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Forum Back! New Releases!

Hey Angels

Sorry that it has been way too silent. I’ve been responding to emails but today I can finally send out a NL aaaand we have a new release!!

Liz and I have been working on an amnesia/secret baby/second chance kinda thing I think you will like.

The forum is back…after a whole lot of back and forth, we definitely secured not just the update we needed but continued ability to be as dirty as we want! I always want the Angels to have a place to be free…and filthy lol!!!

So there will be more updates coming to the store. It will be faster and prettier and easier to use than ever. Sorry it is taking so long babes!

Missed u all so much, thanks to everyone who reached out and was like wtf where are you LOL sorry sometimes when things are updating we can’t send NL or post on the blog or publish or it might break shit and that’s no fun!

I think through next week there will still be updates but there are going to be so many new books coming babes that I just can’t wait for you to see everything!!!

12 thoughts on “Forum Back! New Releases!

  1. Welcome Back…again! LOL
    A suggestion, next time radio silence happens please update your Angels with a status update on Twitter & Insta who are following you. xoxo

    1. As long as books go up, don’t worry too much about the rest of this stuff.

  2. Welcome back. I missed not receiving the morning e-mail with updates to start the day.

  3. How are you and IT Guy doing now??? Plus all the other angels?

  4. WELCOME BACK I have missed the daily blogs and emails. I hope it is going to work fine now.

  5. Welcome back, missed you all!!! 😘😘

  6. Glad to see you back!!

  7. So glad to see you’re all back! I just say, I wish I was able to expand the appearance of your site like I can most others by simply sliding my fingers in an upward and outward motion, on the screen. It would be great to be able to read and enjoy your site. Just the opinion of one with less than perfect sight.

    1. Yeah… Me too! Having Vision issues really, truly sucks! Especially, when a platform or content isn’t compatible with my limitations. That’s why I’ll never give up my Kindle & it’s text-to-speech capabilities, which are FREE. Why pay for audio books, which read way too slow for my liking anyway… LOL!
      It’s always great to see another person posting who’s got similar issues to MINE… Hi there!!

      Do you hate Grey font too? My eyes have a terrible time seeing it.

  8. Welcome back! You guys were missed.

  9. Missed you guys! Life has been stressful here too. How did you do with IT guy?

  10. I have sure missed you and so glad you all are back. I hope all is well with you and IT guy.

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