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lmao click bait.

Store isn’t closing down. But new products are going to stop for a few days and no featured deals are gonna happen for a while.

Why you ask?

Because with Natalie Knight coming on board and other authors starting to sign up, we’re going to need to upgrade the store to provide you with the best experience.

Right now the main store page is this giant page that takes forever to load because it has like hundreds of books. We can’t grow the store to provide you with a simple experience without upgrading and quite honestly you know we’ve outgrown the platform we had at the beginning.

So everything is on the store and you may get emails time to time with specific deals but no featured ones. And hopefully when we re-emerge you’ll see a better shopping experience angels!


  1. Wow Alexis fucking really that’s terrible!
    We’re not really leaving. We’re making stuff better.
    Jesus fucking Christ woman.

    1. Give her the devil Lana, she scared the crap out of me for a while when I read the opening line of the NL this morning. She definitely has a devilish streak going on inside her 🙂 Now that I can breath again, I feel much better and look forward to everything coming our way in the future with all of the Angels <3

  2. Don’t scare us like that!!(that was a good one though ?). Glad to see y’all are doing so well and growing so big!

  3. Oh my gosh, when I read Alexis’ NL this morning I about had a freaking heart attack. Alexis, you really have a mean streak in you…lol. All’s good and my heart is back to beating a regular rhythm again.

  4. Alexis that was very naughty of you. Are you trying to give us all heart attacks? I think someone needs a spanking. ?? Hope you all have a Merry Christmas. ?

  5. I will totally spank her. that was some grade A bad girl shit!!!!

    1. You may have to rethink your punishment. Who doesn’t like a spanking

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