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How it all started…

Hey Angels!

So I know I’ve been promising you the story of what caused the mysterious disappearance from November 28 to December 15 and I’ve been instead giving away gift cards and stuff. 

Well the thing was that after Thanksgiving we came back to California. 

And uhm…so I was hanging out with IT Guy. And Lana came along. 

And we were drinking. This was on the weekend after Thanksgiving when we were back and we were gonna do some work and get ahead before Cyber Monday but we decided to have a few drinks and IT Guy was like not seeing the girl he was dating so he was feeling down and we were like okay lets hang out with him. 

Anyways, I had missed Lana and with the three of us it just felt kind of fun being young and carefree. 

So we had maybe a few more drinks and the conversation started turning to sex. 

So that night Lana and I sort of slept together. Like the kind of sleeping together where you make each other cum several times. And IT Guy was there too. Anyways, tomorrow I’m going to talk more about how this all started because this is where it all started from. 

Talk soon and sorry for dropping a bombshell and leaving lol,


3 thoughts on “How it all started…

  1. Well, color me not so surprised. Lana honey, don’t freak or get nervous. You guys are besties and love is demonstrated in many ways. Doesn’t mean anything more than that. Don’t give up on NAP.

  2. I’m so glad that y’all were able to work through the emotions and make things right between you. I hope Lana will never feel ashamed or unsure of herself or you and your friendship. Love you all.

  3. Write it into a story and then move forward. The real question is did IT Guy join in!?!!
    I guess I’m not caught up with Lana and Gage story then or yours and Winebars ? Please, fill in details!!!

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