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He got me drunk and then…!!!

Angels! I have been warp speed frustrated with myself as of late and let me tell you why.

Yes, I unblocked WineBar on Alexis’s phone. I thought they had an epic love ok but reading all the comments and emails and tweets and ig messages tell me…

I was so so so so wrong!

I know babes and I am so sorry.

Also because Aiden took me out for drinks last night.

Yeah a Monday and we were drinking k but we had a good meeting with all the authors at Naughty Angel Publishing to talk about some contemporary romance books we want to put out in the coming month. It was fun.

Aiden told me that I work too much and he wanted to show me more of the city.

K so San Francisco isn’t as big as people think but even if every single neighborhood is just around one’s corner like they are all so so so different.

Last night we went to Top of the Mark. 

The Mark is an Intercontinental hotel and a registered historical building. It is gold and gorgeous on the inside. The elevators are gold.

The Top of the Mark is a glass cocktail bar with a 360 degree view of the entire city.

“I’m going to show you all of this, Lana,” Aiden says.

Then the piano starts.

Aiden orders us drinks, takes my hand, and dances with me until the sun goes down. 

We watch it.

We drink.

We talk.

And I am just talking with him openly. Like a friend. Getting to know we much as we can with open exploration and fun.

He’s so easy to talk to.

He tells me it is because bad boys make good girls talk.

We dance more. 

We look out over the city. And he doesn’t put any real moves on me.

I’m starting to get so desperate lol and there is no other way to describe it.

He doesn’t kiss me. 

I try.

He leans in close to me.

Looks into my eyes.

When we get it into elevator I am so drunk that when he turns to push a button, I slide off my white lacy thong and put it between my lips. 

“Take these,” I say and bring my mouth to him.

His fingers take the panties!

I wanted LIPSSS.

“I’m taking these, and I’m taking you home,” he says, and puts and arm around me… to hold me up.

He takes me home and tells me what a good time he had.

“I did too, Lana, and I am not going to take advantage of you,” he says.

I look into his eyes and want to melt.

I shouldn’t have tried anything with him but just talking with him feels good. Dancing to live piano does things to a girl.

I’m beginning to think I either need to pause dating… or do this reverse harem challenge I joked about with Daphne.

She thinks I should meet at least three guys I like for different reasons that I convince to share me. They can’t be romance novelists because lol we like these kinda things. 


4 thoughts on “He got me drunk and then…!!!

  1. A panty keepsake for Aiden! You know he totally jacked off to your panties later LOL!! 🙂

    1. Sorry…my mind is dirty 😇

      1. lol I love it

  2. What a Gentleman! But yeah I agree with Angela W. 😉

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