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Hot Dentist and New Author

Hey Angels!!!

Yay it’s my posting day! I love it! Also the thing is though that I have so much to tell you guys about I also have a new author announcement!

This is fast becoming a problem in a good way. Because we have right now Alexis, me, Daphne, Natalie, Liz, and Paige. That’s six authors. And we say we are going to post on the blog once a day so that means authors only get 1 day a week usually to post. Now with our new author, we have seven which means that if we add another one some authors will go a whole week without being able to post and they’ll not be able to reach out to readers and/or showcase their books if they want to. So we’re thinking of a solution.

And that’s a great segue to introducing our newest Naughty Angel author. Please join me in welcoming Hannah Dane. Hannah and I are great friends and we used to know each other from author circles in the past. She writes exclusively menage. She gave up writing MF a while ago and she does all sorts of menage. MMF. MFM. MFMM. Reverse Harem. Even MM. So we’re very compatible.

Unlike the rest of us, she actually has a stable boyfriend too that she sees pretty frequently so hopefully on one of her trips to California we all get to hang out together.

Please check out Hannah’s section on the Our Author’s Page and drop questions you want Hannah to answer below.

A lot of you have been asking who Hot Dentist is. So I was going to post but again, because there’s a traffic jam of sorts for posting to the blog I had to wait.

So a few weeks ago I started some dental work. I had some deep cleaning done over two visits and then had some crowns put in. Alexis had to take me every time because I was a big baby and told her I didn’t know if I’d be able to drive back. She’s such a great friend she just drops everything to take me.

Anyways….my new dentist with my new dental plan after coming to California is…oh my god.
He’s got brown eyes. He’s taller than me. He’s got a rugged face like out of our books. I haven’t seen him shirtless but he looks so amazingly good in a suit.

And he’s a dentist. Which is a steady good job. He always flirts with me a little bit. Tells me that he’ll protect me when I say I’m worried about the procedure he’s about to do. He even gave my hand a squeeze the other day.

He’s so serious looking but he makes dry jokes and I love it. When he talks its like he’s taking care of me. And he gives me good advice and tells me what to do. The other day he said to me, “Take this tooth paste and brush three times a day. Floss three times a day. And floss.”

The way he said it I almost responded with “Yes, Daddy”.

No man has ever told me step by step what to do in the moment. I mean He Who Shall Not Be Named has told me, “no you’ll do this” and was controlling but never actually said how to go about doing that. Also I was so much more successful than him that it confounded me how he could stand to tell me what to do and what not to do.

Anyways, so the best part about Hot Dentist is that I know he likes me. But he’s been really good about giving me space when I sometimes don’t respond back to his flirtations. I don’t want to lead him on but I definitely want him in my life for when I’m ready to lead him to somewhere. I have another Dentist appointment tomorrow and aside from brushing my teeth a million times I just hope he sticks around long enough.

I’ll be back tomorrow Angels to talk about what I whispered to Gym Dude haha because people have been asking about that too!

In the meantime, check out Hannah’s new book!


mmf bisexual romance Send Nudes by Hannah Dane

6 thoughts on “Hot Dentist and New Author

  1. Was it something about Gym Rat because I totally went there.

  2. Ooh you can totally tell hot dentist what other tool he can put in your mouth 👄😉
    When you’re ready, of course. Can’t wait to hear what you whispered!!

  3. Lana, you sure are sounding much happier and I’m so glad to hear it. I have ordered Hannah’s new book, have to give her a try because you make her sound very interesting too 🙂 I do love the books that all the Angels put out here for us to read. Looking forward to reading what you whispered…….. bet is was great.

  4. Always nice to befriend a Dentist,,,,, in more ways than one, I’m sure,,,, Go Get’Em Girl,,,, !!!

  5. Blog suggestion:
    With so many pages already on the site, couldn’t you all just have a page each?
    Or, like, groups of 2 or 3, maybe based on seniority in the blog, or types of writing?
    As for Hot Dentist – if you want to have a little fun, cool. But beware. This may or may not be his normal modus operandi with all beautiful lady patients… Just a heads up. Do have fun! But with your eyes open.

  6. He might not date his patients so you’ll have to find a new dentist!

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