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Mile High Pilots: Episode One of the Mile High Harem Series

Take three bad boy pilots that will make sure your feet never touch the ground…

Jason, Trevor, and Mason. 
Three pilots who live the jet set life. 
Each of them lost and looking for love. 
The fact that they’re pilots just isn’t enough. 
The fact that they can have any woman just doesn’t cut it.
Sure, they’re handsome as sin. 
And yeah, they’re packing enough in those pants to take any girl sky high.
But each of them is missing something.
It keeps them from being whole.

What are they missing?

Bid: Episode One of the Queen of Hearts MFM Romance

Jake and Matt are two titans of Wall Street.
Two bad boy billionaires with egos to match.
They’ve conquered everything in their path. 
Except me.

Big Swinging Dick.
That’s the term used to describe a certain type of man on Wall Street.
The one with confidence and power.
The kind that has the Midas touch.

Jake and Matt are two such men.
Women swoon when these eligible bachelors walk by.
Everything they touch turns to gold.
Panties melt.
Hearts break.
Two gods of Wall Street. Mortal enemies of each other. 
They’ve competed against the other their whole lives.
It’s poisoned them.
And they finally go too far.
There’s only one person who can help them from this mess.

Dirty Brother: Episode One

Parker and Paul have hated each other for as long as they can remember. 
They fought over everything as brothers growing up. 
Now they fight over the ultimate prize.

My brother in law is so hot.
He’s got 8 pack abs.
A gorgeous, rugged face.
A huge…ego that’s thick. And throbbing.
He’s definitely the brother I should have ended up with.

But Paul had other ideas.
He forced me to pretend to be his wife.
He doesn’t care one bit about me.
He never loved me.
He never will.
Not the way Parker does.

It just leaves me with one question.
Will this dirty brother be the one to give me my Happily Ever After?

My Son’s Best Friend: Episode One

All my life I’ve sacrificed. 
I’ve focused on being a wife. 
And a mom. 
But now it’s time for a change.
I’m going to focus on being a woman.

But I need a man
I’m reading my Kindle nonstop.
Touching myself. 
Teasing myself.
One thing is clear.

I need a man. Soon.

My late husband left me hard up.
There’s not too many people I can talk to.
So one day I decide to go next door.
Talk to my best friend. 
But she’s not home. 

Guess who is?

He’s hot. Ripped. Young.
He’s got a smirk. 
And he’s hard.

But this is wrong. 
He’s off limits.

Because he’s… 
My son’s best friend.

Lust: Stuff Me, Stepbrother Episode One

I’m rude. Crude. And a complete animal.
Always looking for my next feast. 
Well, I found her. 
Only problem?
She’s my stepsister. 

Don’t get me wrong. 
I can have any woman I want. 
But something might not sit well when the Crown Prince of St. Penares has his sights set on his stepsister, Becca.
Her golden hair and angelic face make me hard.
Her curves make my blood boil. 
I can smell her purity. 
I want it for myself.
The kingdom might not take well. 
What do I gotta say to that?

Too damn bad.

Thief: Episode One of an MMF Romance

Life has been hard on me. 
James and Thomas are going to be even harder. 

New York City was supposed to be fun and glamorous. 
It was anything but. 
I’m struggling to pay the bills. 
Working multiple jobs just to pay rent. 
My clothes are ratty. My hair is a mess. 

Then I see a precious diamond. 
Can you blame me that I want to touch it?

I just want to take a picture with something pretty. 
Feel like a woman again. 
Have something beautiful. 
But before I can, the diamond is stolen. 
And now they think I did it. 

This sound pretty bad?
Actually, it’s pretty great. 
Because it sets me up to meet James and Thomas. 

With those two behind me, life has no chance against me.
I’m gonna kick its a$$. 
As they do mine.

They All Taste Me

Charles Maxwell is the perfect boyfriend.
But he has something no one else does that makes him even better.
A brother. 

A brother who watches me.
That desires me. 
Undresses me with his eyes. 
I won’t ever cheat on Charles. 
But I can sense the desire emanating from Thomas. 
Billionaire brothers that were built to be gods. 
Their bodies would make other men weep.
Cut faces. Chiseled abs. 
Strong, firm hands. 
Bedroom eyes that will look into your soul.

Charles is loving. 
Thomas is overwhelming. 

Charles is sensitive.
Thomas is assertive. 

I want to be with both. 
But will both want to be with me?