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Hey Angels… Let me introduce myself

So, you may or may not have heard of me before. I’m Cara Angel…

See, the Angels let me take on the name when I became the cover designer the store.

I’ve been working with Paige to do some website and social media stuff, too.

I’m a reader and I’ve always a huge fan of Alexis, and when she started writing with other authors, I read their books and discovered even more books to love.

I wanted to take a chance to introduce myself and tell you that I’ve been working on a lot of hot covers for the store, as well as planning to add some cool features to the website.

But who cares about all that admin stuff? LOL no one!!! Except me, but, well, I’m a nerd for that sort of thing.

Today I wanted to share with you what a typical conversation with Alexis is about covers for the store.

Alexis: Hey babe so remember that reverse harem I told you about?

Cara: Yeah!! Three dudes right?

Alexis: Well, actually… I started writing and lol it is hotter with five.

Cara: OK! I just need to start over…

Alexis: Wait, don’t!!!

Cara: I don’t actually delete my photoshop files —


Lana: Shush, woman, listen to Cara.

Cara: Yeah I can try and make that cover work for something else, I’m sure that –

Natalie: Cara OMG!!! That would be perfect for this story that Daph and I are working on.

Cara: Awesome!

Alexis: See, told you not to delete the file.


Alexis: Kidding. But also Gage wrote another series, he needs eight covers, can you have those in this week?

Cara: … Sure.

Alexis: Oh, and we have a new author coming to the store.

Cara: Awesome!

Alexis: They need 10 new covers next week.

Cara: Wow, that’s amazing.

Alexis: I don’t know what stuff they need, let me go find my notes…

So, does Alexis keep it interesting?

LOL, no doubt. But I love working with her and with all our fabulous authors! I think I’ve never been happier with any job EVER because, holy shit, these ladies (and gentlemen) want the filthiest and funniest stuff that could ever be designed. I so went to school for this haha!

So Alexis said it was ok for me to do a little contest for the project I’m working on. I want to get some teasers together for some of each authors’ greatest hits, as we’re putting together author pages on the store.

Can you pick an author from the store, and one of their books, and drop a teaser in the comments?

Every teaser quote that gets made into a pretty, shiny teaser will be rewarded with a $5 gift card for the Naughty Angel store!

Only 5 teasers per author will be chosen in this contest – and if this goes well, we’ll do another one!

Thanks for all your help, Angels.

And thank me for letting you design covers for your favorite authors!

6 thoughts on “Hey Angels… Let me introduce myself

  1. This is a reply to Alexis’ question about blog posting. Daily I would love to hear each and every authors blog if they have something to say. Think of it this way if we were signed up to all your authors NL’s we’d be receiving lots of comments from them. I’ve thought for a while that what’s been missing from your emails is individual authors thoughts (blogs). I hated it when we didn’t hear from Angel Publishing for about a month. I love everyone’s ramblings. Ali

    1. Ditto!!! I agree with Ali.

  2. I would to hear from everyone daily.

  3. I’ve lost track of how many authors you now have. But my thoughts were to have every author have the opportunity to blog once a week or every two weeks. This would mean that there’d be maybe 3 authors blogging each day and publishing blogs every day of the week (7 days). Sounds like a bit of work but could be considered….

  4. So, I’m thinking if they have something to say, let them blog whenever. If they aren’t feeling the blog, let them hold their peace until they have something to share. Shouldn’t matter who or how many blog each day.

  5. i would love to hear from the authors daily as well unless they have nothing new to say about new books etc

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