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Guess what I’ve been up to?

Yeah, aside from getting drunk with Alexis.
I haven’t much of a chance to post on here because I’ve been working on the back end on a secret project. Well, that secret project got done yesterday and now it’s time to unveil it.
See, Alexis may have been celebrating finishing her series, but I was celebrating something too.

I built something with her. She gave design help and I did some technical stuff and now we would like to introduce…

The new Dirty Lil’ Angels.

That’s right. The group. It’s back.

I remember when I first met Alexis and she brought me into the group. It was such a great place. I would spend the whole day in there just hanging out. I made friends. It was a home. There was a million things to do and a wonderful community of women.

And then Facebook killed the group and didn’t listen to appeal.

It seems no matter what happens, we stand back up again. Facebook killed the group. We came back. Amazon terminated our account. We’re starting to come back.

And that’s really because of you, Angels. You ladies are what give us strength. And together, when we combine forces, nothing can stop us from standing back up.

Today is a personification of that. We are Angels. Together, we are strong.

We now have a home that’s not just a store. A place for fun. A place for advice. A place for giveaways and freebies and silliness and things that make us hot. A place for books. A place for friends.

A place we can call home again.

I invite you to join Dirty Lil’ Angels by clicking here. Or see the menu bar for the website which will take you to the landing page. Or type in on your web browser. We’ll be making updates as the days and weeks go by, and we’ll make use your suggestions.

It’s a closed group, like the old one, which means that no one on the outside will see what you do inside.

Come join us, Angels. And let’s get our halos dirty.

9 thoughts on “Guess what I’ve been up to?

  1. Is the Dirty Lil’ Angels is women-only or can men like myself signup for it too?

    1. It’s just women. I know when Lana and Alexis built it one of the things I liked the most was that it was just women.

      1. Ah. Thanks for the reply and the answer.

  2. Yeah! So glad you didn’t let others dictate to you what you can or can’t do. Can’t wait for the group to be up.

  3. I just signed up. I now have to wait for approval from the administators. I hope I am accepted as I love reading your books. Thank you.

  4. So glad the group is back!!

  5. I’m thrilled to see that you lovely ladies brought back a group that brings so much joy to so many! I had such fun reading things in the group! I didn’t comment a great deal, but enjoyed reading every word, seeing the stunning photos, all of it! Way to flip the bird at Amazon and Facebook! Welcome back you Dirty Little Angels!!

  6. Lana, I’m so excited we have our group back! Now u can have as many members as u want without the trouble and without whats said!!!

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