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Haha IT Guy

Hey Angels!

Ok so picking up where I left off. 

Lana is wearing this really tight pencil skirt and cute top that like pushes her boobs out and I’m wearing my black slut wicked city woman dress with the slit up to like my ass and we’re making out in front of IT Guy. 

I’ve made out with Lana before to get free drinks at bars and stuff. It wasn’t a big deal. It was really funny how we could manipulate guys you know by just kissing lol. But this was like something else and like I was like okay this is fun and then we turn to IT Guy who is sitting there open mouthed and Lana and I get on the ottoman which is pretty big and we really start going at it. 

I think we take off each other’s clothes and we’re in our underwear when she says something that makes me laugh now. She’s like “Okay Alexis that’s my lucky thong”
and I’m like yeah I’m getting lucky lol. Anyways so IT Guy tries to join in. 

And that’s where I dunno how or why but we sorta ignore him. 

Like I’m licking her tits and Lana is like stroking my pussy and IT Guy unzips his pants and pulls out his cock but we’re too busy with each other lol. I remember him touching us but I was just so caught up in the moment. We weren’t drunk or anything but I remember him trying to get in on the action and get in the middle of us or something and at one point haha Lana just pushed him away and he sort of fell from the sofa. Anyways haha I’m gonna continue this tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Haha IT Guy

  1. Well hot damn!!! Hopefully IT Guy got in on the action eventually!

  2. LOL… I can just imagine IT Guy’s face when he ended up on the floor 🙂 Can’t wait to hear more.

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