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Happy New Year!

Hey Angels! Thank you all for sharing your words for the year in the comments and in your emails!

I of course share Lana’s sentiments. I think the period of time when I wasn’t ready to share the store or my story was like the darkest time in my life, and you all have made me my strongest!

I am setting goals with Lana tonight- and the store authors are having a big party. Talking about the future, enjoying champagne. It’s not exactly low key but it is for me because I don’t intend to leave my panties in some Wall Street Bro’s limo. See how I have matured?

To close out the year, I want to offer a big sale to all the Angels- use coupon code auldlangsyne for 25% off books!!!

what are you doing for New Year’s? Tell me your goals/resolutions too!

9 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. I am reading my emails and face book posts. HAPPY NEW YEAR. I will probably end up sleeping through the New Year excitement as I am tired. Have fun at your party.

  2. Happy New Year!! Right now I’m stupid fucking high at my best friend’s house. I plan to stay that way all day tomorrow too. Lisa and her husband will be asleep by 11pm. I will probably be watching something on Netflix at midnight.

  3. I love reading your books and blog. May the worst day of 2020 be like your best day of 2019. Happy New Year 🎊🎆🎈

  4. It’s 8:30p.m (same as you cause I’m in San Jose 45 mins from you!) And I’m not going to make it till midnight!! Enjoy your self and all the other author’s. Stay safe

  5. Happy New Years! Am so confused. Did I miss something? Last I read, Lana was “with” Aiden. No word about him at all!

    1. They are still dating but not exclusively- I know Lana has more to say about this but she’s grocery shopping right now.

      1. Ok, I’m confused. I left thoughts on the blog yesterday but they are not there. Did I do something wrong?

  6. Hi, everyone! Hope 2020 is being good to you so far!! I’m a bit behind on everything from the holidays, which includes the Blog & any news & emails about any of the Angels. So below may be crazy sounding,, since I’m in the dark, but I will catch up soon. This was too funny not to share & also good info for next year!!! 😂😂

    So this article was on Facebook & when I saw it, thought, ‘So THIS is how Alexis & all the Angels celebrated New Years!!!l I’d known it would be a BIG, fun party (with tons of sexy time) ,but they out did themselves!!’ 😂😂

    I’m hoping you all knew about it & attended or if not, this gives you all a lead for next year’s shenanigans!!!
    🎉🍾 🥂🎊

    Much love to ALL!!

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