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Happy Saturday Angels

Hey Angels!

I hope you’re having a fabulous Saturday. Lana, Aiden, and I are drinking insane amounts of coffee and talking about a series they are writing together – after they worked on Summer Temptation together, they wanted to do more together. They have several ideas and all of them are great I think but I thought maybe the Angels would want to cast their vote.

I wasn’t in the mood to go out knowing that some Angels are still dealing with Dorian. The hurricane has been devastating for so many and I just want everyone to be ok. Thanks again to everyone who helped us donate to help those affected.

So, the story ideas that Aiden and Lana want to do.

There’s a bunch but I think these three are the ones the Angels should vote on.

They were all a little different than maybe what you expect from these two but I thought they could be good!

Aiden/Lana 1 – a rom com called Don’t Buy Me! about a girl who puts herself up for a virgin auction but she’s downright sassy about it. Her best friend buys her. It’s a cute friends to lovers story that kinda has fun with the virgin market idea of a guy buying you. Except they make a bet that she couldn’t handle being really bought an auction, so lots of sexiness ensues.

Aiden/Lana 2 – a fun and sexy romance about a girl who just started college and her mother is getting remarried around Halloween, her mom is into that sorta thing. And the girl meets this incredibly hot dude at a pre-Halloween party. They have a fling. She’s like thank God something good came of the next two weeks because I’ll be stuck here and I have a new stepbrother to deal with. Her mom wants them to get to know each other. Turns out Mr. Fling is mister stepbrother and wooooo to the hooo, twisty heat and goodness!

Aiden/Lana 3 – A baby romance! A billionaire needs a surrogate and a struggling romance writer decides to become a surrogate. Because he wants her to be on a strict regimen – no coffee and eating well and such – he spends a lot of time with her. Turns out he wants more than an heir. He wants herrrr!

So lol what do you think Angels?

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Oh, and one more thing. I want to do another giveaway. Comment on the blog with your favorite kinds of romances and you’re entered to win a $2.99 gift card! I’ll post three winners in tomorrow’s blog post 🙂

70 thoughts on “Happy Saturday Angels

  1. Wow, this sounds like a great story that’ll envelope you and make you forget everything is going on around you

  2. Number 3

  3. They all sound good, but I especially like the Aiden/Lana 2. My favorite romances are menace mfmm, paranormal, shifter, and steamy romance

  4. Hey All,
    I think each idea has merit and I like them all. If bbn I had to choose just one, I really enjoy taboo behind the Stepbrother – Stepsister stories. You cant help who you fall in love with, so why not??!! My favorite genre is paranormal, but I also love a strong Alpha and an equally strong female! I’m loving all the stories! Keep on writing!

    1. They’re all good. I like the taboo stepbrother or the stepfather.

  5. I like the idea in Lana/Aiden idea 2

  6. All of them but number one sounds very interesting!

  7. fantasy

  8. Stepbrother story but I do love all the choices lol

    1. I think 3 would be interesting

    2. Stepbrother stories

  9. I like the billionaire/ surrogate option

  10. All the above but start with the stepbrother

  11. I think the surrogate plot would be very good.

  12. I would definitely read the Halloween Stepbrother.

    1. I’m loving idea #2 & #3. I love step sibling accidental romance and babies.

  13. I like the billionaire/surrogate. The other 2 have been done quite a bit by other writers.

  14. I like the first idea best but that’s just me but all the ideas are good

  15. Definitely Halloween

  16. All great ideas. I would go with the Stepbrother, then the auction and lastly the surrogate. Personally, I mix up story types to keep everything fresh and interesting.

  17. Step brother!

  18. Surrogate intrigues me. I may be the minority, but I don’t read any books with “step.”

    Lately, second chance genre is at the top of my list. Alexis, thank you for this chance!

  19. I love option one and two! Also my favorite kinds of romances at the moment are bully romance and mafia romance 🙂

  20. The surrogate story sounds like it would be good and I also love any sort of rom-coms.

  21. I vote for Don’t Buy Me!

    My favorite type of romance is paranormal, but I like them all. For contemporary romance, my favorite trope is fake romance.

