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Hey Angels!

So last we left off we’re in the VIP section of this club and these four guys are sitting there and Daphne is talking to two guys and Lana is talking to one guy and I’m talking to one guy. But Lana and I are supposed to be talking to the same guy.

I know at this point I don’t sound entirely rational. Because like just because we’re talking to different guys doesn’t mean anything because the night is young. So I realize that and so I still sit there talking to my guy being all cool and not freaking out.

The truth is Lana was looking really sexy so I just wanted to get her clothes off. Also I had this whole thing going on in my head where I wanted like a dude to spray us with cum lol. I dunno. That sounds too crazy but I kept having this dream where I’m making out with Lana and she takes off my bra and we’re just in panties and in this nice plush room that’s lit up by candle light and this dude is standing there jerking off as he looks at us.

And we’re just making out and making out some more and he can’t take anymore of the stimulation so he cums like hardcore all over us and it sprays all over us. Like rain?

And then we end up licking it off each other which leads to us licking each other’s pussy and making us cum and that dude just cums again and its like this dirty messy bit of nasty.

Anyways it was like this dream I guess I had on Thursday and I couldn’t get it out of my head. Like it was this recurring fantasy and I needed to get one dude and Lana and re-enact it before I went crazy. Because the one thing I know about my dreams or fantasies is this. The last time I re-enacted it my brain or body or whatever was so tingly and excited and I came so hard that I think I passed out. And I came so many times and so hard that I think I may even have had an aftershock of an orgasm as I was walking. It made no sense but it felt so good so my brain was all about trying to find that pleasure because after fucking Lana and finding out she just wanted to keep it casual I just wanted to pursue as much pleasure as possible lol.

Anyways, I’ll have more tomorrow Angels!


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  1. I love living in the world of angels, especially Naughty Angels 🙂

    Have a great day and I look forward to the next installment (blog).

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