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Excerpt from Isabella vs. Investors – A Steamy Contemporary Romance by Alexis Angel!

Luke makes good on his promise, lining the head of his massive cock up with my ass.

The forbidden hole never felt so good, fuck!

He slides inside me and I stretch to take him, breathing in gulps of air as I feel his full length fill me up. “So…perfect,” he groans.

Goddamn right it’s perfect. The feel of him in my ass is almost too much to describe, babes, but seriously, him inside is heaven on earth, but so much more sinful I think we’ll call it hotter than hell.

How did I live without a triple dose of vitamin D in my life?

I don’t know, and I shiver at the thought of having to find out. Pushing that thought aside—this is just supposed to be filthy sex—I look to Zach and Patrick who are stroking their cocks and looking at me like they’re about to eat me.

Mhmm, now that sounds good.

But wait…I have feelings. Like feelings welling up inside me. Not just want or need but belonging. But how can the bad girl I am with them be the girl I am after this?

Shaking that thought aside, I open my mouth.

Patrick looks at me.

He swirls the head of his cock over my dripping pussy, then slowly feeds me several inches of his footlong monster.

Then, in the ultimate tease, he pulls out!

“Wha-“ I start to whimper.

But he shoves his cock in my mouth.

That’s when I feel Zach sink his cock into my pussy.

Stuffed airtight, I get pushed and pulled between the three of them as I take all their cocks. They fill me up, making me a total lustful frenzy of a lump of flesh. I fucking need them. I want them so much.

I want to beg them to fill me with their cum—I have some massively primal desire for them to load me up with their man juice—but I can’t because I’m for starters occupied in the mouth at the moment, slurping on the massive rod pumping down my throat at record speed. And of course I’m also barely able to think, I’m getting fucked so well.

Luke pulls me down so I’m laying on top of him, my back to his stomach, and impales my ass all fresh and new, even deeper, with that love muscle. He pulls my thighs up and down powerfully, filling my ass up so tight and so perfectly with his cock.

Zach rubs his cock around my clit, over the opening of my pussy, and pops it in and out, teasing me to the point of madness.

I feel it all while Patrick’s cock pumps hard in my mouth, over my face so that he’s fucking my face just as hard as my other men pump my other holes.

I’ve never felt sluttier…and I’ve never felt freer. They all fuck me with their own personal styles, and together, I feel treasured.

Sure, they’re fucking me like a whore. But the way they’re paying so much attention to me, how they keep me strummed on the maximum amount of pleasure?

It feels more than fucking. It feels almost…spiritual. Okay, seriously, don’t laugh!

I start to giggle, which makes my body tense even further, and the boys love it.

Okay seriously, they all decide to play musical fuck holes, and Luke pulls out of my ass and shoves his cock in my pussy. Zach’s in my mouth now.

Then Patrick pushes my legs apart as wide as they’ll go and takes these massive strokes into my pussy that seem like fucking exercises. He’s touching places in my body that only my men have gone, and it feels goddamn incredible.

I swirl my tongue around Zach’s cock, tasting my pussy juice that must have dripped down to the cock that was entering my ass. It’s forbidden, it’s wrong. I know I shouldn’t be doing this!

But why the fuck not? It feels so good.

Like it’s so hot I don’t know if my body was miraculously put on stage that I would even stop.

I think I’d crawl over to them and shake my ass and beg them to fuck me, even with an audience.

And just when I feel myself ready to orgasm…they all pull out!

They flip me over and Patrick spreads my legs apart, handing my head of the bed too.

Zach puts his cock in my ass again, pumping all the way in and pulling all the way out before he strokes again.

Patrick comes next, fucking my pussy hard and stroking my clit.

Then Luke takes turns fucking my ass, then my pussy, then my ass again.

“Turn around, baby,” Patrick says after they’ve all pumped for me.

He’s got a tie. “I’m going to blindfold you for when we come. I want you to suck all our cocks and then feel us come all over you, not knowing who is where,” he says.

I swear, that sets my nerve endings off. I am ready to fire off an orgasm now, that’s so fucking sexy.

But I resist for now.

“Good girl,” Zach says as he helps blindfold me.

I feel three sets of hands all over my tits, my pussy, some fingers on my tongue and in my mouth.

“Come first,” Luke says.

They don’t have to tell me again.

A torrent of honey erupts from me, and I feel three mouths lapping up my juices.

I feel like a queen of lust, and at a once a slave to pleasure. Their tongues lave up my cum and devour every inch of me.

Then, two words that I will have burned in my brain forever: “Open wide,” from all three men.

I do.

I put my hands out.

I stroke cocks, I suck them…I slurp them. I exist to service their cocks.

And I feel them all start to come, an eruption of hot, gooey cum spraying all over me. On my face, all over my tits, in my mouth.

I take their offerings like a filthy goddess of lust until I get the last drop, and they don’t take the blindfold off me before they lay me across their laps.

Now that’s what I call a foursome. Holy fuck, how could a woman ever have “normal” sex after this?