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Hello, Angels!

Hey there, Naughty Angels!

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Daphne Dawn. I write steamy contemporary romance – the more men the better.

But before I begin, I want to give a warm thank you to Alexis Angel for letting me join her family that she’s created here. I’m still trying to get everything sorted – including a picture on my profile and figuring out the back end stuff.

I’ve been writing for a while now and I was an Amazon author that was on Kindle Unlimited. Then I went on a cruise with my boyfriend Greg and upon coming back to dry land discovered that I was now a banned author!

All my books were taken down.

Fast forward five months and here I am. My boyfriend Greg is now my ex boyfriend. We had some issues that were at first easily covered up by having sex, but when we slowed down on the sex the issues kept bubbling up. Add to that a traumatic event like losing your source of income, and the relationship just didn’t last.

I was actually thinking of giving up writing when Alexis, who I had worked with before, reached out to me and convinced me to start going wide under the Naughty Angel Publishing group. I’ll tell you – she may sometimes come across as happy go lucky without a care in the world but that woman has an insanely good business skill. She’s also very compassionate.

What followed then were several weeks of contractual workings, and now here I am, as a contributor to the Naughty Angel group! I’m excited to be a part of this family. Like I said, I worked with Lana and Alexis in the past, and I’d marveled at the community that they had created. I was always a bit envious about it, and rest assured now that I am in it, I’ll protect it with everything I have.

I have a few books out in the store already: 3 Men of the House, 4 Men of the House, The Other Brother, The Marriage Mistake, The Proposal Problem and The Better Bride. Go check it out on the store if you haven’t already! More are coming.

In fact, today’s Featured Deal from Alexis is actually Caught on Tape, which is 35% off – to get the book for $1.99!

I’m excited to update and share in with y’all, and once again, thank you for welcoming me into your group!

23 thoughts on “Hello, Angels!

  1. So glad you’re back. Love your books! The fact that you’re with Alexis and Lana makes it even more special!

    1. Thanks for being so sweet. I’m so very happy.

  2. Welcome back!! Happy to see you here. Can’t wait to see what’s coming up ?

    1. Alexis has me on a very busy schedule, that’s for sure. But I’m excited.

  3. So very happy you are back !! Especially as a naught angel. Always loved your books and NL. More juicy books to come xxx

    1. I feel very at home here. Thank you!

  4. I absolutely LOVE your books and so very excited to have a way to get them again!!! Welcome to Naughty Angels, I’m sure you will fit right in!

    1. Thanks so much. I was a bit intimidated at first, but feel very welcome now!

  5. Welcome back beautiful!!

    1. Thanks Heidy. Very excited!

  6. Welcome back Daphne I’ve always liked your books it’s nice to see you have a new home with Alexis and Lana there awsome you should do just fine.??

    1. Thanks Diane. I’m very happy here.

  7. Glad you’re back Daphne.

    1. Thanks Nancy.

  8. Welcome! I’ve missed your books. I’m really upset with Amazon a lot of my favorites are gone from there smh.

    1. I’m sorry. But I’m here now. As an angel. We won’t ever leave, Amber.

  9. Welcome, welcome, welcome back!

    1. Thank you! It’s good to be back at writing

  10. Welcome Daphne

    I haven’t read any of yours yet, so I’m a Daphne virgin…
    I hope now your on naughty angel I can start enjoying your work

  11. Who says you have to choose one anyway? You still young enough to take your time and have the luxury of being able to be choosy. Enjoy it for what it is since you just came out of an “exclusive” relationship, the more the merrier 🙂

  12. Good for you! Who needs Amazon anyways? You are all better off on your own. The entrepreneurial spirit is what America is all about!

  13. I am so thrilled that you and Natalie got together with Alexis and Lana and joined our Naughty Angels. You are too much of a good author to give up a God-given talent such as your writing. Looking forward to seeing more of you on here 🙂

    1. Natalie Knight hasn’t come on board yet. We’re still working some things out.

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