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I’m back (from Thanksgiving!)

So I flew back this afternoon. We were at my aunt’s house this year and so it was a fun trip back to California. While I was on Thanksgiving break with my parents Lana and I worked on Girls Best Friend, which is an MMF series that’s on sale today (first book is FREE) look under Featured Deals.

Anyways, I talked to Lana over the phone a lot. She’s going through some things that she mentioned but I can tell that she’s having a rough time.

I mean this girl is my best friend, you know? We were colleagues before but I love her like a sister now and we do so much together. But I was talking to her and I was like you know I go through so much in my life and the Angels are really amazing in terms of giving support and advice. And sometimes I act dumb and stupid but the angels are always there to be like okay stop acting like an idiot or what the fuck is wrong with you lol.

But Lana is like I dunno. I dunno if the Angels want to hear my problems and aren’t they your angels why would they wanna hear from me and to that I was like oh geez woman you write all these books and you write a bunch with me and there would be no Alexis Angel without a Lana Angel and come on are you serious?

Are you with me, Angels? Like Lana can write with me but she can’t go through whats bothering her because she thinks no one wants to hear about it. I mean I asked her too I was like listen are you like uncomfortable in talking about stuff with the angels and she was like no not at all. They are the most supportive and amazing group of women that have been assembled. We also waxed nostalgic about Dirty Lil’ Angels before Facebook zapped the group and killed it. I have no idea how that happnened but I was like hey you were pretty active in DLA and she was like yeah I loved it in there and I was like okay hmmm so if you talked to Angels back then why can’t you talk to them now and she was like okay, if you think they wouldn’t mind.

I mean listen babes, I have stories to tell about my flight from California to my aunt’s house in Texas with Airplane (that’s the guys name) and nothing yet from IT Guy because he’s on Thanksgiving break to his mom’s house in Los Angeles but I also think it’s important to take time to talk about Lana. So I’m gonna keep convincing her that if she has no problem talking about the rough time she’s going through with Angels, she should post because the ladies on here are lovely amazing super duper people who aren’t going to be like ho hum I’m bored and don’t wanna hear your problems.

Anyways, I told Lana that angels are amazing. And she was like okay but I’m busy with Girls Best Friend(s) and now that it’s published she has no excuse.

Speaking of which…first book is free!!! It’s a 6 episode series. Go to Featured Deals to check it out!

I think IT Guy comes back Sunday night. I’ll check in with you before then for sure. Talk soon Angels.

30 thoughts on “I’m back (from Thanksgiving!)

  1. Alexis – please tell Lana that we are here for both of you. Just remember that no matter what your going thru that you both have a huge support system which are your angels. Hope that you both are doing well. Thanks for writing awesome books and sharing things with us! ?

  2. Lana and Alexis. We love you both! We would also like to get caught up with Lana, gotta say we’ve been worried because she’s been quiet .
    Both of y’all gotta spread those wings and keep us in the loop.

  3. Alexis and Lana please don’t feel as if your problems can’t be shared with us. We all help each other here. I love you girls!

  4. Alexis, please let Lana know we are hear for her to talk about her problems and we will support her as much as we support you. We love you both and would love to help in any way we can. Thanks for being you and helping Lana through her tough time

  5. I’m with Keri…can’t wait to read your new series ?

  6. I agree with Keri, Linda and Sheila. We care about you both and have been worried about Lana since we haven’t heard from her.

  7. Lana and Alexis, we are here for both of you. In a our world we need to stand by each other and show our support as much as we can. So, Lana, please feel free to reach out to the group and we’ll help as much as we can.

  8. I agree! We love and care about you both! Many of us have questions about things from the time you both took a break and she should feel free to tell us what she thinks is important to her!

  9. I emailed Lana basically that same exact same thing, but I haven’t heard from her. Not even sure if she is checking that email anymore. We are here for her. Last I heard she was moving to the mountains with her man then suddenly she is showing up in Paris. WTF happened and where is he so we can kick his a$$?!?! Lots of love to Lana. *hug*

  10. We love you both! Lana was such a big part of DLA, I don’t know why she would think we wouldn’t want to be there for her now too. I, for one,am so, so , so happy you two are collaborating again. I loved you past books so much and can’t wait to read “Girls Best Friend”!
    Tell Lana to share her woes, it helps to get it out and get different points of view.

