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Hey babes.

Hey babes!

So sorry for the wait. See I haven’t done much with the store because IT Guy and Paige are doing a bunch of stuff like behind the scenes.

But like nothing’s tooooooootally ready and after I was like jumping up and down begging they said I wouldn’t break anything if I did a sale and released a box set.

So yeah Choose Love is a 3 book box set of sexy menage and it’s only $2.99 this week and it is 0 pennies in Angel Access. Also Uptown Girl which is sexy MF rom com is on sale for $0.99 today and tomorrow (and also zero pennies in Angel Access)! Make sure you grab the deals. I’ll keep you updated about what’s going on with the store.

And soon I’ll tell you the rest of my fourth of July story lol sorry for the wait.

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  1. It is great to hear from you Alexis. I can hardly wait to read your adventures during the 4th of July celebrations. Maybe I am looking to early but the only book I found so far in Angel Access was Uptown Girl for $0.99 but I have not seen Choose Love. Please tell me what I am doing wrong. I have checked and am logged in correctly. Any help will be appreciated. Thank so much and have a great evening.

    1. I had it saved in drafts so sorry but it is published now. Are you able to get it now?

      1. I went back in this morning and still find Choosing Love show a $2.99 price and I was unable to locate Uptown Girl. I will keep checking during the day for both books with $0.00 price. I would like to get and read them. Have a wonderful day!!

  2. I am also trying to get Choose Love in the Angel Access but can’t see it. I do see it went from $4.99 to $2.99. Is that the deal?

    1. It’s not letting u download in angel access?

  3. Hi, I logged out, then logged in again and still cannot get Choose Love or Uptown Girl for free in angel access (but it is available for sale).

    Am curious, except for blog posts or your emails I never can really tell what is newly added to Angel Access. A useful feature would be an Angel Access Books Added this week, or today, or some short date range.

    Another useful feature would be a “you’ve already purchased this book” alert. And always, faster load times and book summaries with page count & release date or release year (if releases are stable for that long).

    Also, it’s a nit, but it would be nice if series were named consistently with the read order built in, so I don’t have to rename & add the info once I’ve downloaded them. Example: SeriesKeyWord-01-Title so they sort together.

    Thanks for your site. I really enjoy Angel Access and hope it thrives.

    1. Hey so thanks so much for all your comments!!! This is sooper helpful.
      For new in Angel Access ON the store the best thing we have right now is this:

      But yeah I know we need something better, I’m thinking about how best to do it and then pester Paige to figure out lol!

      Re you already purchased a book, that’s a good point hmm I will look into that one too.

      Faster load times should be coming soon!

      Page count and release date and year is a good idea! So I’m thinking about putting those things in soon as well as look insides – it is going to be something that I might need a little bit of help with because when I started getting it ready I got behind on my chapters. The thing about pages is however you zoom tends to make it a little different, so do you have some ideas about what to use for standard page count? What do readers like bc writers just tell everyone word count lol!!

      For consistent naming, eep, I so need to do that. Would you mind if I emailed you some test files soon (like maybe this weekend or something) so I could make sure I know how to properly name for reading order?

      NOW sorry I just wanted to talk about all those things but of course I want to make sure you can get the books in Angel Access. I am going to try to fix that right now and if you still aren’t able let me know and I’ll get you a coupon.

      Thanks for bearing with me and for ur super valuable feedback!

      1. Hi Alexis,
        The books are now free in Angel Access. Thanks!
        I don’t mind helping with the naming stuff. I’ll make time whenever is convenient for you.
        About page count: most books from “established w/editorial team” authors have page number options in kindle books, as well as location/percent complete info. Check a Nora Roberts or Lee Child “look inside” and you’d probably be able to figure out what they use as words-per-one-page count.
        Hope this helps.

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