  22. Halloween themed please, but maybe not with step… i like paranormal and fantasy,

  23. Ok side note Angels I have been wanting to write a paranormal romance but I didn’t know if anyone would read it!!! Who would buy an Alexis Angel paranormal romance?

    1. ME!!! One of my favorite types of stories!!!!

  24. #3 MOM Romances are my favorite.

  25. All good ideas. I like the stepbrother more.

  26. Halloween stepbrother!

  27. Halloween Stepbrother storyline my pick

  28. I love #3, great idea & #1 rom coms are fun reads..

    My favorites are paranormal and RH. I’ve read 1,290 this year.😁

  29. Halloween

  30. # 2 Halloween fling.

  31. I pick the Halloween first. My favorite is a mixture. At the moment dark, bully romances and mafia.

  32. All sound good. I tend to favor paranormal and fanasty. Strong cocky alphas. Absolutely love reverse harems.

  33. Love them all, but if I have to pick option 1 is first than the Halloween step brother thing.

  34. The rom-com “Don’t Buy Me”. I think we could all use a little humor right now.

  35. Love them all but step brother and Halloween!

  36. My favorite by order is 3. Billionaire
    2. Step Brother
    1. Virgin

    I love Rom/Com (not a fan of virgin) & Romance/Suspense. It’s always fun to have some input so thank you!

  37. My favorite by order is 3. Billionaire
    2. Step Brother
    1. Virgin

    I love Rom/Com (not a fan of virgin) & a very sexy Romance/Suspense. It’s always fun to have some input so thank you!

  38. I like them all but i’d like to know more about the billionaire’s surrogate baby. In order of favourite I’d say 3,1,2.

  39. I liked #2 and #3, so if i had to pick just one I would go with #2. I like reading second chance romances, small town romances, friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, stepbrother/stepsister romances, paranormal, romantic suspense.

  40. I like all the story ideas. Why not write a book about each of them? The billionaire story could be a Christmas season.

  41. Historical romance
    Thanks for the chance

  42. I like #1 the best

  43. Love romantic suspense

  44. Hello ladies.. my favorites in order would be….

    2- stepbrother – I love this idea – one of my favs
    3 – surrogate baby – this one is intriguing
    1 – virgin auction – seems like these are done a lot but could still be a great story…

    Hope you are having a great weekend. Love to you all 💗💗💗

  45. This is my choice

  46. The Stepbrother one! My favorite genre is anything with alpha males

  47. I like the surrogate idea the best.

  48. My favorite is either romcom or surrogate.
    Right now I love romantic suspense or romcoms.

  49. I would pick the stepbrother one.

  50. They all sound great, but I have to cast my vote for the Halloween one.

  51. Would love to read Don’t Buy Me.

    I love reading friends to lovers and enemies to lovers stories.

  52. I love all the ideas my fav book to read is paranormal … I would read it Alexis

  53. Surrogate is the one for me lol 😉 I adore baby romances haha !!!

  54. I like number 1. I like auctions with virgins. but my favorite stories are Daddy/Little

  55. I like all the ideas. But the best one in my eyes is the step brother and sister idea. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity and have an awesome day!

  56. Ohhh a paranormal romance. Your books are awesome and I think that one would be just as hot.

  57. All three sound good to me!

  58. #2 – the Halloween stepbrother story!

  59. Step brother story would be my #1, but all sound fun!

  60. Step brother story

  61. Stepbrother would be my #1 choice. The other two are just as good too.

    Wouldn’t it be great if a confirmed cat person fell for a confirmed dog lover? I can just imagine the wild excitement as the pets attempt to tolerate each other- while the two opposites attempt to adjust.

    1. This is an amazing idea!!!!

  63. I’ll put them in order but I would read all of them.
    #1 Auction
    #2 Stepbrother
    #3 Surrogate

  64. i love all kinds of romances especially ones with some suspense

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