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How did this happen??

IT Guy and I are overlooking the DC Wharf from a gorgeous Juliette balcony with refreshing gin and tonics in hand.

I’m the only Angel in DC apparently…

Which WOW if you’ll remember babes this was supposed to be like a big Angel authors trip for DC but like… Fourth of July is just me and him.

The story is maybe a little wild like IDK but I’m still trying to wrap my head around it.

Let me see… where to start??

Umm before I do I want you to know that Stacy Vs. Seal, Christine Vs. Professor, and Ashley Vs. Boss have been added to Angel Access!

Ok yeah so.

Where to start.

Lana’s mom showed up in SF yesterday or was it day before yesterday? Yeah, yeah, day before yesterday. Tasha if you read this blog post, I replied to you re when I was coming to DC, that’s when I was on the train. I’ll explain. But it has all happened so fast.

So yeah Lana’s mom didn’t know about our trip and Lana didn’t want her mom to feel bad. So imagine this, after a few other things (haha ok so I’m reeeeally bad at telling this in order lol!) it was going to be just me and Lana and then boom her mom shows up at our apartment.

We literally throw our bags in the closet like hardcore fast, we don’t want her to realize what was happening and so Lana’s mom couldn’t come on the trip, like we wouldn’t just invite her because A.) Lana’s mom really wants to see the apartment and see around SF (she lives in the midwest in a place outside of Indianapolis by about an hour) and B.) Lana’s mom had her honeymoon for her second husband in DC and like she would be so sad. Like she’s not in a good place right now with that as you know so we didn’t want to upset her.

So we hide that we’re going on a trip…and then I have to sneak pick my bag up when IT Guy shows up, Lana asks him to help her grab some iced tea for everyone, and explains.

IT Guy says he and I are going to DC.

You think all that’s crazy?

One, I haven’t gotten to the other Angels. And two…my dad calls me. He was on his way to a conference and like he lost his wallet. He’s getting older k and like he needed my help and he was freaking out.

So after saying goodbye to Lana’s mom and telling them to have fun, IT Guy and I realize that we need to get to Fresno where my parents live.

We check flights and they’re crazy high and IT Guy’s like no big deal but the flights aren’t good.

So we take a train to Fresno.

IT Guy holds the phone while I FaceTime my parents who are like bickering and frustrated but I manage to find my dad’s passport and like some backup cards and some cash and things but they’re getting distracted, like it would have been a disaster and I was trying not to freak out and just help them but IT Guy was like an angel (lol) and kept us all calm. Filed a claim for the lost wallet. Alerted the bank about the missing cards. Like so many things and he was just so helpful.

I mean he dropped everything and came with me. He stayed in problem solving mode, and he kept holding my hand.

Like it was incredible.

So then we get to my dad who’s in Baltimore with a last minute flight shenanigan type thing and we give him the passport, which is good because he had to fly…

But he lost his phone.

Like my dad felt really bad and he was so upset but IT Guy really helped keep him calm and helped keep me calm and we were able to work things out with T-mobile (lol if you saw me on Twitter I was like canceling hotel reservations and talking to T-mobile the day before because I like forgot about the phone at first and it was like wait we need to do this too!!)

So now Dad has a new phone and he has a passport so he can fly, but we don’t know about the wallet. I contact the lost and found every day but like this is wild.

Woo, yeah, so we’re in DC – IT Guy and I.

So much for the big Angel trip lol.

So I told you about Lana, k, but Gage and Aiden said they couldn’t come because they wanted to finish a book they’re writing. They were being all responsible and said they wouldn’t do much writing if they were coming with us and that they want to come on the next one.

Ok can’t really argue with that.

Paige got some sooper Agent type call and had to handle some IT emergency with some company I’ve never heard of.

Callie had to go to a funeral. Apparently it is a very private affair and she insists she doesn’t have a secret baby with the ultra-famous rock star’s funeral she’s going to. Wowsa.

Hannah, Natalie, and Daphne totally spaced that they were going somewhere else (lol) and they are doing some meditation retreat thing I forgot about because lol I can’t concentrate on nothing or whatever it is you do when you meditate. Kinda surprised Lana wasn’t going but ok lol she’s my girl huh?

I mean of course she couldn’t say no to her mom.

So yeah I am really sorry that I haven’t been around as much BUTTTTTT

I will be in DC for the next week. With IT Guy 🙂

If you are in DC, let me know, and maybe we can have drinks sometime? I have a few things planned (and so does IT Guy) but that could be cool right?


So what are you doing for the 4th?

IT Guy and I are going to a private rooftop party at our hotel in the Wharf and I’m pretty excited, the fireworks are supposed to be the best ever in DC this year so that’s going to be amazing!!

5 thoughts on “How did this happen??

  1. IT Guy sounds like a real keeper. Lana sounds great too. She will not regret being there for her Mom. Hope you two have a great time in DC.

  2. When I grow up I want to be your little sister! You have so much fun, I wish I had a tenth of the fun you have. Have a great time in DC with IT Guy!

  3. I’m in the D.C. area, Welcome to my hometown! Have fun and stay cool and dry!

  4. IT Guy is definitely a keeper. Have a great time in DC and a happy 4th. I’m going to Austin for the 4th, but won’t stay the night just a day trip.

  5. DC is my hometown. It’s truly a fascinating place to be. For daytime, dress comfortably down and let your inner tourist run free. For night time, pull out your hoity-toityest outfits and shoes — along with your highest limit credit cards — and swank it up.

    DC things I miss:
    1. Annual July 4th outdoor concerts, with the full Army Chorus and REAL cannon fire for the 1812 Overture;
    2. Black Rose’s BDSM workshops, socials, and munches;
    3. Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, home to some of the best seafood restaurants on the Mid-Atlantic coast; and
    4. The National Arboretum.

    Yes, watch the fireworks from a rooftop site. That way, you can see them, drink what you want without worrying about driving, and avoid getting crushed by crowds.

    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!

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