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Filthy Fantasies!

Hey Angels!

Long time!

Anyways I just wanted to jump in here because last week Natalie posted a few of her stories and she suggested that anyone who wanted to share a particularly dirty or naughty thing they’d done to please send me an email at

So…you wanna know how many stories we got?

Somewhere around 671 the last time we checked.

I’m so serious. So no way are we going to be able to put them all out, but we followed up with the first five to ten to make sure that it’s okay to share on the blog as long as we obfuscate names and all and they said yes that’s fine.

If you submitted a story, then we’ll reach out to you. Some cases people submitted fantasies lol and that’s fine too.

But let me just say. Wow. There are some really naughty angels in the house right now reading this blog lol.

There’s literally no other way to describe it. I mean I thought I acted slutty occasionally but some of you ladies – wow. You need to star in your own reality tv show.

I’m just dropping a quick story here from Natasha in Atlanta. Oh yeah, all names have been changed to protect the innocent. Or not so innocent.

Anyways, Natasha wrote in and aside from some grammar and tightening, I’m basically keeping the message the same!

Anyways, here it is!

Dear Alexis:

I wanted to share my filthy adventure with you and your angels since you all share so much with us. I am a 30 year old teacher in Georgia. My story begins in my first year that I was substitute teaching. I was just out of school where I had gotten my Masters in Education and I had been called in to fill in for a math teacher that had called in sick from his classes – most of which were calculus and algebra.

I managed to get through most of the classes, but towards the end of the day I had to teach a AP Calculus class that was all seniors. Most of the kids in there played some kind of sport and as it was the end of the day, they were pretty rowdy. A few even had their friends show up. Since they had just taken their AP test there really wasn’t much for me to cover as school was almost over for the year.

As the bell rang most of the kids left the class but a few stayed. I looked over. There were some friends of a student in my class and they slowly started to leave to but one young man really caught my eye.

He was tall, but very well built. And he had a sparkle in his eye. He was also a slightly bit older looking than the high school seniors. He told me he was a senior in a local college. And his eyes gazed at me I could feel myself flush. I had just gotten out of a relationship with my boyfriend who had decided to go back to his ex girlfriend.

And – that’s just a taste. We’ll have the rest of the letter tomorrow! You know me! Alexis the Cliffhanger!