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I don’t think this is what Why Choose means.

So Angels I’ve been kicked out of a strip club and now apparently I’m done being a sad little puppy about it.
Basically yesterday I got a knock on my apartment door and Lana opens it and it’s WineBar and IT Guy.
They look a bit worse for wear and they’re like hey can we go downstairs for coffee and talk. And I’m like ok whatever because I’m still feeling really shitty.
So we go downstairs and they buy me a coffee and I sit there and IT Guy starts. He says they’ve been talking about me the last few days when I stopped answering texts and stuff.
And I’m like aha I knew it! But I mean there’s not too much I could do because honestly I felt pretty betrayed. I’ll be honest Angels it wasn’t a good feeling that I was going through after Hawaii.
So they said “Listen Alexis. We realize you needed space and you don’t have to worry. We both realize that we like you a lot. Hell we love you.”
And I’m like okay now I got to deal with friends who are going to be at each other’s throats because they want me for themselves.
“But listen, Alexis,” IT Guy said. “We get it. You need space.”
I’m frozen.
“So we decided we respect you too much to not give it to you,” WineBar says. “You need to do what’s best for you. And we’re both going to give you space to do that.”
Wait. What?
“Yeah, we would be doing wrong by you if we didn’t let you be free,” IT Guy says.
I just looked at the two of them.
I mean, Angels, when they said hey lets go down and talk at the coffee shop, I mean you and I have been through enough books where I thought maybe they were like okay we both love you and we’re okay to share. We just need you.
And honestly I’d be like okay lets go up and fuck the three of us just because I was so angry but at least that would make sense maybe.
But this?
They’re like okay we’re gonna leave you alone because we respect you?
I mean….imagine if a romance book were like that? She sleeps with guy 1 and then guy 2 and then they fight over it and she’s like ok I’m not going to choose and she’s waiting for them to say ok we’ll share and instead they say, you’re right. You shouldn’t choose, we’ll let you be.
What. The. Fuck.
So now I got kicked out of a strip club.
But I got dumped by both my exes.

13 thoughts on “I don’t think this is what Why Choose means.

  1. No you did not get dumped. You called both off. I think they think by telling you this you will consider choosing. I also think that WB would jump at the chance to be back w/ u b/c then he’d feel like he won. IT guy maybe, but I think it’s the whole keep your enemy close thing with the both of them. If they are hanging out w/ each other then they know wether either is w/ u. Eyes wide open girlfriend. 😉

  2. I don’t know. I trust them both less than ever.

    Take them at their word.

    There’s a hot non-mind-f@#&k guy out there for you.

  3. Sheesh. On the one hand, how very adult of the guys. But on the other, really? I mean really? ! WTF?!

    Maybe while they are giving you space, you will find yourself and find your soulmate along the way. You do you, Alexis.

  4. I think they both do love you in their own way, which is why they are giving you space. If that is not how you want it, then tell them. You were the one that told both of them you didn’t want anything serious. So take this time to decide what you really and truly want. You might end up with both of them as friends, but believe me, the right guy is out there, you just haven’t met him yet.

  5. I am not sure why they said what they did. I think they would like to share you, but want you to be free to be yourself and write your amazing books.

  6. Wow !! I guess they let you down. But sweetie life is not a book! I wish it was. Just be you…do what you want. Let them see you with someone else then see how they feel. But be the amazing person you are. He’s out there and just waiting for you. Good luck and God bless.

  7. I will pray for you that you will know what’s best for your life and the thing you need to do the three of you will have to talked really privately sit it down , it may seems vulnerable but it’s worth it ; you have peace of your mind you deserve. But you know people can read their minds specially men really don’t understand woman that well with our blow anthology mind over thinking quirks so we really need to clarify things speak what your thoughts, feelings and you might misinterpret things by thinking more about it. if you don’t communicate well you three need to go all out cause can be a closure or much better outcome perspective… I hope this helps and God Bless!

  8. So I’m confused but something seems a little fishy to me. I could be completely wrong but I’m suspicious of IT. WB has been trying to talk to you for a long time. I gather you were ghosting him and he decided to show up and speak to you personally. Very pro-active and what I would expect from WB. IT was at your apartment and the two decide to have a beer together. I would really love to know who suggested that. IT was the one who told you that he didn’t really see a future with you. He still wanted to see you but you wanted to move forward, not stand still with him. You didn’t ask him for space. The two of you broke up. I think he saw WB at your apartment and realized that it was very possible that you and WB might settle your differences. And I think he took the opportunity to bro it up with WB and subtly (or maybe not so subtly) plant the seeds that you have requested your space and they should give it to you, thus eliminating the possibility that you might have gotten back with WB. I don’t recall you ever requesting space from WB. One of the issues with your relationship was that he gave you too MUCH space! He gave you so much space he might as well have put a country between you … oh, right … he did. Talk to WB and IT guy separately. Find out what WB really wants with you. I think IT guy is playing more than video games — I think he’s playing WB and making sure you don’t end up with him. I’m not saying you will reconcile with WB, but I wouldn’t let someone else undermine what you want for yourself. I may be doing IT guy a huge disservice with my suspicions, but this whole mind-f**k sets off my hinky-meter.

    1. This. So much this. I currently trust Winebar more and you haven’t talked to him. Maybe you should. (If you want to)

    2. Like I said keep your enimies close

  9. Only you!
    I feel like you still love WineBar. IT was easy to be around and easy to play at love. All your decision but I am still pissed at WineBar for the stupid way he treated you. He has a lot of making up to do to make things right. It is all weird but WineBar still as the biggest piece of your heart! I can say we love living vicariously through you!

  10. I think you need to really be serious and decide what you want/need out of life and if it’s just a good time, then suggest the threesome. But if you want a serious relationship, then let’s be honest and, threesomes are not everyday life. I think that IT guy had the chance to be serious with you, but he either didn’t want it, or felt you were still in love with Winebar. Winebar, obviously still has feelings for you, and I think you need to really think about how you feel about him and sit down and talk to him. Keep sex off the table. Great sex in a relationship is a very good thing, but what keeps the relationship going is communication and real life experiences. It may be hard to take your relationship seriously if the guy feels you just want a good time. It sounds to me like you do still have feelings for Winebar, and IT is just someone you care for. I think you were mad and hurt by Winebar and that is why you kept shutting him out. I could totally see IT guy wanting to keep a handle on Winebar, as he is the one guy that keeps popping up and you were serious with. If you think/see or hear from one of them, who gives you the butterflies?

    1. Terri that’s good advise very spot on…

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