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Got a call from another publisher…weird!

Hey Angels,

We had a few more kinks that needed a little ironing out on the site but we are like legit back up and running now.

But something weird happened. This NY publisher I knew back in my Wall Street days called me and offered me a bunch of money to basically close my store down and so they could have like the rights to my books, and said I should talk to the other store offers.

Wow. First Amazon doesn’t want me, then this big publisher wants me to close my store…I mean so they can pub me but still.

Alexis Angel doesn’t need some man…ahem yes he’s an acquisitions editor for a big pub…to like swoop in and his words

“take care of everything”

Like I thought he was going to tell me that I didn’t have to worry my pretty little head in a minute.

Didn’t he realize yesterday was international women’s day too like dude bad timing.

anyway I don’t ever want to leave you Angels and give up control of what I publish and talking to my readers. He had a lot of nerve to think I needed him.

We’re doing just fine, aren’t we?

I mean, I know the store is always growing and improving, but the answer isn’t to just let someone else take charge.

We’re a team. I of course told all the Angels and all anyone had to say was, heck noooooo this is our baby!

So yeah I was polite but firm. I’ll stick to my store, my rules.

That’s how it’s gotta be sometimes, ya know?

Happy Moanday Angels!

lol oh and when the conversation was over, about the publishing thing, he asked me what panties I was wearing. I was like, wouldn’t you like to know, and then hung up lol!!!!

7 thoughts on “Got a call from another publisher…weird!

  1. That jackass had his nerve!! I’m so happy, not surprised though, that you told him to take a flying leap (my words, not your’s I I think what y’all have done with the store is amazing and I look forward to a long relationship with our Naughty Little Angels. I can’t believe the douche had the nerve to ask you the color of your panties, he must really think his poop don’t stink.

  2. Typical male

  3. Wtf Alexis, how could you turn him down? He’s clearly a professional

  4. Keep doing your own publishing of the books. You do not need someone else to publish your books. Every writer in the Angel Publishing world writes great stories. They publisher may want to publish you now, but how do you know they may not turn out like Amazon did.

  5. Sounds like your “little” store is beginning to bother someone…
    Keep up the good work!

  6. Had you gone to him seeking funds for a start-up, he’d have laughed you out of his office, with snarky comments about how you didn’t understand “the female readers market.” He’d have also explained that you lack sufficient experience to handle the technical, financial, and marketing aspects of running a small business.

    It may not be easy, but aintcha glad you did it yourself?

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