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Hi, I’m Vivien Vale

Hello Angels.

My name is Vivien Vale. You may or may not know me, but we both know Alexis, goddess queen of contemporary romance. Today, I join the ranks of the Naughty Angel Publishing authors!

Today I have two releases on the store. One is the first episode of Summer Secrets. 

The other is a second chance romance, Why Do I Still Love Him?

I want to talk to you about it for a second so Alexis agreed to pause on the shoe-breaking antics that ensued (more tomorrow, Angels!) and let me debut here at the store.

What is it about second chances?

This is the story of Adelaide and Ford. Ford is written after a man I knew when I was in college, doing fieldwork for my major in Colombia as part of a studying abroad program. 

See back then I didn’t know that I would spending my days as a writer. So I did a Peace Corps gig where they sent me to a small village in the mountains that had been decimated by the drug and gang warfare that was taking that country apart. 

I met a man, whose name I can’t put in here. 

He was everything I ever thought I wanted in a man. 

He challenged me. He infuriated me. 

He made me swoon. He made me think.

 He reignited my soul with his very presence. 

So when I sat down to write about Ford, I wrote the man who broke my heart, and then seven months later showed up in Bogota to piece it back together again. I wrote about the man who made me so happy that I forgot what day it was. 

The man, who when he died sent me into mourning for several months, cutting my program short and returning back to America. 

When I first finished this book, I knew it wasn’t complete. It was put out as His To Protect and after two days on sale I removed it. Because I knew I had to add more. I had to do justice to not just the man who was my Ford, but to those of all other readers as well. 

I think the following is something that finally gives the type of ending that I want. 
I’m excited for you to read it. 

Amazon took down this novel, and all my others, last year. It wounded me, honestly, to tell my story, just to have Amazon rip it away.

When Alexis contacted me and said she wanted me to take part in the Summer Lovin’ series, I wasn’t sure if I could be out and writing again. She convinced me to write, and said I could start releasing my books when I was ready.

She was patient with me, and I am ready. So ready to be an Angel, and to share my books with the Angels. I hope you enjoy the story of my heart. I also hope you like the first episode of Summer Secrets, which is now live and in Angel Access.

I hope you enjoy this novel. And I wish you all well on each of your second chances.
Thanks for letting me have mine!


Vivien Vale

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  1. Welcome, Vivian!

  2. Oops! Sorry! Vivien

  3. Welcome to the best club ever! I can’t wait to read about Ford. And sorry for your loss.

  4. Yeah! Welcome Angel Viv. Can’t wait to read the books.

  5. Welcome! I want to read about Ford!

  6. Welcome Vivian.

  7. Welcome! Can’t wait to read about Ford. I was crying reading about your real life Ford. Hugs!

  8. Welcome to the Angel club Vivien. My last book I read of yours was Hard Luck in 2018, wondering if there might be a book about Emily with maybe billionaire Gary? Can’t wait to read more of your books.

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