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Getting to Vegas Early!

Hey Angels!

So as you know I got to Vegas a few days earlier than everyone else. I really had nothing to do and I figured what the hell. Go and enjoy a few nights before everyone comes over. I don’t know what exactly I had in mind that I wanted to do but I didn’t want it to be boring.

Plus I had reward points on my card and I decided okay this isn’t a bad way to go spend them. So I checked into the Venetian a few days early and got to my suite. The first night I just ordered room service and worked on my release. I know. That sounds super tame but I wanted to soak up Las Vegas you know? I had a few glasses of wine and some pasta and took a bath and went over my manuscript and then got a good nights sleep after playing with my vibrator and watching some porn on television. Pretty normal night.

The second night, I went to the spa at the hotel and got a spa treatment that left my knees like jelly. It was so luxurious and amazing I couldn’t help but take a nap during the afternoon after I got back.

That night though, I dressed up and went down to the bar at the casino. I had a black wraparound dress that has always worked for me whenever I go out in public by myself looking to get laid. I got myself a drink and sat down to wait.

I didn’t have long. Two guys came up to me and started talking. I talked to them for a few minutes but I wasn’t feeling them and I politely told them I was waiting for a friend. They didn’t get the hint at first but eventually drifted off. Then another guy came up and I was thinking if maybe I was getting the right vibes from him but he got a call and stepped away and never came back.


Finally. Just as I was finishing my drink a guy stepped in. Slightly older. I could see some gray hair in his eyes. He asked me if I wanted another drink. I said sure. I smiled. This guy was definitely what I was looking for.

“Only if you play craps with me,” he said and I smiled. Okay I could do that.

We got a drink and went to the craps table. I wasn’t playing, but I watched him as we won some and lost some. The dealer though had me roll the dice on several occassions and each time I bent over, I could feel his hand on my ass. So…I wiggled it and flexed it a bit for him. I smiled as I did it because he was just so classy.

He had on a nice black suit with spotless black shoes. His watch was expensive. And he had a chiseled face and perfect posture.

The last time I threw the dice he cheered. I didn’t know how to play craps but he won a nice chunk of change and told me we needed to go celebrate.

So we went to a dark and sensuous champagne bar. We were seated in a booth that gave a lot of privacy.

He had his arm around me and was caressing my outer thighs where my dress rode up.

“I should reward you,” he whispered as we drank our champagne some time later. I mean we were talking about other stuff but this came in conversation.

“I mean for winning you a lot of money I don’t think I should blow you,” I teased. I don’t know why I said that but he grinned.

“But I can do this,” he said, and his strong hands immediately went up my thighs and settled on the fabric of my thong right above the entrance to my pussy.

He had some big, strong hands. And he found my clit as he went under my thong and began to rub me in circles. I almost dropped the champagne flute and put my head back as he began to knead at my pussy and before I knew it….I was cumming in the restaurant.

Now it was dark in there and it was also 1 am but there were some people. But the private nature of the booth meant that we got away with it. Also the fact that it was in public was insanely hot!

Have you guys ever done anything in public Angels?

Anyways, Craps Man told me he was in town for one more night. I straightened up a bit after he gave me one more quick orgasm and then we walked to my elevator since were staying on separate sections of the hotel. We made plans to meet up the next night. And I went upstairs and slept the sleep of the dead, totally satisfied.

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3 thoughts on “Getting to Vegas Early!

  1. Well that sounds like a perfectly hot day in Vegas. Glad you got to “relax”. 😉

  2. I’m dying to know if you two met up the next night and how it went. I’m vicariously living through you girls so the deets are fantastic!!

  3. Wow, you definitely got what you were looking for, a hot night in Vegas. Yeah, being naughty in public is kinda fun with the right guy 🙂

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