blame them.

Becca Vs. Biker

Getting kidnapped by a motorcycle club? I should be so lucky…

Brittney Vs. Banker

What’s left to buy if a man own’s everything in the world? Well, me, actually…

Natalie Vs. Prince

Careful, Mr. Bad Boy Prince. I may look sweet and cute. But this lil’ slip of a girl can bring the Devil to his knees…

Lisa Vs. Outlaw

Billionaires, bosses, professors, princes… Whatevs, ya know? I need a real man. An outlaw…

Fiona Vs. Football Player

This quarterback? Total opposite of deflated “footballs”…

Stacy Vs. SEAL

Alright, Mr. SEAL. You’re sweet. And that’s a giant…uhm…’fin’?

The Looking For Love Series

Come follow a top romance author and her beau known as WineBar as they look for love through all the most craziest of circumstances…

Naughty Lil’ Angel

I’m a top romance author who writes love for a living. So where the fuck is my own HEA?


You fancy yourself an angel, don’t you? Well, I’m here to make you into a dirty one.

First Comes Love

I am his. And he is mine. Forever