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First chapter of “The O-Connection” by Daphne Dawn and Alexis Angel

Hey Angels! Do you remember The Love Connection? Well, Alexis and I have been working on a Naughty Angel equivalent – The O Connection: An MFMM Romance! Below is the first chapter. Let me know what you guys think!

As I sit in the reception area watching one of their older episodes, I squirm in my seat, a result of both nerves and the titillating content being displayed on the screen.
Two people—a man and a woman—are writhing around together on the TV, clothes ripped off in the heat of passion. They’re in some sort of tropical area it looks like—maybe their honeymoon—and their decision to relax in the hot tub has turned into a decision to fuck each other senseless while a camera films the whole thing. I let a barely audible sigh slip from my lips as I avert my gaze and try to focus, not wanting to make the blush in my cheeks any more obvious than it needs to be.
What sort of company plays a steamy sex scene on the TV in their reception or waiting area, you ask? The kind of company that holds auditions for a contest-type romance show. You see, the show known as ‘The O Connection’ holds a show that puts a small group of women and a small group of men together to interact, slowly voting members off of the show.
The purpose of it all for the women is to become a fan favorite and move into the final rounds, and hopefully be declared the winner, finding romance and lust in the process. Not only is it enticing in the fact that you have the potential to find your happily ever after in the arms of a handsome man, but when you win, the net work pays for your wedding, honeymoon, and a dream home for the happy new couple. Winning the contest isn’t over there though; the show actually follows the new couple through that entire process. They film the wedding, their honeymoon, finding the house, the move in process, all of it.
So, here I am, sitting here all riled up and cheeks flushed, waiting for my final interview with the producer and the director of the show. I’m obviously nervous, but not for the reasons that you may think. Sure, walking into an interview after watching something so hot that makes you squirm in your seat and blush nervously is risky, but that’s not it.
And to be fair, obviously the thought of having my romantic life documented and plastered over multinational television is a daunting one, but most of my nerves are coming from my reason for why I decided to audition in the first place.
You see, the whole reason I decided to audition for this show, is because of the charity that I run—The Clara Parker Foundation—and the stipulation clause that is attached to it.
It’s a childhood cancer charity that was founded by my Grandmother—also named Clara—and named after her. It fell to me when she passed to continue on her work, and I’ve been loving it ever since. It’s incredibly rewarding to be able to help kids in a situation where they otherwise feel helpless.
The kicker is though; there’s a stipulation in the contract of ownership that if I’m not married by my 28th birthday—which is fast approaching, I might add—then the company falls to my brother.
Let me tell you why that would be absolutely devastating for not only the foundation, but for the children and families that we help.
My brother is an irresponsible, incompetent, immature child who would ruin everything that my Grandmother—and I for that matter—have done for this charity, and it would cease to exist within months of him getting hold of it.
I can’t let that happen.
So, when I saw a commercial for this show and that they would be holding auditions close to home, I jumped at the chance. I obviously nailed my first interviews, and I’ve reached the final stage of selection before going onto the show.
The major difference between me and the other girls applying for this show is that not only do I want it, but I need it. I can’t bear the thought of my charity being handed down to my idiot of a brother, and coming out of this a winner is a sure fire way to make sure that doesn’t happen. This interview is my last chance to show them just how much they need me on that show, and no matter what they want me to do, I’m going to do it. I need this, the charity needs this.
I’m pulled from my thoughts as a voice rings out, my name being called to come in for my interview. I smile at the receptionist and thank her as she leads me inside, and I sit down in the chair just across from Damien and Miranda, the producer and director of the show.
They waste no time in grilling me with questions, asking me about different scenarios and making sure that I know that this show films everything.
“Oh, I’m aware,” I assure them, flashing a bright smile, “And I’ve got absolutely no problem with that. I’m not shy.”
That seems to please them both and I internally do a little dance when they both look at each other with a smile, making notes.
Damien leans forward on the table and grins at me, looking me up and down as he speaks. I’m used to men looking at me the way that he is right now and normally in an office or professional setting I’d be appalled, but I’m willing to put up with damn near anything to be accepted.
“Tell us Clara,” he croons, “What makes you a better candidate than, say, yet another blonde? You blondes are pretty easy to come by, you know. What makes you so special?”
I give him a sweet smile and cross my legs, pushing my arms together just a touch so that my breasts are on full display. He wants a woman who can stand out and be confident? I can do that.
“Well for starters, Damien, I’m not ‘just another blonde’; I’m the blonde. I saw how you were looking at me just there, and I know for a fact that even if you weren’t going to give me the spot on the show—which let’s face it, you are—you’d still try to fuck me. ‘Try’ being the operative word in that sentence.
Miranda laughs and I smirk as Damien is visibly taken aback, but impressed. He chuckles and nods as he leans back in his chair, the two of them turning to face me again.
Please, please, please.
“I was pretty sure that you’d be taking the last slot today,” Miranda said with a grin over to Damien, “But that little dig you gave to Damien secured it.”
Damien shrugs and offers his hand to me with a toothy grin, and my heart starts to pound in my chest.
“Congratulations, Clara, welcome to The O Connection.”

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  1. I like it! Smart, confident woman going after what she wants. And a hot premise to boot. I’m in. It’ll be mine on release day ?

  2. Clara sounds like a right firecracker. Just up my street. And what a wonderfully different plot!

  3. Sounds like it’s gonna be a fun one to read! Can’t wait!

  4. Sounds great!! With two great writers collaborating on this it has got to be a #1 seller. I love reading books from all of my Angels and am so happy that you have joined the group. Will definitely be getting this one 🙂 My budget is gonna be so screwed….lol

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