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Garbage Can Hawaii Trip

Hey Angels!

So we all know that I have a horrible predilection to get into shall we say…unique situations. 

Ah fuck it. I’m just a hot mess sometimes. It’s like living in a garbage can filled with crack needles in July right before a thunderstorm. 

Anyways, so get ready to sit back, pour yourself a glass of wine, and read up on the garbage fire that is Alexis visits Hawaii. 

The real fun started when I got to my gate at SFO. Normally you don’t have to show ID to board a plane but I was like hmm maybe I can upgrade because I have like Alaska Airlines and like I’m wearing this cute top that goes with this skirt and already like three dudes were sort of hitting on me. I’m being serious. One guy in the line for the bag drop was like wow you have a lot of luggage where you headed when I was standing in line and its because it was just me with two checked bags and a carry on lol. I was like Hawaii and he was like oh it seems like you’d just need a few bikinis for that and I told him that’s all I was packing. But then like the agent at the counter called him and that’s the last I saw of him. 

And then at Starbucks the barista was like what can I get for you. lol angels I know you’re like wait how is that hitting on you but lemme just say I think he was licking his lip as he said that. Which is like gross I know because like what the fuck but still kinda flattering. 

And finally the other dude that hit on me was this dude that was sitting there reading his ipad. He was like Mr. Business Class Man – you know those guys at the airport. They’re all dressed in fancy suits with their perfect black carry on bag and mobile office on wheels. Anyways he smiled at me as I walked by and almost stepping on his foot was not the cause. 

Anyways so I’m like okay let me try and upgrade my seat to first class because I’m like totally dressed for first you know? So I go to the counter and I’m like is there any upgrades and the dude there is like oh my god absolutely and I’m like whoa dude calm down that’s cool but you’re way too excited but obviously I don’t say that because living with Lana has taught me tact lol. 

Anyways he’s like let me see your ID and I go to get it out and I realize I don’t have it in my wallet. Then I realize I took it out to go through security and then I don’t know where I put it. I ran back to security and asked them but they didn’t see it. They looked and called all over but nothing. 

Anyways, Angels, that’s when they started boarding my plane. I couldn’t just not get on the plane but they also announced that because the plane was crossing the Pacific Ocean there was no wifi. 

Oh well. I had no ID but I couldn’t miss this chance. 

So I boarded the plane! It’s been since Thursday that I needed to get everything squared away and I’m going to drop another blog post soon about what happened but this is a good place to stop for now lol. 

Because you wanna know what I realized in all this? Like I totally haven’t done an Alexis Angel style cliffhanger in fucking forever! So…yay!!!!

LOL Angels I love you all. 

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  1. The last two times i flee i had to have my ID. Both times were within the last two years.

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