  11. Always here to lend support and of course opinions ?

  12. Please let Lana know we are here for her as much as for you. You guys rock. Take care.

  13. Please tell Lana to let us know how to be there for her. We have your blog so we can be in touch with you but if she needs to vent that’s what we’re all her for (well also for the two of you’s Fantastic books). Let us in and maybe someone can relate. If nothing else we can be there for support. There’s nothing like feeling alone in this rough world.

  14. Please let Lana know we love her also and if she needs to tell her story we are all here to support her just like we are for you she’s a real sweetheart always lived getting her email ana her stories about her and Mr Lana.

  15. Alexis let Lana know, that WE.ARE.FAMILY. It’s so hard to share rough times with others. We are here for you!
    Even if you only take away one piece of inspiration and or encouragement, (which I think you will get much more) it will be worth it! You are both strong, talented, funny, and of course beautiful, women who give so is such joy! We are thankful of you both!!

  16. Alexis- I am with the ladies. Lana shouldn’t be worried about talking to us. I loved getting her emails before all the Amazon crap went down. I missed you both so much. I am so glad you guys are back and also writing again. We are here for you both. ?

  17. Tell Lana sometimes it is best to talk about it even just to vent. We are all here for both of you.

  18. Alexis and Lana,

    I don’t know either of you personally, but enjoy both of your writing. My life is pretty sedate, and I really enjoy reading about your exploits. You may not realize, but I do care if something upsetting is happening in your life. When it comes down to it, life is short and we need to do what it takes to be happy.

  19. Alexis, I am with all of the ladies 100%. Everyone needs a shoulder, or in this case many shoulders, to dump whatever is on their mind without fear. No one, and I mean NO ONE, needs to go through anything alone. We are ALL here for you and Lana, no matter what. Both of you are very talented, strong, and incredible women. Let us be there for you!

  20. I agree with all the ladies that we are here to read and listen and help when we can. I have really looked forward to hearing something from Lana since I found out that you both were back. I love reading all your stories and would like for Lana to share with us as well. Thank you both for such great books.

  21. Dear Alexis and Lana,

    It has always been a pleasure reading your stories, books and everything you share. Your adventures with all the guys you’ve met along the way…I’ve read and commented, at times trying to help solve something no matter the size, both with you Alexis and with Lana.

    Why should it be any different now? I know we still love you both and would consider it an honor to continue helping either or both of you.

    Recieve loads of love and tell Lana we want to know about how things are, whatever she’s willing to share, ok?

    Hugs to all,


  22. Dear Lana – This blog is basically a judgment-free zone.*

    Whatever Alexis or the readers say is accepted, never condemned. It doesn’t matter if people agree or disagree; respect and encouragement are mutual. If you want to blow off steam, ask for advice, cry on a virtual shoulder, or brag about your life, this is a great place to do it. You have people who already like and admire your work, so it a safe assumption that you will be liked and admired as a person. Nobody here claims to have all the answers to life’s questions, but, sometimes, just having different eyes to look at a problem can help.

    *Only if somebody does you or Alexis wrong, will there be ugly name-calling and curses thrown at the offender. ?

  23. I’m with all the above angels Bring it on!

  24. Alexis, please tell Lana I would like to hear her problems because mine seem so big to me. When I hear someone else’s problems, mine seem small. I think Lana needs to vent her problems with no one judging her.

  25. Dear Lana,

    A problem shared is a problem halved. ?



    1. I like that and agree totally!

  26. Oh my goodness, Lana is important to me too. I hate it when my friends are hurting and they don’t feel like they can talk about it. Please let her know that, and I think I speak for all of the Angels, we are here whenever she feels like talking about what’s going on. Love and hugs to both of you.

  27. Dear Alexis

    Please tell Lana we all love her and want to support her in any way we can even if, like in my case, I live along way away in the UK. The world is just a few clicks away with the wonders of internet.

    Hugs to you both!

  28. Yes, we want to hear from Lana. Having a support group is important. It’s how I’m getting through losing my husband of 20 years on Thanksgiving Day.

  29. Hi Alexis & Lana, I totally agree with all the comments! You are both loved and we are all here for both of you, so Lana get that outta your head. Alexis=Lana! Lana=Alexis! Lana, you’ve been awfully quiet and I’m concerned. I hope you both are doing well and had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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