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Excerpt From The Write Stuff

Hey Angels! Check out this excerpt from The Write Stuff which is an enemies to lovers romance!

I can’t believe this.

“See what you did, Holly the Harpy?” I shout at her. “All the other executives fucking walked out! Not only did you derail the meeting and we failed to fulfill our agenda, but I’m sure that tomorrow, this little shouting match will be the talk of the publishing house circuit!”

“Excuse me? Why is this my fault?” sneers Holly. “Who was the one looking at me contemptuously that makes me feel like I should not have been part of the meeting? And who are you calling a harpy? Are we in kindergarten so you’re resorting to calling names?” she exclaims angrily.

“Well, you do not want to be a damsel in distress right? You also seem to live off terrorizing those around you.” I matter-of-factly tell her.

“You know what, Ryan?” She says drawing herself up. “Go fuck yourself.”

“Yeah, fuck you too, Holly Go-fucking-Lightly,” I retort.

Holly doesn’t reply, but I can see her turning red and still fuming mad at me. If looks could kill, I would be dead right now with the way she’s staring at me. I pretend to ignore her, and pick up my cell phone to call my assistant, Robert. I need to do damage control right now. I press 5 on speed dial. After just one ring, Robert answers.

“Yes, Mr. Hutchinson? How is the meeting? Is there something you need?” he promptly asks.

“Robert, please set up another lunch meeting with the publishing heads next week. Tell them that Desire Publishing will be very much honored to host it. Then get the best restaurant to cater. As for the other details, I’ll discuss it with you later.” I enumerate to him.

“Consider it done sir. Anything else I should take note of?” he inquires.

“Yeah,” I say into the phone. “Make sure you don’t send an invite to Quantum Publishing. They’re nothing but trouble makers.”

From the corner of my eye, I see Holly looking out the window and taking deep breaths to steady herself. I really can’t understand why she hates me with so much passion, just because of the books that we sell.

I hang up the phone and she storms over to me.

“You can’t just shut us out of the meeting, asshole,” she sneers at me. “Who the fuck are you to do that?”

“Watch me, Holly,” I say to her. “Maybe when you guys actually sell some books and learn to be civil you can come to the table.”

I reach for my laptop and start packing my things.

“You’re not going anywhere till you fucking let me into this meeting you’re planning!” She yells.


I gotta fucking hand it to her.

When she gets angry…she’s pretty fucking sexy.

I’d teach her a lesson right here.

I quickly dismiss that thought and try to answer her calmly.

“However I run my company is none of your business, Holly,” I say. “How I plan my meetings and with who is none of my business.”

“Quantum Publishing is too important to listen to the whims of someone who owns a smut empire—” she starts.

“Our readers enjoy it and our sales show for it. Don’t be too hung up.” I rationalize with her as I reach for the doorknob.

“You’re a chauvinist pig who needs to realize that we’re living in a modern world. Women are now independent and empowered. We should be treated as your equals.” She retorts, following me. “You won’t fuck around with me just because as a woman I call attention to the horrible way you portray women!”

Losing my patience, I try to push the door while telling Holly “Think whatever you want. I am done with this shit.”

Holly pulls the door back in and as a result of the unexpected force, we both fall down on the floor.


She’s going to say I fucking attacked her or something now.  Just what I need.

After a few seconds of confusion, I find Holly lying on top of me. Her ample breasts are near my face at eye level.

That’s when something happens that stuns the ever living shit out of me.

I start to get hard.

Not just like a semi-stiff boner or anything, mind you.

My cock has a heartbeat. It’s throbbing.

Jesus, Big Ry, you had to pick right now to get all excited?

He’s excited alright. He’s pushing up through my boxer briefs against Holly.

Who is still lying there, silent. Why hasn’t she moved? Is she hurt?

Is she unconscious?

God, is she dead?

No, she can’t be dead, because she’s wiggling her body a bit on me. All it does is throw flames on the fire that Big Ry is consuming.

She wiggles a bit more and Big Ry starts to try and dig his way out of my trousers.

Do I have any say in this? Or is this all being dictated by Holly and my cock? What about my brain?

“Are you hard right now?” Holly asks in shock.

I’m silent.

Holly also looks surprised as I am, but she is not making any move to stand up. She looks at my face, confused and shocked.

“I’m….” I start.

“You are hard, aren’t you?” She says again.

What the fuck do I say?

“No,” I reply.

Great. Real smooth there.

“Oh yeah?” She asks, accepting my challenge. She can feel it. But it’s a pride thing.

“Yeah, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Well, what if I do this?” She says and her hands start to trail down my body.

Jesus, she’s caressing my inner thigh. And gyrating herself slightly.

What’s her fucking game?

“You’re not hard?” She asks with a smile.

What happened to the shrill harpy from a few seconds ago?

Her hand cups my balls slightly.

You know what?

Fuck my brain.


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  1. Sure makes me glad I got my copy 🙂

  2. Can I buy the digtial versions of your books — I don’t see you on Facebook or Amazon any longer ??

    1. Sherrie, Alexis and the other authors here, are no longer with Amazon. YAY! You purchase their books directly on this site. Click above where it says “buy books”. Enjoy!

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